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In conjunction with the DonorWerx Framework, our software improves donor experience while increasing revenue at your church

Online Giving

Increase Your Recurring Giving By 39%

Enable consistent, recurring givers

The ability to give online is one of the most powerful tools offered with Donor Management software. People are going to church less, and tithing has been consistently decreasing over the years.

When you factor in unforeseen issues (e.g. COVID-19), offering your congregants a new way to give becomes a necessity. Online giving is the easiest way to accomplish this feat.

Churchgoers are increasingly adapting to digital giving, and during times of crisis, this is often their only option. In addition to providing a new method of donating, online giving software also allows automatic contributions.

Through the use of online giving, you can increase recurrent donations by 39 percent! Learn More.

App Giving

Remove barriers that prevent your donors from engaging with your mission.

Invite your donors to invest in the impact your church is making.

App stores are now seeing over 200 billion downloads per year. If you’re not empowering donors to give through this increasingly widespread medium, you’re doing a disservice to your ministry.

The SecureGive mobile app seamlessly integrates with our Donor Management software. This allows congregants to give at any time or place of their choosing on a trusted platform.

Your giving app will allow churchgoers to make one-time or recurring automatic donations. Offering this form of simplicity in giving is integral to increasing revenue. Learn More.

Secure Give App Giving for your church
App Giving for your church

Text Giving

Fast. Simple. Seamless. Text Donations in under 10 seconds.

The catalyst for donor development.

Texting is currently the most utilized form of communication in America, so it’s essential for your church to integrate the technology into your mobile giving strategy.
Text giving allows donors to send contributions in under 10 seconds. A single text along with a personalized confirmation will complete the transaction, and this can be done at any time – day or night!

As part of our online giving software, these contributions will immediately be deposited into your bank. This makes text donations one of the quickest and most efficient giving methods – for both church leadership and congregants. Learn More.

secure give text giving solutions from donorwerx

Kiosk Giving

Remove barriers that prevent your donors from engaging with your mission.

Connect with congregants while they’re onsite.

The increasing size of large churches, consumer habit of carrying less cash/checks, and even a move away from debit card use in recent years has made kiosk giving an increasingly popular option.

When congregants have numerous options on how to give – such as those offered at kiosks – they’re more likely to do so. Additionally, statistics show that parishioners give more when using kiosks rather than text-to-give options.

By integrating kiosk use with Donor Management software, you can offer congregants more ways to give while improving your ability to track their giving history. This can be invaluable when building your donor engagement strategies to increase revenue. Learn More.

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Donor Management software will empower your church to increase giving from current contributors while building new donor relationships. Regardless of your ministry’s specific needs, we have affordable plans available. Stop losing out on donations caused by limiting the ways your congregation can give.


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If you’re not bringing in sufficient revenue, your church cannot succeed at its purpose. During your Discovery Call, we’ll explain how you can do this and discuss the following:

  • Roadblocks specific to your church that are hindering growth.
  • How your ministry can become aligned with the "New Era" of giving.
  • A minimum of three actionable steps you can take now to increase giving.

Our online giving software is just one piece of the puzzle for increasing giving at your church. Its functionality is collaborative with the DonorWerx Framework, and when combined, your congregation will see real results. Schedule your Discovery Call today to learn more.


  • Identify roadblocks that are causing your giving tactics to underperform.
  • Assess your church’s alignment with the “new era” of giving.
  • Outline three steps you can take immediately to make a positive impact.

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