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10 Tools for LiveStreaming Church Services


10 Tools for LiveStreaming Church Services

The world has changed drastically recently. The global COVID-19 pandemic ensured people could not gather in large groups safely. The pandemic has not only changed the way that people socialize and spend their free time. It has also had a tremendous impact on their regular daily or weekly activities. Everything from going to work to attending church was affected.

If you run a church congregation, you don’t need to simply cancel your church services until the pandemic is over and it is safe to gather again. Instead, you should adopt and take advantage of the new, powerful live streaming technologies. When you Livestream a church service, you can broadcast it in real-time to anyone who has an internet connection. That way, you can keep your congregants involved with the church. This equates to keeping your staff and clergy employed. All this while still providing worship and learning opportunities to anyone who wants them.

If you have never live-streamed your church services before, read the guide below. These 10 tools can help ensure that you’re able to easily get your service filmed and onto the web and that the service is clear, convenient, and easy to access so that congregants will enjoy the service and want to return to worship just as they had in person.

Fast Internet Connection

Before you even start the process of live streaming your church service, make sure your church has a fast enough Internet connection. High-speed internet with a lot of bandwidth is required to get your service to the screens of watchers in real-time.


You’ll need a camera to capture the video portion of the service. The type and quality of the camera can depend on what production quality you want for your service. Do you simply want people to have a window into what’s happening in the sanctuary of your church? You may only need to use the video camera of a smartphone or tablet. If you are looking to create a more high-quality recording in terms of production value, consider investing in a camera solely intended to be used for recording the service. A DSLR camera with digital video capabilities and a wifi connection takes professional-quality digital video that


Set up your camera on a tripod before the service so that the video is stable and you don’t have to worry about holding or moving it throughout. Invest in a tripod that fits the camera you choose. There are many tripods created specifically for smartphones and tablets that you can choose if you choose to Livestream using your mobile device. Set up the camera on the tripod so that it captures the pastor or any other leaders who will be speaking during the service and who you will want your congregants to see onscreen.


You may need additional audio tools depending on the size of your sanctuary, where you are positioning in the camera, and how many people will be speaking during the service. Consider getting lapel mics for clergy that connect via Bluetooth to a device so their voices are clearly picked up during the Livestream.

Don’t Forget Lighting when Livestreaming Church

Again, additional lighting might be a necessity for live streaming your service. This depends on how well your sanctuary or chapel is lit. If you have a dim or darkly lit space you will be broadcasting from, consider investing in additional lights to light your space. This will enable congregants watching from home to be able to see speakers and the space clearly.

Livestreaming Church Service Platform

Perhaps the most important part of live streaming a church service is ensuring that you have a platform where congregants can access the service. If you want a paid live streaming platform intended specifically for live streaming services, do some research online. There are several software tools geared towards churches that will allow you to regularly Livestream to your congregants.

However, there are also two free live streaming platforms that are extremely powerful. They also have a wide reach and are free: Facebook and YouTube. Both these platforms have live streaming capabilities. If you simply let congregants know that you will be livestreaming from these networks, they can easily visit your profile to access a service. They can also spread the word about the service by simply sharing a link. The benefits of using these tools are many. Most importantly, they are free for your church. This means no additional expenses.

Email Newsletter

Your congregants need to know about your live-streamed services to ensure that they attend them. Start a church newsletter if you don’t have one already, and include a link to where the live-streamed service will be so that people will know where to go each week to access the service. Email is an extremely powerful way to reach your congregants where they are actually spending time these days (online).

Put Livestreaming Church Service on Website

Your church should already have a website. But, if it does not, create one and include a page that has the links to live-streamed services. A church website will come up in Google search results. This means people can find out about your services if they are interested. You can also link to archived services if your live streaming platform allows it. This means even people who miss services will have them for later viewing.

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more can be extremely helpful when it comes to getting the word out about live-streamed services. Post about the times for the live-streamed service in advance, then use the platforms to share links so that congregants can access the Livestream.

Communications Coaching

Communication coaching can help you ensure that you’re using Livestream correctly. This will ensure you can harness the support of congregants and donors alike. Services like DonorWERX offer online coaches, who can not only walk you through how to get more donations online but also how to effectively communicate about what’s going on with your church so that people feel invested and involved. The coaches at DonorWERX can walk you through the best platforms to reach your congregants and potential congregants. You’ll also receive tips on the best way to boost excitement for your organization.

Does Livestreaming church services sound like a way to thrive during this uncertain time in the world? If you’re ready to make that change, you might also consider turning to DonorWerx. That’s because we help you get the word out about your services to congregants and potential congregants alike. DonorWerx is a church giving and marketing platform that makes it easy for people to donate and stay involved in the church. Our experts and tools can help you communicate easily with the people you need to reach. And we’ll ensure you stay involved in congregants’ and donors’ lives. Even better, you can do this even when they’re not able to attend in-person services currently.

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