Embracing God's Call for a Fulfilled 2024

Stepping Forward in Faith: Embracing God’s Call for a Fulfilled 2024

The final post in the series speaks to moving forward with intention and faith. It encourages readers to not be hindered by the past but instead to press on towards the call God has placed on their hearts. The post will discuss how biblical figures such as Paul and Esther embraced their future with faith after periods of hardship and uncertainty. This piece will motivate readers to set goals aligned with God’s will, stepping out in faith and trusting in His promises for a spiritually fulfilled 2024

Key Verses: Philippians 3:13-14; Esther 4:14

Stepping Forward in Faith: Embracing God’s Call for a Fulfilled 2024 When the aspirations of a year past remain unfulfilled, stepping over the threshold into a new year can feel akin to crossing a chasm…

Stepping Forward in Faith: Embracing God’s Call for a Fulfilled 2024

When the aspirations of a year past remain unfulfilled, stepping over the threshold into a new year can feel akin to crossing a chasm of uncertainty. Yet, Scripture beckons us towards a journey of faith, urging us to lean into God’s call with anticipation, despite the unknowns. As we reflect on biblical journeys, we are reminded that the most profound steps forward often arise from the most challenging moments of our past.

Abraham: Venturing into the Unknown

Imagine Abraham under the vast, star-studded Mesopotamian sky. The divine call comes as a clear yet unfathomable directive: “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you” (Genesis 12:1). There’s a palpable tension between the comfort of the familiar and the call to unknown places.

Abraham’s obedience is a leap into uncharted territory. Relinquishing his established life is no small feat—each step away from Haran is a stride into the unfamiliar. Yet, he moves forward, pushed by the conviction of a promise not yet seen. His journey is a poignant reminder that the starting point of transformation is often rooted in displacement, the willingness to venture beyond the comfort zone in pursuit of God’s calling.

Abraham’s story becomes even richer as we consider the depth of his faith that is underscored by the personal challenges he faced. His night-time plea with God, when he questions how his inheritance will continue without an heir (Genesis 15:2-3), reveals an enduring faith in the face of doubt and personal longing. Abraham’s narrative encourages us to relinquish our preconceived plans, attuning ourselves to the whispers of divine guidance and stepping out into new territories. Consider your own ‘Ur’—the familiar haunts and habits of 2023 that God might be calling you away from. What’s your ‘Canaan’? It could be a new career, a commitment to personal growth, or a call to service that you’ve been resisting.


Esther: Embracing Her Moment

Enter the scene with Esther, a young Jewish woman in the throes of a Persian palace, an orphan navigating the complexities of an identity and destiny greatly beyond her upbringing. When the annihilation of her people looms large, she stands at the precipice of a critical decision. The comfort of silence lures her, but the voice of her cousin Mordecai rings clear, challenging her to perceive this moment as divinely orchestrated: “And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?” (Esther 4:14).

Esther’s response to this clarion call is a masterclass in courage and divine timing. After fasting and prayer, she approaches the king, a move that could cost her life. By choosing faith over fear, Esther becomes a vessel for salvation. The tale of Esther invites us to seek and to act upon the redemptive opportunities that may be veiled within the ordinary boundaries of our lives. As you contemplate the areas of silence and inaction in your life from 2023, let Esther inspire you to step into advocacy and bold decision-making in 2024.

Peter: Walking on Water

Envision Peter, amid the violent rocking of the boat in menacing waters, straining his eyes towards the pre-dawn figure of Jesus on the waves. Besieged by fear yet drawn by faith, Peter hears Jesus’ command and, with a surge of intrepid faith, swings his legs over the boat’s edge, his foot touching the liquid abyss. For a few glorious moments, Peter does the impossible: he walks on water, his gaze locked onto the face of his Master.

Peter’s subsequent falter—a natural human reaction to the wind’s howling fury—plunges him into the water. Yet, it is not in his triumphant steps upon the sea but in his desperate cry, “Lord, save me!” (Matthew 14:30) and Jesus’ immediate response that we find the most remarkable insight: faith capable of striding upon waves and faith that sinks beneath them both warrant salvation.

Peter’s audacious step out of the boat and onto the roiling sea serves as a powerful metaphor for taking bold leaps of faith. As we reflect on missed opportunities of the year gone by, let Peter’s lesson resonate within us—let us not be defined by doubt or faltering but by the bravery to step into the unknown and Jesus’ steadfast hand that lifts us when we call.


Embracing the Journey Ahead

The tales of Abraham’s departure, Esther’s advocacy, and Peter’s venture onto the water portray the raw essence of faith as forward motion, often initiated amid uncertainty and adversity. As we consider the unwritten story of our own 2024, let’s infuse its first chapters with action borne from a faith like theirs.

Let Abraham’s footsteps chart our course into unexplored possibilities of answering God’s unique call for our lives. Like Esther, let’s find the courage to seize pivotal moments with grace and discernment. And as we face our personal seas of challenge, may Peter’s example embolden us to step boldly, eyes fixed upon Christ, even when the tempest roars. Embrace the canvas of 2024 not with trepidation for what has passed, but with vibrant anticipation for the script yet to be written—a narrative of faith steps, divine encounters, and the unfolding of God’s promises. Let the rhythm of unwavering trust pulse through the year ahead, guiding each footfall on this journey of a faith fulfilled.

Conclusion of the Series: This blog series aims to guide readers through a journey of introspection, lament, gratitude, and purposeful action. By exploring these biblical themes, readers will be equipped to face the new year with a renewed sense of direction and fulfillment in accordance with God’s plan for their lives.