DonorWERX Products

Donations and tithing are an essential aspect for every house of God. Some studies show that these account for up to 98% of ministry revenue. Unfortunately, increasing giving in the church isn’t as simple as making the biblical case to donors. That’s why DonorWERX provides all the tools necessary to jumpstart an increase in donations in your congregation.

Products Overview


Online Coaching

Your journey to increased giving starts with online coaching. You’ll learn the importance of metrics, leadership development, a solid communication strategy and more. This builds the foundation of what you need to keep church donors engaged and giving.


Crypto Donations

Ministry leaders must keep up with technological trends. Many churches dragged their feet when online giving emerged, and we saw what happened when the pandemic shut things down. With CryptoDonations Through DonorWERX, you don’t have to miss out on the next trend in giving.


Accelerated Consulting

Far too many donor engagement frameworks provide guides with no guidance. The giving experts at DonorWERX know this isn’t helpful. That’s why we offer accelerated consulting to help you understand your ministry’s unique needs and how to meet them.



Excelling at messaging and donor engagement is vital for increased giving in the church. This means little, however, without the right software to accept donations (e.g., via app, online, kiosk, text) and track key metrics. DonorWERX digital giving software is everything you need and more.


Increase Church Donations Today

The DonorWERX suite of giving tools was created for today’s churches. It provides all the resources you need to increase giving, engage donors, target your messaging and more. If you’re ready to put your ministry on the path to success, there’s no better time to get started than now.