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Doing More Good. Better.

@DonorWerx We are passionate about our donors, technology, pastors, and most importantly communication. Our mission is to help organizations enhance their donors’ experience by listening to the donors, utilizing the power of technology, and strengthening those relationships through effective and meaningful communication.

August 2015

In August 2015 we founded Newfire Giving in order to meet the needs of Churches and non-profit organizations who were looking to save money on their giving digital software and credit card rates. Our goal hasn’t changed.

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April 2019

Received the StoryBrand Certified Guide Badge, This allows you to access the framework and ongoing support from our team, so you will build something great. When you can identify the character (donor) in your story, you can lead your donors on the path to becoming the hero (i.e. their best self).

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March 2020

When Covid hit we knew we needed to work even harder to ensure that your donors were engaged. Even though a pandemic certainly changed our daily lives, we never faltered from our mission. We had to Do Good. Do More. without leaving the house.

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January 2021

In January 2021, we reimagined the services that we could offer to better your donors' experience and their giving potential. The Donorwerx program was created with you, and your donors, in mind, to show you just how easy expanding your platform can be!

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August 2021

In August 2021, the crypto market surged. This introduced crypto to the charitable giving stage! Suddenly, those who owned and invested in cryptocurrency (both individuals and businesses) found themselves giving, and giving a lot! And by the time 2022 rolled around, charity blockchain technology was the new, preferred way to give!

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August 2023

In August 2023, DonorWerx expanded yet again to include FinWerx. @FinWerx was founded to bring payment processing to the front and center of the modern world. The GRP® (Graduated Rate Program) will lower your costs and improve your customers’ overall experiences, while focusing on more than just a profit.

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Donor Experiences

Transforming the donor experience is integral to success in your fundraising process. Utilize the best operational elements to initiate transformation and implement repeat donor touchpoints to improve your capabilities!

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Winning Through Donor Experience

Our Founders


Gavin Globensky

Gavin is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of DonorWerx. Gavin is a serial learner, and it is this love of learning that prepares him for new challenges. Gavin has a BS degree in Biochemistry and a minor in Spanish from The Citadel - The Military College of South Carolina. Along with these qualifications, Gavin has over 13 years of successful fundraising experience. Gavin has served as a coach for individual learners and has also consulted for entire organizations. Gavin firmly believes that people inherently want to give and is called to help make this a reality in a way that works for both the donors and the charitable organization.

Stu Baker

Stu has been around the church his entire life, and knew that after receiving a double major in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the University of South Carolina that he would use these degrees to help the church. From 2008 - 2015, Stu partnered with over 2,300 churches worldwide. His mission was to shift their giving strategy away from just “passing the plate” and in doing so open up more opportunities for those who wanted to give back in other ways. Stu was crucial in helping these churches adapt to the new giving economy and through this discovered that the number one divisor between healthy and struggling churches is the donor’s experience. When your donors are passionate about the experience you can do more good. Better.

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Werx Model Graphic

DonorWerx's Framework

DonorWerx's WERX Framework is a seven-step program to create a positive donor experience. The steps include Donor Centricity, Leadership Development, Marketing Messaging, Technology, Building Your Case, Communication Campaigns and Impact Reports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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DonorWerx's WERX Framework is a seven-step program to create a positive donor experience. The steps include Donor Centricity, Leadership Development, Marketing Messaging, Technology, Building Your Case, Communication Campaigns and Impact Reports.

DonorWerx provides guidance on how to effectively leverage technology, marketing messages and case statements when interacting with donors in order to create an engaging and fulfilling experiences for them. Donors should be able to quickly understand the organization’s mission in order to become further engaged and understand the impact of their contributions through impact reports that illustrate the difference they are making in their community.

The seven steps outlined in DonorWerx's WERX Model are Donor Centricity, Leadership Development ,Marketing Messaging ,Technology ,Building Your Case ,Communication Campaigns and Impact Reports .

DonorWerx provides guidance on how to effectively train and develop donor-focused leaders who are committed to creating a positive donor experience. Donors should feel appreciated and understood for their contributions, which is why DonorWerx emphasizes the need for leadership development that focuses on connecting donors with the organization's mission.

DonorWerx encourages organizations to craft marketing messages that are personalized, engaging and informative in order to create a positive donor experience. Messages should also focus on highlighting the impact that donors are making with their contributions, connecting them to the organization in a meaningful way. DonorWerx also recommends creating messages that convey urgency and showcase how donations can further the organization’s cause.

DonorWerx recommends leveraging technology to streamline the donation process and make it more accessible to donors. Donors should be able to donate quickly and easily, which is why DonorWerx emphasizes the importance of offering a wide range of payment options such as credit cards, bank transfers and PayPal services. DonorWerx also encourages organizations to use technology to create an engaging and interactive experience for donors by leveraging social media, email campaigns, videos and other digital platforms.

DonorWerx recommends that organizations craft a compelling case statement for donations that clearly outlines the organization's mission, how donations will be used and how they will make a difference in the lives of those served. Furthermore, DonorWerx encourages organizations to focus on building relationships with donors by highlighting their impact stories, connecting them to tangible outcomes and thanking them for their support.

DonorWerx recommends creating impact reports to illustrate the difference donors are making in their community. These reports should provide comprehensive data and visuals on the progress of donations and how they have impacted those served. DonorWerx also encourages organizations to use these reports to tell stories about the impact that their donations have made and to thank their donors for their contributions.