5 Tips for Beating the Holiday Blues and Being Your Best Self

beating the holiday blues

Regardless of a person’s religion, there are typically some exciting holidays that approach near the end of the year. These times offer an opportunity for joy and a well-earned break from a long year of work. There’s certainly some debate over when the holiday season starts — particularly thanks to Christmas decorations popping up earlier…

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10 Thanksgiving Sermons Every Pastor Should Be Thankful For

thanksgiving sermons

That time of the year has snuck up on us again. Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and as a pastor, it’s your job to remind your congregation of why it’s important to be thankful. Maybe you’ve got a few go-to sermons that you think have become stale, or maybe this is your first time…

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5 Strategic Steps for Congregation Growth in 2022 and Beyond

5 strategic steps

Expand Your Flock It’s been a tough few years for organizations of all types. Ministries and faith-based groups, however, have had it particularly hard. At a time when church attendance was already on the decline, a pandemic showed up and kept people at home. You’ve made it this far, though, so is it time for…

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Giving Stories For Pastors To Share

giving stories for pastors

Giving Stories For Pastors To Share Get Your Inspiration It’s worth remembering that gifts of generosity and kindness still prevail. No matter how hopeless the state of the world seems, here is proof that the capacity for giving still exists. The Non-Profit Times Statistics Many non-profits struggled during the pandemic and were forced to cancel their regular…

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How To Lead & Build A Church That Lasts

congregation growth

Take The Necessary Steps At the heart of every church is the desire to fulfill the mission they were built for. But in today’s era of technology, change, and forward-thinking in churches, leaders can’t just wing it anymore. Here are 15 steps you can take today to build greater success for a lasting, thriving church. Discover New Ways…

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How To Build A Successful Team

build a successful team

Build The Right Foundation What are the key characteristics of a successful team, and how can you as a pastor or church leader build your own for success? Let’s look at some of the standout ones all leading teams should have. What are the Characteristics of a Successful Team? How do you gauge whether your team…

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8 Ways Leaders Successfully Delegate

leaders successfully delegate

Discover The Right Methods Leaders are naturally born to “do” things. But as they grow with wisdom and experience, they also learn to let go of whatever holds them back — including taking on too many tasks at a time. They are the ones who are constantly in action, thinking about ways to make the world a…

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What Is A Delegating Leadership Style?

delegating leadership style

Learn About Delegating Leadership Styles Are some leadership styles better than others? The answer to this question depends on the situation. Leadership styles vary according to the need of the group or congregation. As your church grows and your ministry widens, you will have to expand your reach as a leader. You may need to take on more responsibility while letting go…

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What Is A Fundraising Campaign?

what is a fundraising campaign

Learn About Fundraising Is your church planning team looking for ways to create more revenue, increase giving, raise funds, and meet your mission goals? These are things that don’t happen overnight. A great strategy is to run a fundraising campaign. This is an event that should happen over a period of time. How short or long your campaign runs depends on your…

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6 Tips On Effectively Delegating Leadership Style

effectively delegating leadership style

Try These Tips Out Many church leaders today are overwhelmed with all the job responsibilities they have. Not only are they spiritual leaders, but they often have a lot of administration work to handle as well. How and when should you adopt a delegating leadership style? And what is a good balance when trying to achieve one? Let’s try…

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