Engage with your donors and increase donations while they’re onsite

Increase onsite giving in a time when no one carries cash
and traditional offerings are prohibitive

increase donations with kiosk giving solutions

Around 30 percent of Americans don’t carry cash, and an increasing number are giving up on writing checks. This creates an issue for onsite giving – when tithing and donations are at the top of congregants’ minds – since many parishioners will have nothing to drop in the offering plate.

This is why kiosk giving has become so important in recent years. Both frequent churchgoers and CEO (i.e. “Christmas and Easter Only”) visitors will appreciate the ability to give onsite via kiosk with their credit or debit cards.

Tithing kiosks are also important for large congregations where the time it takes for the traditional offering passing is prohibitive. Many parishioners will use text and app giving, but those who want a secure method can still use cash, checks, and cards at church kiosks.

Kiosk Giving Increases Tithing and Donations

Many church leaders overlook the benefit of kiosk giving due to the numerous digital and mobile tithing options available. Congregants can give in just a matter of seconds on their phones without even showing up on the church property.

When donors give via kiosk, though, they end up contributing more. On average, kiosk donations are nearly 25 percent higher than those seen with text-to-give contributions. Congregants are in a more giving mood immediately after a good dose of the Holy Spirit, so it’s no surprise that onsite donations are higher.

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Implementing kiosk giving at your church is a great way to increase tithing and donations. The other steps in the DonorWerx Framework, however, are also essential to your continued success. Schedule a Discovery Call today to start growing your ministry tomorrow.

During your DonorWerx Discovery Call, we will:

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