Increasing tithing and overall giving is something every church wants. Sadly, many lack the time, tools and efficiency to accomplish this.

Your Guide To Donor Development

Before developing donors and increasing giving, you must first focus on leadership development. The Dx Framework provides the proven strategies that can accomplish this.


KPIs / Metrics Reviews

You can't improve the giving health of your church without understanding your donors. Benchmarks and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are necessary for identifying what works and what needs adjusting.




Leadership Development

Converting to the "now way" of increasing tithing and donor engagement requires buy in from all church leaders. Start with those who have the most influence and work your way out.


Communication Strategy

Donor development requires people to see, read or hear something that makes them want to support an organization's mission. There are 7 donor types, and you need to plan out and personalize your communication in order to engage all of them.


Achievements Milestones

Donor development means celebrating your people, progress and potential. You must point out the significance of the change that started when someone began giving. When you're all about your people at the beginning, you need to continue this trend to the end.



Average Non-Recurring Annual
Household Giving Dollars


More likely to Receive
Recurring Donations on Branded Give Pages


Average Recurring Annual
Household Giving Dollars

A Closer Look Inside The Framework

DonorWerx focuses on a cyclical process. This begins with identifying the largest hole in your donor bucket by reviewing seven key metrics related to giving, donor development, and more.

On your first accountability call, we'll review your metrics along with measurable results from your latest strategies. If more work is required to close the biggest hole in your donor bucket, we'll build a continuing plan. If you've succeeded in handling the issue, it will be time to deal with the next biggest hole.

This cycle will continue – improving donor development and increasing church giving – until every major hole is eliminated.


Join the growing network of churches who have embraced Donor Centricity and transformed their ministry's financial health.



Schedule one 30-minute phone call with us and we'll share at least three personalized strategies you can use to increase giving by a minimum of 10 percent in just six months.

When You Are Ready to Improve Your Donor Experience and Reach More People 

During your DonorWerx Discover Call, we will:

  • Identify hurdles standing in the way of increased church giving.
  • Assess whether your church is ready for the "new era" of giving.
  • Outline three steps you can put into action as soon as you hang up.

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