Online Giving

Donors have become comfortable with the digital world in recent years, so online giving at your church is an essential part of maintaining your congregation’s health.

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Online tithing and donations are the “now way.”

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta states that nearly half of all bills are now paid online.

People have discovered the simplicity of handling everything digitally, and this extends into the world of giving as well.

Some studies have found that offering digital tithing increases church donations by more than 30 percent.

This is why online donations were considered the “new way” of giving. With more people staying home, though, it’s quickly become the “now way.”

Consider just a few of the advantages:

  • Instant contributions.
  • More options for giving (e.g. tithing with credit cards).
  • Provides a sense of reliability.
  • Offers the chance for recurring donations.

Increased Recurring Giving

Providing online giving options will increase your overall donations, but your church’s health really comes down to recurring giving. When you utilize the right digital giving software, you’ll give congregants the option to set up automatic payments.

By offering this opportunity, houses of worship can increase their recurring giving by 39 percent. And since 98 percent of church revenue comes directly from tithes, this is a perfect method to ensure parishioners keep giving even when they can’t show up in person.


Give Church Donors More Options

When it comes down to it, your congregants want options in their giving. Putting a few dollars into the offering plate is the old way of doing things, and when many churches had to close their doors over COVID-19 fears, this method became obsolete.

Church leaders who have been in the ministry for some time likely saw this change coming. Unfortunately, it happened more abruptly than anyone imagined. With online giving, you’ll ensure that parishioners can continue showing their support regardless of current circumstances.


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