Need a comprehensive plan that is customized to your ministry?

Your Path To Donor Centricity

An outside perspective and objective metrics give you the clearest picture of what’s really going on with your donors. The DonorWerx system has everything you need to develop your donors, all in one place. 


The Goal: Learn the fundamentals of Donor Centricity to get a baseline of where to begin.

The first step to becoming donor centric is to gain an understanding of each step in the Dx Framework.

As you learn the fundamentals of the framework, you’ll uncover where your biggest path for growth lies.

When you know where to start, you're on the fast track to becomng donor centric.


The Goal: Gain a deeper understanding of your donors’ preferences and passions pertaining to giving.

A little research goes a long way in assessing your current, previous, and future potential growth opportunities.

Your church has a unique story to tell, and so does your donor database. Gaining clarity around your ‘data story’ will allow you to acquire new donors, retain major donors, and upgrade your mid-level donors.


The Goal: Speak their language, align your vision with their passion, and meet them where they are. 

In order to develop your donors, you’ll need to rethink how you engage with each donor type.

In your strategy plan, you’ll have measurable goals to track progress and clear action items all focused on achieving your goal.

Discovering your donor's passion and preferences is paramount in building deeper relationships.


The Goal: Follow the DC-7 Framework to build out your campaign communication calendar.

Good leaders surround themselves with a strong capable staff. Great leaders empower their staff to execute their roles effectively.

During the structuring phase, we will select and assign roles to both personnel and software platforms that will play an intricate part in the process.


The Goal: A 90-Day Quick Start Action Plan for launching your campaign with continuous monitoring.

Prior to launching a campaign, your Donor Specialist will verify every step of the process down to the cadence, effectiveness of messaging, and your calls-to-action.

Throughout the campaign, together we will review progress and support/feedback will be provided as needed.

What You Can Expect

7 Key Metrics

The DonorWerx process is cyclical in nature. We’ll start by reviewing the 7 key metrics to determine where to focus initial efforts. From there, we’ll hone in on potential causes for the uninspired donors and provide you with a specific communication plan to increase engagement and giving.

Review & Respond to Results

During your monthly accountability call, we’ll quickly review your metrics for a progress update. From there, we will look at the actions taken and results achieved and determine if additional attention is necessary.

Hands-On Growth Support

The ‘Call Wrap-Up’ is when your Donor Specialist answers questions/concerns and ensures that you and your team have everything needed to continue executing your communication campaign as effectively as possible.


Join the growing network of churches who have embraced Donor Centricity and transformed their ministry's financial health.




Are Your Donor Communications Helping or Hurting Your Giving Numbers?

Any of these sound familiar?

  • Your website desperately needs updating.
  • You're struggling to get sporadic donors to give consistently
  • Your last giving initiative left a lot to be desired.
  • You're losing existing donors faster than gaining new ones.
  • Your email newsletter is rarely opened
  • Your finance committee is starting to question your ability to meet budget
  • You feel like you've tried everything.
  • You're leaving your giving efforts up to chance.

If so, this Discovery Call is exactly what you need. In 30 minutes, a Donor Specialist will help you identify roadblocks that are causing your donors to ignore your communication efforts. We’ll assess areas of your communication strategy that are leaving the majority of donors confused.