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DonorWerx offers the most innovative tools to increase giving in your ministry and engage donors to care more about the cause.

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Discover The Donorwerx Difference

The DonorWerx platform is built on a solid foundation of secure giving software and backed by today's most advanced donor engagement strategies.

At DonorWerx, we are defined by decades of dedication to the church. Our goal is to help your ministry take a donor-centric approach. When we plan purposefully with donors in mind, we see true power in the coming changes.

@DonorWerx We Are Defined By Decades Of Dedication To The Church And Are Here To Help Your Organization Become More Donor-centric. When We Purposefully Plan With Our Donors In Mind, We See Powerful Change!

what is donorWerx?

DonorWerx is digital giving software, but it's so much more. We are innovation. We are here to help you transform your ministry through guided giving campaigns, continuing education, e-learning, and webinars that all integrate with our secure giving software.

We're here with you in every season. Trust us to do the Werx! You can get started free today and immediately get your ministry on track for increased giving, or request a demo to see why DonorWerx is a step above the rest.


The secure giving software provided by DonorWerx offers benefits to donors and organizations alike! Our innovative security tools ensure your donors' information remains confidential. Just think:

  • Donors always know that the right funds are going where they intend.
  • Sensitive financial data is constantly protected via encryption and security protocols from unauthorized access.
  • Organizations can ensure that donor information is stored securely without risk of exposure.

With the DonorWerx Difference, donors can give with confidence! They have the assurance that their personal data will remain confidential when making an online donation. This increases the odds of giving, and DonorWerx has streamlined the process with the most cutting-edge technology and automatic payment options.

Give your donors the peace of mind they deserve!


Guided Giving Campaigns allow you to raise money for important causes more efficiently with a streamlined and innovative donation process. One of the key benefits of these campaigns is that you can target specific demographics and geographic areas with custom messages. This means your ministry can tailor your messaging and appeals in a way that’s proven to increase giving.

Your ministry will also benefit from Guided Giving Campaigns via the reduction of administrative costs typically associated with fundraising efforts. Eliminating manual paperwork, accessing secure online donation processing, and providing direct access to campaign information and donor data are just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll be saving money in addition to increasing donations!

Of course, benefits to the donor are what stand out. That's why Guided Giving Campaigns give donors control over where their money goes and provides maximum transparency. Donors can follow the process of their contributions right on the platform. In doing so, they're incentivized to give even more to see the tangible results of their donations. Greater accountability, increased transparency, and a sense of having a real effect will mean great things for your church.


Going through the Christ-centered course on tithing campaigns provided by DonorWerx can provide church leaders with a deeper understanding of fundraising and donor engagement strategies. In this course, we delve into how you can incorporate Christian principles into the giving process. This helps your ministry emphasize faith while engaging donors.

The course highlights ways to improve donor engagement by underscoring how donations will further God's plan by helping others in need. We also go over storytelling techniques that have proven to connect donors to causes on a deeper level. You'll also learn how to leverage digital channels (e.g. social media, email) to reach current and potential donors.

Digital giving software is integral for increased donations, but like any other tool, it’s only effective when the one wielding it is knowledgeable in its use. If you’ve seen uninspiring results with giving campaigns in the past, you might simply have not been given the right tools to succeed. At DonorWerx, we’re here to change that. Reach out to us today.

Winning Through the Donor Experience

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How Improving the Donor Journey Results in Tangible Value

How Improving the Donor Journey Results in Tangible Value It's been a rough few years for churches and charitable organizations....

"And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns."

--- Philippians 1:6

Donor Experiences

Transforming the donor experience is integral to success in your fundraising process. Utilize the best operational elements to initiate transformation and implement repeat donor touchpoints to improve your capabilities!

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With innovative tools to guide you in creating the best Donor Experience and the FrameWerx to ensure optimal results


"Grace Baptist Church, NY, has seen transformative growth through DonorWerx's Christ-Centered Courses, fostering deeper understanding and engagement within our community. The courses have invigorated our teaching and outreach efforts, bringing fresh energy and direction."

- John

"United Methodist Church of Miami, FL, has found the sermon series from DonorWerx to significantly enhance congregational engagement, making every service more relevant and impactful. Our members appreciate the contemporary topics that mirror their daily lives."

- Lisa

"Peace Lutheran Church, NC, witnessed a notable increase in donations after introducing DonorWerx’s secure giving software, dispelling our apprehensions about online giving. The platform’s ease of use has encouraged more members to contribute regularly."

- Mark

"New Horizon Community Church, NJ, embraced the Guided Giving Campaigns, observing not just an uplift in generosity but a strengthening of our community bonds. The 41-day model provided a clear, easy-to-follow roadmap that galvanized our congregation."

- Sarah

"Boston, MA’s Presbyterian congregation has warmly received DonorWerx's secure giving software, appreciating its simplicity and reliability. Adapting to this technology was smoother than anticipated, with both young and older members actively participating."

- Emily

"Fresh Springs Non-Denominational Church, GA, successfully attracted younger donors through the Text to Give option, making giving effortless and instant. This modern solution has notably boosted our engagement with the next generation."

- Mike

"Holy Trinity Anglican Church, VA, found the church apps feature to significantly increase engagement, offering everything from sermons to giving in one place. Our members cherish the convenience and integrated approach to church activities."

- Anthony

"Redeemer Episcopal Church, MD, has deeply benefited from the richness of DonorWerx’s Christ-Centered Courses, enriching our spiritual foundation profoundly. These courses have revitalized our approach to ministry and teaching."

- Clara

"Covenant Church, TX, introduced DonorWerx’s secure giving software last year, making the giving process both efficient and trustworthy. Our community has embraced online giving, appreciating the security and straightforwardness it offers."

- Alex

"First Baptist Church, CT’s use of the Guided Giving Campaigns has not only been fruitful in raising funds but in fostering a more interconnected community. The structured guidance provided by DonorWerx was instrumental in our campaign's success."

- David

"St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, RI, observed a significant uplift in congregation engagement through the usage of sermon series from DonorWerx. The content resonates well with our community, sparking meaningful discussions and reflections."

- Luis

"Liberty Christian Church, SC, saw an impressive increase in tithing through the implementation of DonorWerx’s online giving suite. Its user-friendliness has encouraged broader participation across our congregation."

- Caroline

"New Faith Community Church, OH, has leveraged DonorWerx’s Christ-Centered Courses for spiritual growth, finding them to be invaluable resources. These courses have not only educated but also inspired our community towards deeper faith and action."

- Tony

"St. Stephen’s Methodist Church, NY, has built greater trust among members since integrating DonorWerx’s secure giving software into our stewardship. The visible increase in giving speaks to the confidence and ease our members find in this platform."

- Rachel

"LifeBridge Christian Center, CO, distinguishes itself with Mobile App Giving, enhancing convenience and modernizing our approach to generosity. Our community appreciates the accessibility and innovation this feature brings to their giving habits."

- Elijah

"Hope Assembly, NJ, found the structure and support of DonorWerx’s Guided Giving Campaigns to be beyond expectations, leading to pivotal growth. The professionalism and clarity these campaigns brought to our fundraising efforts were transformative."

- Sophia

"Vineyard Community Church, KY, opened a new contribution channel for our younger members through Text to Give, making donations simple and quick. This addition has positively influenced our younger demographic’s engagement and giving patterns."

- Derek

"Trinity Evangelical Church, PA, has witnessed unprecedented involvement with the congregation through DonorWerx's engaging sermon series. Each series provokes thoughtful discussion and a deeper connection among our members."

- Naomi

"Christ King Church, ME, finds DonorWerx’s Christ-Centered Courses inspiring, igniting passion and deeper understanding in our leadership. These courses have become a cornerstone for our ministry's development and spiritual nourishment."

- Lucas

"Faith and Love Fellowship, CA, experienced enhanced donation processes thanks to DonorWerx's secure giving software, supporting multiple giving options. The platform’s flexibility and security have significantly facilitated a rise in contributions."

- Hannah


Give us just one 30-minute phone call, and we'll share at least three strategies customized to your ministry that will increase giving by at least 10% in just 180 days.

DonorWerx: When You Want Your Church To Reach More People

During your free DonorWerx Discovery Call, we will:

  • Identify the roadblocks causing your giving strategies to underperform.
  • Assess your ministry's alignment with the "new era" of giving.
  • Outline three steps you can implement immediately to increase giving.

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