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Ministry leaders have long wondered how to get parishioners to give more. Never has that answer been more clear. DonorWERX offers multiple plans all geared toward helping your church excel. From opening your first crypto wallet to utilizing a full software and donor engagement framework, every tool your ministry needs to increase giving is here.

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Big changes in how people give have occurred in recent years, but the emergence of crypto giving stands out the most. With CryptoDonations Through DonorWERX, your ministry can accept a variety of digital coins that immediately convert to usable currency. We run your crypto wallet for you, so no tech knowledge is necessary. All this with the lowest transaction fees in the industry!

Donor Experience

Communication Plan


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Increasing giving among parishioners isn’t as simple as reminding them to tithe. It’s all about messaging and engagement. The DonorWERX Communication Plan teaches you how to target members with personalized messaging, segment donors to increase recurring giving, and provides ongoing communication plans for future giving drives. We’re with your ministry now and into the future!

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Donation Software


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Improved donor engagement is a powerful tool, but having the technology to back it up can make all the difference. DonorWERX digital giving software gives your members the ability to donate online, at a kiosk, via text-to-give and even on an app customized for your ministry. We can then use the data gathered from these tools to help you better communicate with your flock!

The next stage in your church’s journey starts now. Whether you want to prepare your ministry for the next major interruption (as if a pandemic wasn’t enough!) or are simply ready to increase overall giving, now is the time to act. With DonorWERX at your side, the sky's the limit for your congregation!

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