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Should You Promote Your Church on TikTok?

promote your church on tiktok

Should You Promote Your Church on TikTok?

Technology has revolutionized the way religious leaders promote their ministries. While many still use traditional marquees to catch the attention of passersby, you’re now just as likely to see digital outreach in various forms. This has led many houses of worship to question whether TikTok for churches is an appropriate method of outreach.

Nuances certainly exist when using this short-form video sharing service, but if utilized correctly, it can do great things for your ministry.

Is TikTok Appropriate for Churches?

Many ministry leaders have finally acknowledged that houses of worship need a social media presence. When considering using TikTok for churches, however, it’s common to wonder whether the platform is appropriate for this task. After all, Good Morning America’s expose on children potentially encountering adult content on the app caught the eyes of many.

In reality, TikTok is just like any other social media platform. It has rules in place to keep inappropriate videos off the app. And due to its top-notch algorithms, users typically only see content that they’ve shown an interest in. This means outreach via TikTok for churches is often less likely to result in congregants encountering inappropriate material.

In fact, many religious thought leaders and organizations have already found great success on the platform. The important thing to remember is that TikTok is a tool. This type of resource can get used with a variety of intentions, but in the hands of a church leader, it can be a powerful asset for keeping congregants engaged and spreading the word of God.

Benefits of TikTok for Churches

With your fears of whether TikTok is appropriate for ministry use assuaged, the real question comes down to whether it’s worth it. After all, church tithing statistics show that houses of worship need to be careful about where they expend resources. Investing time in growing a TikTok following means less attention gets focused elsewhere.

The big question comes down to this: is the payoff worth it? When you look at the reality of the situation, the answer appears to be “yes.” Even when considered independently of the common benefits of social media strategies for churches, using TikTok for churches carries several advantages. Just consider a few of the following:

Reaches Younger Audiences

Half of TikTok users are under the age of 34, and over one-quarter are between 18 and 24. While older generations attend church and tithe at higher percentages, the fact remains that younger cohorts are now in the majority. It’s important to appeal to younger audiences for your church to succeed in the future.

Large Portions of Users with Disposable Income

Over 40 percent of adult TikTok users have household incomes exceeding $100,000. Americans at this income level are also five percent more likely to have a TikTok account. This means many users have a good amount of disposable income. If you appeal to these individuals and use proper donor segmentation, this can equate to increased church donations.

Church Youth Will Get Involved

If the idea of using TikTok for churches scares you due to content production, take a moment to remember the youth of your ministry! You don’t have to do everything on your own. Young people love this platform, and if you get their parents’ permission, they can serve as invaluable resources in your content creation efforts.

User Engagement Is Unparalleled

Considering the algorithm benefits of TikTok, it’s strange that every list of church outreach ideas doesn’t include using the platform. While content creators with large followings will obviously have a larger footprint, TikTok doesn’t favor old users over new members. If you create an engaging video and utilize the right hashtags, your very first upload could easily go viral.

Tips for Churches Using TikTok

The benefits of TikTok for churches are undeniable, but as with any tool, its effectiveness rests in the hands of the person wielding it. Would the slingshot that conquered Goliath have been as effective if it wasn’t in David’s hands? Knowing how to use the resources at your disposal is imperative. Consider the following TikTok tips for churches to succeed on the app:

  • Repurpose content: Pulling brief clips from your weekend services and uploading them to TikTok is a great way to Get started.
  • Focus on video length: TikTok only allows videos up to 60 seconds, but some of the most successful content stretches between 10-15 seconds. Making several short videos instead of a long one can increase views.
  • Utilize hashtags: TikTok hashtags can ensure your content gets seen by the right audiences. If used consistently, folks who don’t even pay attention to hashtags will find you based on their preferences.
  • Jump on the trends: When using TikTok for churches, you shouldn’t be afraid to jump on popular trends. If there’s a challenge, audio clip or something else that’s going viral, make your own video and use the right hashtags.
  • Go easy on the marketing: Even though TikTok can be a powerful tool for church marketing, it’s important to not blatantly advertise. Posts asking for donations or marketing upcoming events may fall flat. Focus on engaging content, and the marketing benefit will come!

It may take time to get it right, but TikTok for churches offers a genuine opportunity for increased engagement and outreach. When used as part of a larger strategy, it can also help improve donor relationships and serve as a valuable tool for growing church tithes and donations. The more you put into utilizing TikTok successfully, the more your ministry will get out of it.

Should Churches Use TikTok? It’s Up to You!

Whenever church leaders need to decide about new promotional tools, it’s important that they consider their ministry needs. With religious demographics quickly changing, though, always consider every potential outreach method at your disposal. Only you can decide whether TikTok for churches is right for your ministry, but don’t let preconceived notions cloud your judgement.

Regardless of the promotional tools you’re using, your church’s chance of success relies directly on donor engagement. Schedule a Discovery Call with an expert at DonorWerx today to learn how we can help you drive up engagement, increase donations and integrate social media into your overall giving strategy.

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