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5 of the Best Church Online Giving Platforms

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5 of the Best Church Online Giving Platforms

Church online giving platforms have been multiplying in recent years, leaving many church leaders unsure of what to choose. As fewer people have cash and checks on hand, giving on Sundays can feel old fashioned and bothersome to some congregants.

The world has become hardwired for convenience, and digital donations can now take place anytime, from any device. Churches excel in fundraising when they incorporate the right church online giving platform. The following tools simplify the giving process and offer unique features and payment plans. Learn what each platform does so you can decide what’s best for your church size, budget, and needs.

1. DonorWerx – Best Donor Engagement for Church Online Giving

DonorWerx is a digital giving and donor management software that helps church leaders increase their giving systematically. The platform offers online, app, text, and kiosk options to give your donors a variety of ways to contribute.

A problem many churches face is that their giving experience itself is mundane, or worse, confusing. DonorWerx works with churches to create a more inspiring donor experience from start to finish. Users can closely track donations over time, strategically increase recurring giving, and find ways to attract new donors – all from one central command center that keeps all of your data secure.

DonorWerx is unique in that it offers online coaching in tandem with its software. In coaching sessions, you can learn how to identify your church’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and leverage your communication strategy for good. Experts walk you through using the software to hit your goals and make the best changes possible for your church community.

Pricing: Plans are highly customized to your unique budget. Whether your congregation is larger or smaller, DonorWerx can tailor a specific plan that suits your donors and positions you for growth. Learn more..

2. Tithely

Tithely is a popular platform that helps donors diversify giving avenues and modernize their giving process. They offers mobile, text, web, and kiosk giving.

Tithely is attractive to many churches because it is one of the few platforms that doesn’t require a contract. Another reason users choose this platform is their live launch support and chat features. The Tithely platform is secure, requiring a password for each transaction. Church leaders can generate reports and get a broad overview of their donors, contribution sizes, and giving history.

Pricing: Tithely offers a simple free plan with fewer features. Their premium plans start at $59 per month, with a $149 setup fee. Processing fees are 30 cents and 2.9% per transaction.

3. SecureGive – Best All-Around Church Online Giving

SecureGive is a simple and functional platform, especially useful for bigger churches that are seeking more extensive features. The platform provides web, kiosk, mobile app, and text giving. Along with this, SecureGive provides training for your staff and around-the-clock tech support. Users can analyze in-depth reports from their portal and access SecureGive from multiple church locations.

The platform’s administrative tools help automate tasks and save your staff time. Users can launch campaigns to raise funds for building projects and plan for annual budgeting. Unique features like check scanning allow for quick deposits. Spanish-English translations erase language barriers between donors and churches.

SecureGive can integrate with a variety of other tools for a seamless user experience. Donorwerx uses SecureGive in their customized software plans so users can get the best of both worlds – a robust platform with one-on-one help.

Pricing: SecureGive currently offers three price tiers: $99, $129 and $199.

4. Givelify

Givelify is an up-and-coming competitor for donor management, payment processing, custom branding, and more. You can manage donors from an accessible dashboard, where users can also receive free tech support as needed.

Givelify reviewers have shared a variety of pros and cons about the platform, including easy social media integrations and reporting capabilities that are less user-friendly. As Givelify works to catch up to other well-known platforms, they are responding to user feedback and adding features at an impressive rate. Reviewers frequently point out that Givelify’s custom branding and design features are top notch.

Pricing: Givelify charges no signup fees or monthly fees. Their processing fee matches that of Tithely: 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction.

5. Pushpay – Best Church Online Giving with Contracts

People love Pushpay because of its quick and convenient platform. This allows congregants to submit their donations at lightening speed, and though several giving avenues are available, Pushpay shines in the realm of mobile app giving. In recent years, it has become more common for churches to build their own custom mobile app to make announcements, create live streams, accept donations, and more.

Churches can send push notifications through Pushpay to reach their members quickly and directly via cell phone. The platform also offers 24/7 support, passcode protection, and an option for freezing your account if needed. While reviews are generally positive, some have reported higher credit card processing fees (3.5-3.8%) than average.

Pricing: Like DonorWerx, Pushpay’s pricing varies by customer. Although the platform offers a small discount in exchange for signing a 2-3 year contract.

Choosing a Church Online Giving Platform

It’s no secret that churches accepting digital tithing can quickly increase their funding stream. A study by NonprofitsSource showed that digital giving avenues boost overall church donations by about 32%. They found that 49% of all giving transactions took place with a card.

It’s clear that the world is making a transition from physical to digital currency. While some church-goers continue to offer their tithe in person or even by mail, there are just as many, if not more that prefer an automated digital giving option. 

As a unique church with a unique community, it’s important to research how your congregants are comfortable giving – Do they use mobile applications regularly? Are they open to having automatic debits set up for them?

A surprising number of church-goers don’t donate to their congregations at all. Are they just busy, struggling to make it to church each week? Are churches not reminding them of giving avenues that might work better for them? Perhaps sharing stories of how your church uses donations can inspire more donors. By beginning to ask these questions, you can stop leaving funds on the table.

Interested in increasing recurring giving by 39%? Find out what it takes and how we at DonorWerx can help.

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