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Type One: The Purposeful Donor

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Type One: The Purposeful Donor

When your lead pastors are being trained to grow your donors and church revenue, knowing the various Donor Personalities is helpful.

Not everyone is the same when it comes to giving, and donating. Your present donors and future donors will have different reasons why they give, whom they give to, and how often.

At DonorWerx, we have many resources available for churches who want to transition to the modern way of giving: utilizing tech resources, switching to digital platforms, and enabling digital giving for their church members and donors.

The Donor Personality Test

When you are working with or leading a variety of people, you must appeal to them in different ways. The wise leader knows that not everyone responds in the same way. Similarly, not all donors can be expected to give the same as others.

But how do you identify which personalities are present in your church, so you know how to appeal to each one?

Here is a Donor Personality Test that explains the Nine Known Types of Donor Personalities. It is based on the popular Enneagram Test, which determines a person’s personality based on typically-common traits.

This test is commonly used in both the corporate world and in many churches. Pastors use this test in their training courses, to help identify potential donors. If your church has particular fundraising goals, for example, you want to use wisdom in how you approach people to give. This Donor Personality test is insightful and helps with overall church assessments.

More About Type One: The Purposeful Donor

Type one personalities have a powerful sense of purpose. They are idealistic, well-experienced, and so know deeply what they want in life.

It is possible that they have very strong principles, based on their experiences. If you have these types in your church, it is likely that they are experienced givers.

Don’t think that Type One Donors will be too willing to give. They will often have experience in giving to other causes and are quite particular about whom they choose to support.

This doesn’t mean you should not approach them for help, however. Their firm sense of right and wrong means that they are constantly looking for ways to change the world.

You might also find that these are types who want to leave this earth with a positive legacy.  

They are passionate about churches that exist to make the world a better place and are known to get behind churches that do what they say and don’t just speak about their mission.

The Experienced Giver

Another thing to note about Type One Personalities is that they could very well be leaders in the church.

You might recognize them in Executive or Administrative pastor roles.  This Purposeful Type has probably also spearheaded some humanitarian missions in the past. Whenever there is a fundraiser or outreach drive with a mission that means a lot to them, and so you can expect them to show up, giving the church their full support—whether financially, or in hands-on volunteering. 

These Type are also on a personal mission to leave a legacy, making the world a better place. This is proven in the way they show their integrity.

It is best to ask this type to give towards any humanitarian projects your church might have. They are also often willing to help when it comes to education, because they believe that changing mindsets is one way to improve the state of the world.


Your natural charisma and deep sense of purpose in everything you do becomes your Midas Touch!

Example Character: One of the Bible characters we consider a Type One is Moses. Like many non-profit directors and church leaders, he had to be responsible for a whole congregation, plus ensure that they traveled safely across the Red Sea. He had a goal in mind: the “Promised Land,” and he did everything within his power to ensure that the children of Israel—his followers—made it there safely.

If you recall the story of Moses, he lived by his true purpose, and did not let the first setbacks deter him. First as a Prince of Egypt, then as a vagabond, and then as the called and chosen leader of God’s people. He spent his whole life on his mission and left behind an amazing legacy. For a refresher on this memorable Bible story, read the Book of Exodus, Chapter 2.

Appealing to The Purposeful Donor

It is not always easy to know the best strategy for reaching the Type One Purposeful Donor. Get help from DonorWerx through our online and digital resources.

We have a Donor Journey Map which takes you through each step of the journey. With pastor resources, a comprehensive, updated blog, and e-books, we strive to help you grow the church and train your leaders. Get started by reading this article on How To Appeal to the Purposeful Donor 

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