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free tech for small churches

Free Church Technology for Small Churches

Free Church Technology for Small Churches God may bless his people with an abundance that comes from simply showing up with loaves and fishes, but for ministry leaders, getting everything done can feel impossible at times. Often, it feels like the devil really does show up in the details to make everything harder than it…

Church giving fatigue

Church Giving Fatigue: What Is It, and How Can You Recover?

Don’t Get Tired Bringing up the subject of money to your congregation is tough — especially when your members are feeling the crush of church giving fatigue. But broaching the money subject is something every church must deal with. You have to perfect the art of talking money while also accepting the not-so-simple reality of…

Benefits of accepting crypto donations

The Benefits of Accepting Crypto Donations at Your Church

Most churches have realized online giving is essential, but few recognize the many benefits of accepting crypto donations. It’s time for this to change.Benefits of Accepting Crypto and Bitcoin Donations Technology has led to significant changes in recent years and this is as true in the ministry as anywhere else. One major area of advancement…

Talk about crypto with donors

How To Talk About Crypto To Your Donors

When Speaking About Crypto Technology consistently offers new ways to give, and we’ve come a long way from when cash was king. While online donations may seem like the latest innovation, cryptocurrency for donors has opened up a whole new world of giving. Of course, it’s a complex world. So if your ministry begins accepting crypto…

benefits of donating cryptocurrency to charity

Benefits of Donating Cryptocurrency to Charity

  Cryptocurrency has found its way into many areas of daily life. What was once viewed suspiciously by many has become its own decentralized economy. If you own digital coinage, every day seems to offer something new that crypto can accomplish. Many people have realized this after seeing just a few of the benefits of…

steps for congregation growth

5 Strategic Steps for Congregation Growth in 2022 and Beyond

Expand Your Flock It’s been a tough few years for organizations of all types. Ministries and faith-based groups, however, have had it particularly hard. At a time when church attendance was already on the decline, a pandemic showed up and kept people at home. You’ve made it this far, though, so is it time for…

tech advocate

Be The Tech Advocate In Your Parish

Tech Advocates in Church Are Essential — Why Not Become One? Church attendance has been in decline for some time now. Some ministry leaders believe this is because technology entered the ministry, but this is far from accurate. In fact, churches with tech advocates are better able to attract new congregants, increase overall giving, improve…

Giving Tuesday cryptocurrency

Giving Tuesday: How Cryptocurrency Affects It

Learn The Impacts Giving Tuesday follows Thanksgiving, falling on either the last Tuesday of November or the first Tuesday of December each year. Giving Tuesday in 2021 set a record at $2.7 billion in donations, representing nine percent in growth from 2020. Even more intriguing is the interplay between Giving Tuesday and cryptocurrency, something nonprofits should prepare…

Crypto donations

What Are Crypto Donations?

Crypto: Today’s Currency Modern non-profits have had to adapt to a lot of technological advancements. Over the past two decades, most have moved away from cash and checks to adopt online portals where they can take bank transfers and credit cards. Donation software like ours continues to be on the cusp of innovation, like with text giving.…

churches accepting Bitcoin

Why More Churches and Nonprofits Are Accepting Bitcoin Donations

Consider The Question Nonprofits accepting Bitcoin is becoming more commonplace and, as cryptocurrency adoption continues to grow, we can only expect that trend to continue. If you’re thinking about adding crypto to the lineup, here’s what you need to know about non-profits and churches accepting Bitcoin. Why Are Nonprofits Accepting Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the largest…

nonprofits and cryptocurrency

Why More Nonprofits Are Accepting Crypto For The Holidays

The Season of Giving The holiday season brings the most charitable donations of any time of the year. With the trio of Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday, and Christmas—along with last-minute donations to tap into tax incentives before the New Year—every organization takes some time out to prepare itself. This year, though, there’s a new topic making…

crypto donation

Crypto Donations Hit Record Seasons of Generosity

Feel The Spirit The holiday season before the 2022 new year signified a record in crypto donations. While charitable giving should occur year-round, this recent season of generosity is inspiring. DonorWERX, a powerful giving software, helps churches and charitable organizations go beyond collection plates and checks to tap into online giving. Offering donors the choice…

benefits of crypto donations

What Are The Benefits of Crypto Donations?

How It Works Just a few years ago, the concept of crypto donations was entirely foreign to most organizations. Now, as cryptocurrency continues to gain more traction, some major non-profits are beginning to accept them. The question is, is it just a gimmick? Here’s a closer look at the benefits of crypto donations and why…

cryptocurrency and churches

How Cryptocurrency Is Changing Church Giving for the Better

Get Involved While the digital world may seem like a strange place for the ministry, the two are increasingly coming into contact. Some churches have found their way into the virtual “metaverse,” and crypto has also become an acceptable way to give in houses of worship. In fact, cryptocurrency and churches seem poised to become…

church tech trends

10 Church Tech Trends To Embrace This Year

Embrace The Times Houses of worship have seen historic levels of disruption in recent years. Many were already reeling from consistent reductions in attendance, and then a pandemic decided to pile on more. Fortunately, congregations are resilient. Of the many recent technological innovations helping ministries survive, these are the major church tech trends you must…

giving cryptocurrency

Crypto: The New Way to Give

Get On The Crypto Train Cryptocurrency wasn’t on many people’s radars just a few years back. Thanks to the explosive growth of Bitcoin, however, a day doesn’t go by without major news involving digital currencies. These decentralized monetary systems have now found their way into the charitable world. In a short time, giving cryptocurrency has…

software support

Most Common Software Support Mistakes

Work The Bugs Out If you sell software, your customers need support. Your customers expect that ongoing connection. In fact, many customers won’t even consider purchasing a software product without adequate customer support. Software support does several things. First, it gives customers the knowledge they need to effectively use the product. It also gives customers…


Soccer Player Donates World Cup Winnings to Charity

Teenage Soccer Player Donates World Cup Winnings to Charity Every four years, the World Cup attracts billions of viewers who watch in nail-biting suspense to see who will take home the prize. But in recent years, athletes have begun to use the attention of the event for more than sponsorships and interviews. One inspiring story…


Years After Harvey, J.J. Watt Continues to Make a Difference

Braving The Storm Hurricane Harvey was one of the most devastating natural disasters in recent years, overwhelming Texas with $200 billion in damages. The storm took 88 lives and, while the news has long moved on since 2017, people are continuing to pick up the pieces. Some lost everything and many have struggled to get back…


When This Rich Woman Won the Lottery, She Donated It All

Pay It Forward So many people dream of winning the lottery. While the odds are slim, many people buy a ticket in hopes that they’ll be the lucky victor. So, it’s ironic to read stories of people “hitting it big” when they already had big pockets. Rachel Lapierre was fairly well-off. As a former nurse…


She Sold Everything She Owned to Help the Homeless

Assisting The Less Fortunate Homelessness is a major issue in our world today, and one that’s tough to tackle. Supporting the homeless as they are with food, shelter, and basic care is essential to their well-being, but they also need job training, education, transportation, permanent housing, and so many other necessities that many of us…


Girl Recruits School to Assemble ‘Lemon Aid’ Stands

Generosity For Everyone For many of us, charity is not something we think about until we’re well into our 20s and 30s. Especially as young kids, we tend to cherish every dollar that comes our way, whether it’s from running the paper route, cards from Grandma, or setting up a lemonade stand. Seven-year-old Lulu Cerone wasn’t that different—until one…

software support

3 Ways to Improve Your Software Support

Enhance Your Support Structure Customer support is a team effort. When things run smoothly your customers can’t help but notice. But if things go wrong they’ll notice that above all else. Which is worse? Ineffective communication and collaboration in the support team have a drastic impact on customer trust. Make sure you don’t overlook any…

good samaritan

Good Samaritan Gets Saved By Girls He Rescued

Wisconsin Man Helps Damsels in Car Distress and Gets His Life Saved by Them Mere Minutes Later The number of deaths per year from cardiac arrests is astounding. As per recent statistics, over 356,000 cases of out-of-hospital heart attacks occur every year in America, out of which a massive ninety percent result in death. The total…

giving kiosk

Rescuer Becomes Rescued In Miraculous Save

The Miracle Baby who Three Decades Later Rescued his Saviour from the Jaws of Death Though our world is riddled with death, destruction, torment, and disease, there is also a lot of good to be grateful for. There are genuine and kind people who make you believe that good still exists in the world. And…

giving kiosk

Man Inspires Chain of Charity Acts After Job Loss

Hope Shines On If there’s one thing the entire world can agree on, it’s that the pandemic created a catastrophic period of loss, change, and uncertainty for the world’s people. While Brian Schwartz is thankful to have made it through the pandemic with his health, it brought his career to a screeching halt. Read on to…

giving stories

Giving Stories For Pastors To Share

Get Your Inspiration It’s worth remembering that gifts of generosity and kindness still prevail. No matter how hopeless the state of the world seems, here is proof that the capacity for giving still exists. The Non-Profit Times Statistics Many non-profits struggled during the pandemic and were forced to cancel their regular outreach programs and in-person events. It’s…

celebrity donations

Charitable Actions Inspired By Celebrities

Generosity On All Levels In a world full of people, celebrities often inspire the biggest trends. From pastel-colored hair to the clothes we wear, the elite in Hollywood tends to have an effect on many aspects of our lives. Whether you follow the trends or prefer to pave your own way, some of these celebrities…

good stories to share

Good News Stories That Came Out of the Pandemic Years

Virtual theater classes for students with autism Quarantine is tough on everybody but who could have imagined the challenges that children adults who faced autism would face? When Elaine Hall, a theater artistic director, saw the challenge, she decided to create an inclusive theater program for children and adults with special needs. Entitled, “The Miracle Project,”…

giving stories to inspire

The $4,000 Ring That Changed a Homeless Man’s Life

The Spark of Hope Winters can be cold, dark, and very lonely — especially for the homeless who are often left freezing out in sub-zero temperatures, without the solace of a warm meal and a cozy bed. While the privileged few gather our loved ones together for family meals in our toasty kitchens, singing songs…

giving stories

Giving Stories & Statistics to Inspire You

Pass Along The Light We’ve all heard how important it is to teach donors about the Scriptural principles of giving: why it is encouraged, and how they will be blessed in return for their charitable efforts. To bring these concepts even closer to home, it helps to show statistics. Share with your donors and congregation…

giving stories to inspire

More Giving Stories To Inspire

Share The Hope No matter how dark your days are, you can still find a ray of light and hope. And you can still be that beacon of hope to all who need you. As pastors and church leaders, your job to guide the congregation is even more crucial during a global pandemic. We have compiled…

building an online platform

8 Tips For Pastors Who Want to Build an Online Platform

Create Your Foundation Online ministries are the new mission field. Today, the resources available allow you to reach more people with your message and ministry than ever before. You might remember the great revivals that many churches had when television broadcasts first showed live sermons filmed in church. The same thing can happen for your ministry, and for…

Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing: What It Is & How It Works

What Is Credit Card Processing? Credit card processing refers to the system by which credit card payments are made. Many of the same processes are used whether someone is paying with a credit card or a debit card that draws on their bank account. This is because banking cards are typically Visa or MasterCard and…

how to lead a church

How To Lead & Build A Church That Lasts

Take The Necessary Steps At the heart of every church is the desire to fulfill the mission they were built for. But in today’s era of technology, change, and forward-thinking in churches, leaders can’t just wing it anymore. Here are 15 steps you can take today to build greater success for a lasting, thriving church. Discover New Ways…

improve your church's outreach

5 Ways To Improve Your Church’s Outreach

How Do You Improve Your Church’s Outreach? The Bible tells us that “faith without works is dead.” (James Chapter 2). Are you praying and praying for church growth but missing out on active engagement? We know from experience with churches that there are certain action steps you must take as a pastor to improve church growth. Sure, you can…

The Best Credit Card Processing Companies To Use

The Best Credit Card Processing Companies To Use

Which Company To Choose? When looking for the best credit card processing companies for receiving church donations, it helps to compare a few. If there are outreach relief programs, for example, you need the quickest way to get the donations in. At DonorWerx, we have lots of experience with other financial partners and can give you a rundown on…

How To Build A Successful Team

How To Build A Successful Team

Build The Right Foundation What are the key characteristics of a successful team, and how can you as a pastor or church leader build your own for success? Let’s look at some of the standout ones all leading teams should have. What are the Characteristics of a Successful Team? How do you gauge whether your team…

successfully delegate

8 Ways Leaders Successfully Delegate

Discover The Right Methods Leaders are naturally born to “do” things. But as they grow with wisdom and experience, they also learn to let go of whatever holds them back — including taking on too many tasks at a time. They are the ones who are constantly in action, thinking about ways to make the world a…

delegating leadership style

What Is A Delegating Leadership Style?

Learn About Delegating Leadership Styles Are some leadership styles better than others? The answer to this question depends on the situation. Leadership styles vary according to the need of the group or congregation. As your church grows and your ministry widens, you will have to expand your reach as a leader. You may need to take on more responsibility while letting go…

woman giving

What Is A Fundraising Campaign?

Learn About Fundraising Is your church planning team looking for ways to create more revenue, increase giving, raise funds, and meet your mission goals? These are things that don’t happen overnight. A great strategy is to run a fundraising campaign. This is an event that should happen over a period of time. How short or long your campaign runs depends on your…

Delegating leadership in church

6 Tips On Effectively Delegating Leadership Style

Try These Tips Out Many church leaders today are overwhelmed with all the job responsibilities they have. Not only are they spiritual leaders, but they often have a lot of administration work to handle as well. How and when should you adopt a delegating leadership style? And what is a good balance when trying to achieve one? Let’s try…

10 Secrets To Building A Church Outreach Program For Youth

10 Secrets To Building A Church Outreach Program For Youth

Help Your Community’s Youth Do you want to find out ways to help your ministry thrive and reach more young people? A key when planning your outreach events is to think about what is appealing to today’s youth. The old ways of attracting young people to the church may not be relevant anymore. To succeed as a church, you…

Improve the church with software.

10 Surprising Ways Church Management Software Helps Improve a Church

Technology has permeated every facet of society, helping institutions meet their clients’ needs seamlessly and efficiently. In the technological race to the top, the church has not been left behind. Churches have transformed from docile places of worship to become tech-savvy in a bid to achieve the goals of the congregation and the ministry at large.…

Volunteers and Slack communication

Why Your Ministry Needs a Church Directory Maker

People usually only attend church once a week. And thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is likely that some of your members and online donors dropped out of the usual attendance at increasing rates. This is when having the right tools and resources to stay connected to your members and donors becomes critical. A church…

Find the best online giving platforms.

Best Online Giving Platforms for Churches

Donations are the backbone of any church, but if you’re still relying on cash in the offering plate, you’re missing out on major potential. While many churches still manage to get a few dollars in the offering plate during each session, it’s a simple fact that most Americans just don’t carry cash anymore. That makes in-person…

giving letter

What Is an Annual Giving Letter?

An annual giving letter is a communication sent out via mail or email to encourage donations from members and friends of a congregation. These funds typically cover operational costs, and most nonprofits choose to send their letters around the same time each year. As most church leaders know, annual giving letters are the crux of securing…

Discuss switching to online giving

How To Talk About Making The Switch To Online Giving

These days, only about 16% of people regularly carry cash. Most of us can’t remember that last time we wrote a check, unless it was to pay rent the old school way or make a major purchase. The fact is, most of your supporters would be far more comfortable donating if they were able to…

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