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DonorWerx is Powerful Giving Software combined with a Communication Strategy that helps you build deeper relationships with your donors. Rather than just suggest what you and your church should do to gain donors and reach your mission goals, we provide you with ready-made templates and programs. These are not only engaging, they work! To make it even easier all of our coaching, communication campaigns, blogs, marketing templates, and donor personality quizzes are combined in an easy software account. You can keep track of your donations, while planning your next step. Doing God's work has never been easier! With DonorWerx we Do More Good. Better.


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Understanding the Donor Experience Map

While each individual’s donor journey is somewhat unique, they still follow a predetermined path. Take a minute to review the short video we created to explain this process. It will give you a better idea of exactly how easy it can be to increase giving in your ministry.

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Here’s What Your Donors are Thinking:

A Simple Donor Personality Test that gives you the
‘How-to’ for Donor Engagement

Real leaders need real strategies that work. But first, they need to understand their followers.
Here are some of the programs you can avail of when you sign up on DonorWerx comprehensive platform:

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The Donor Personality Test

At DonorWerx, we believe that in order to reach your donor goals, you must first understand your donors. Know why they act in certain ways, how they make decisions, and why they are more inclined to donating to certain causes more than others. Our Donor Personality Test is based on the popular Enneagram Test, which allows you to identify certain personalities and understand their actions.

Check out our extensive donor personality series, and learn about nine different types of donors. Based on the Enneagram, which is also used by many corporations to understand their clients, we help pastors and leaders or managers of the church to identify these types in your congregation. Use these resources to reach your financial and outreach goals n a wiser, more effective way.

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When Do You Know It Is Time To Rethink Your Donor And Donation Strategy?

Perhaps, When Your Donors:

  • Stop communicating
  • Don't follow through with big pledges
  • Attend all Sunday services but never donate
  • Start leaving for other churches
  • Cease tithing
  • Have the potential to give but do not
donation strategy
develop your donors

At DonorWerx, we are committed to helping you develop your donors. As if they are our own.

Get  Donor Assessments, worksheets, and more when you sign up on the platform.

Want To Understand Your Donors Better?

  • On any journey, the first step is the toughest.
  • Meet your donors where they are
  • Discover why understanding your donors is key to leading them.
  • Check out our valuable resources for pastors, managers, and church leaders.
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The Donor Decision Journey

Before a donor decides to give to your church, they go through a series of steps that lead to the outcome of their choices.

This combination of steps can serve as an outline you follow—like a map to show you where their next step might take them. Planning ahead means always being one step before your donors so that when they have needs and questions, you provide answers and solutions.

The seven steps on the donor decision journey may look something like this:

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Join the growing network of churches that are reaching their financial goals and achieving their missions.

DonorWerx combines the power of giving software, online coaching, done-for-you campaigns, and accountability to nurture each donor on their individual stewardship journey.

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No need to commit long-term today. If you are unsure where you are at and where you need to go, let’s chat.

In the Discovery Call, we offer all new clients, you sit down to give us 30 minutes of your time. In exchange, we offer at least three personalized strategies that can increase your giving by at least 10% in the next 180 days. This is all done by phone, completely free. It’s our gift to you, a way to open a door that shines the light on an easier path to walk.

What to Expect During a Donor Discovery Call:

During your DonorWerx Discovery Call, we will:

  • Identify roadblocks that are causing your giving tactics to underperform.
  • Assess your church’s alignment with the “new era” of giving.
  • Outline three steps you can take today towards your church’s financial health.