Tap into the most underutilized method of giving and grow your mobile donations exponentially.

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Texting is the most popular form of communication
So why doesn’t every church offer text giving?

Americans send over 18 billion texts every day. Regardless of how popular social media becomes, it’s still a long way from overtaking texting as the most utilized form of communication. This makes text giving one of the leading opportunities to increase mobile donations, but the technology goes woefully underutilized.

Most congregants still give via cash or check, but 15 percent now use websites, apps or text giving. This is a substantial portion that doesn’t even account for other methods of online donations, so ministries that don’t accept text donations and tithes are at a disadvantage.
Once donors set up their accounts, it only takes two messages to give. After texting their donation amount and confirmation, they’re finished. Quick and easy giving

Donations in Seconds

It takes less than 10 seconds for parishioners to submit a donation via text. They can do this without downloading giving apps or visiting any website. This can all be done on a device that over 95 percent of Americans have in their pockets throughout the day.

The short amount of time required for text giving is only eclipsed by how quickly your ministry receives the contribution. The DonorWerx merchant processor allows funds to be immediately deposited into your church’s bank account.

Churchgoers need easy ways to give – especially during times when they’re stuck at home and don’t have a weekly Sunday reminder. In conjunction with the DonorWerx Framework, donating and tithing via text will greatly increase your church revenue.

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Text giving is just one aspect of the overall DonorWerx Framework, but it’s an important one. Once you learn to better engage your donors, digital and mobile giving will become integral. Schedule your Discovery Call today to learn more

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