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Church Online Platform Feature Overview

church online platform

Church Online Platform Feature Overview

As someone closely involved in church leadership or administration, you have almost certainly seen reports about church, synagogue, and mosque membership falling below 50% in 2020, down from 70% just 20 years before. Obviously, that’s concerning in several ways.

While you probably worry about the country going through a spiritual crisis, you cannot forget the importance of raising money for your church. If donations fall, you could lose influence in your community. You might even lose the financing for outreach services that convince people to visit your house of worship (and potentially become long-term members).

DonorWerx’s online church platform features will help you increase donations and communicate the value your church offers individuals and the community as a whole.

Take some time to learn more about the online platform’s features so you can choose an option that will make fundraising more effective.

Online Coaching Makes You More Effective at Fundraising for Your Church

Attracting donations takes specific skills. Even the best preachers, ministers, and administrators can struggle to improve fundraising. Knowing how to deliver a moving sermon doesn’t mean you know how to develop the right connections to increase donations.

DonorWerx offers online coaching that teaches you skills and strategies that make fundraising more effective. You don’t have to be a natural at raising money. Practically anyone can learn these skills. Having a great coach makes the learning process much easier because you can get honest feedback that helps you improve your approach to fundraising.

Are you wondering how online coaching will work for your preferred learning style? Reach out to DonorWerx and schedule a discovery call. You will get a lot of information about online coaching and other features during your 30-minute phone conversation. Schedule your discovery call now without making any commitment to join DonorWerx!

Expand Giving Options for Your Audience

options for your audience

Changes in the ways that people shop have influenced other aspects of spending money. Today, consumers expect stores to accept a broad range of payments, including cash and smartphone apps.

The percentage of cash payments fell sharply between 2019 (26%) and 2020 (19%) – although the pandemic may have played a role in this change, which means cash could rebound when people feel safer exchanging items without dousing their hands in sanitizer.

Importantly, credit and debit transactions account for about 55% of payments. It makes sense for people to donate with their credit and debit cards because they don’t have to carry cash, can choose any amount they want, and have a record of their donations.

Text-to-give also plays a growing role in how people choose to donate, especially among younger people who prefer its simplicity. Plus, you can send text notifications that remind members to contribute even when they cannot attend services in person.

DonorWerx currently accepts four types of donations:

  • Online giving
  • App giving
  • Text giving
  • Kiosk giving

Between these options and cash, everyone will find a way to give their financial support.

Unsure how giving through apps and texts will meet your congregation’s needs? Talk to a DonorWerx consultant to learn more about how other houses of worship use these technologies to increase donations and improve donor retention.

Create a Successful Communication Strategy by Understanding Different Types of Donors

Communication strategies play a critical role in the success of fundraising. Whether you send emails, text messages, or newsletters through the mail, you need messaging that will encourage people to donate to your church.

DonorWerx’s online platform connects you with consultants who can help you improve your communication strategy.

Success often starts with understanding the personalities of your donors. The Donor Personality Test should help you segment your communications to target the personalities of people within your congregation. From there, you can start testing messages to see what responses you get. Experiment and keep track of your results so you can optimize your outreach.

Know When You Reach Milestones so You Can Celebrate Your Church’s Progress!

reach milestones

Celebrating milestones at work helps employees feel appreciated and often leads to lower turnover. Apply the same psychology to your donors so they can celebrate with you.

Depending on whether you can hold large gatherings in your area, you might want to opt for small milestone celebrations, such as sharing pictures of a project your church finished or interviewing someone who benefited from your community outreach program.

Anything that shows the positive impact of donations should help improve retention and encourage more people to give.

DonorWerx makes it easy for you to track key performance indicators (KPIs) so you know when you reach milestones that deserve praise.

How DonorWerx Can Help

DonorWerx puts the power of technology into your hands so you can reach more people and receive more donations. The online church platform features emphasize diverse donation options and take a data-driven approach to optimizing campaigns so you can meet your goals.

Get started with DonorWerx to discover how much it can influence your fundraising campaigns. Schedule a discovery call now so you can get personalized information about how DonorWerx can work for you.

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