We are determined to break the cycle of donor fatigue by guiding ministry leaders through the process of becoming donor centric.

Do Good. Do More.

Founded from the mindset of ‘always do more, we believe passionately in donors, technology, pastors, and all things communication. Our mission is to help organizations create a better donor experience by listening to donors, leveraging the power of technology and strenghtening relationships through effective and relevant communication. 

STreet Church

Your Donors

Your donors want to help you achieve your mission. Mastering your donor experience starts with listening and learning what your donor cares about.

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Systems Designed for You

Technology is the bridge for connecting donors to your organization. When technology is working in unison, your donors will be your biggest raving fan.


Impact Report Communication

Your donors want to hear from you. You have a unique story to tell. When you talk about the impact taking place, you instill confidence to your donor.

Our Founders


Gavin Globensky

Co-founder and COO of DonorWerx, Gavin is a serial learner. His love of learning keeps him prepared for new challenges. A graduate of The Citadel - The Military College of South Carolina, with a Degree in Biochemistry and a minor in Spanish,  Gavin uses neither here at DonorWerx. Instead, Gavin brings 13 years of disciplined and successful fundraising experience. From coaching individual leaders to consulting entire organizations, he is a firm believer that people inherently want to give. So who are we to get in their way?


Stu Baker 

Stu has been around the church his entire life. Before co-founding DonorWerx, Stu led the charge of introducing new giving technology to the church. From 2008-2015, he helped over 2,300 churches across the world shift their giving strategy away from traditionally ‘passing the plate’. Through helping churches adapt to the new giving economy,  he discovered that the Donor's Experienc is the #1 thing that separates healthy churches from struggling churches. When your donors love the experience, you multiply your impact together.


Join the growing network of churches who have embraced Donor Centricity and transformed the ministry financial health



Give us 30 minutes of your time by phone and we’ll share with at least three personalized strategies that can increase your giving by at least 10% in the next 180 days.

When You Want Your Church To
Reach More People

During your Call, we will:

  • Identify roadblocks that are causing your
    giving tactics to underperform.
  • Assess your church’s alignment with the
    “new era” of giving.
  • Outline three steps you can take immediatley.

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