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Online Giving for Churches

How to Get Started with Online Giving for Churches

Last year represented the sixth consecutive year of growth for giving, with online giving seeing a growth rate of over 12%. Meanwhile, nearly 45% of donors around the world say they’re now enrolled in a recurring giving program. What does all that mean for your church? To put it simply, online giving is growing at three times…

Leadership Blogs

5 Funny Blogs for Pastors Who Need to Lighten Up

Psalm 144:15 reminds us, “Happy are the people whose God is the LORD.” Yes, there is a lot of happiness to be had in the church ministry! We must not forget to smile and let ourselves relax, especially when it is easy to be stressed. These days, there is so much anxiety in the world. A…

Text to donate

7 Text-to-Donate Platforms Your Church Should Consider

Mobile giving has been continuously growing as more and more people keep smartphones in their pockets. And it’s not small change, either. The average text-to-donate gift, for instance, adds up to $107. With 97% of Americans sending at least one text a day, text-to-donate is more than merely convenient — it’s fun, it’s familiar, and it’s…

Entrepreneurs Pastors

6 Lessons from Entrepreneurs Pastors Can Use to Grow Their Church

It’s not easy being a leader. No matter how big or small your church, you will be called on to face unprecedented challenges. While religion should not be considered a business, you as pastors are in the business of coaching and guiding people. The church members and donors who follow you and support your church are your…

Best Pastors

8 Characteristics the World’s Best Pastors Have in Common

Ever wonder why some pastors always seem to be great and growing their church, donors and missions? Are they especially charismatic or talented people? Do they know something others don’t? The truth of the matter is that the best pastors are human beings—just like you and me. However, they have discovered some secrets to staying relevant in…

Benefits of Church Giving Apps

7 Benefits of Church Giving Apps

There are many tech tools available that can help ministry leaders spread the Word of God. When looking at the benefits of church giving apps, though, it’s difficult to envision any resource that’s equally as effective. These simple tools can take a ministry’s giving levels to new heights and increase its ability to do God’s…


7 Inexpensive Online Giving Solutions for Small- and Mid-Sized Churches

As a small to medium-sized church, every dollar counts. That’s why it’s a must to research any software solution before you invest time and money into it, or else you could end up with an overstrained budget and problems that still aren’t solved. Fortunately, when it comes to online giving solutions, there are a number…

Donors Attention

10 Ways To Keep Your Donors Attention Online

The digital world offers people so much more than just five years ago. With the onset of the pandemic, everyone is glued to their screens, taking in more content than ever before. How can you stand out from the noise and attract more listeners, subscribers, viewers, and then regular donors? The following tips are tried…

benefits of online giving for churches

5 Benefits of Online Giving for Churches

+++ Statistics show that the churches and missions who moved to online giving during the pandemic equaled and even surpassed their giving level stats compared to the year before. Some of the churches who were surveyed showed that their April 2020 gifts exceeded giving levels during April 2019. What caused this positive trend, even in the midst of…

Effective Pastors

8 Productivity Secrets of the Most Effective Pastors

Are your tasks as a pastor becoming more of a burden than a blessing? It is so easy for today’s church leaders to fall into the habits of wanting to do more, produce more, and be more. Often, you end up burned out, tired, and unable to give the best of yourself to your congregation. Let’s look…

TED Talks for Pastors

8 Best TED Talks for Pastors

Online education has grown since the onset of the pandemic. So too, has spiritual content online. The following TED talks were chosen because they are inspiring for any leaders, pastors, and coaches. The topics are relevant and inspiring. As people around the world continue to seek online and digital inspiration, you can be a part of their…

text to donate

Finding The Best Text-to-Donate Service for Nonprofits

Over 5 billion people around the world own a smartphone, and there’s no doubt that text messaging is the most accessed application for smartphone users. In fact, 97% of Americans send at least one text message a day. Given that everyone is so much more active on their mobile devices, it’s no surprise that mobile giving has seen annual…

Best Church Giving App

How to Pick the Best Church Giving App?

Technology has done great things for modern houses of worship, and nowhere is this more apparent than with tithing and donations to ministries. Advanced software can help increase contributions, but this raises the question of how to pick the best church giving app. While there are many to choose from, it’s important to ensure you’re…

Church TED Talk

Best Ways to Use TED Talks in Your Church

Many of your would-be donors or church members may never have gone to church before. They need spiritual guidance in a way that reaches their heart and cuts through the noise. TED talks have the ability to do this, as they are limited to just a few minutes, and each speaker must share his or her idea…

Church challenges

5 Challenges Your Church May Face (And How to Overcome Them)

The challenges churches are now facing in a post-Covid world are real. And even though in some regions of the globe, lockdown or quarantine restrictions are receding, it is safe to say the world will never be the same again. Until a vaccine can be found to combat the virus and build immunity, people will…


Doing These 9 Things Help You to Rank Your Sermons #1 on YouTube

The road to digital innovation for your church has many challenges. But one of the simplest ways to increase your online presence and online giving is by making inspirational videos. They can be livestreamed or pre-recorded. You can film your sermons or make more personal videos to share your heart and thoughts with your congregation. These can then be…

planning center

Planning Center and DonorWerx Integration

Planning Center truly shines as a church management system because of all the features they offer, capable of serving churches big and small.


Hillsong and DonorWerx Integration

DonorWerx is excited to be announcing this new integration opportunity, which allows users to effortlessly connect the Hillsong and DonorWerx dashboard.

Fellowship 1

FellowshipOne and DonorWerx Integration

By integrating FellowshipOne and DonorWerx, you’ll be able to make use of the powerful SecureGive platform without having your data scattered across platforms.


PowerChurch and DonorWerx Integration

PowerChurch represented their first step into the digital world and, to this day, it remains many organizations’ key to insightful church management, event scheduling, and outreach efforts

Church Management Software

Church Community Builder and DonorWerx Integration

It’s widely recognized that Church Community Builder is a powerful and versatile church management software.


Shelby and DonorWerx Integration

More than 3,000 churches proudly use Shelby Systems to run their church.

one church

OneChurch and Donorwerx Integration

With this integration, you’ll be able to easily connect DonorWerx to OneChurch, allowing you to keep your databases accurate and up-to-date through seamless automated housekeeping processes. That means no manually matching or updating information. With this integration, the time-consuming administrative work is done for you.

Rock RMS

The Rock and DonorWERX Integration

DonorWerx is proud to offer one of the most powerful donation tools on the market, widely known as SecureGive. But, how can DonorWerx partner with the Rock to make church management that much more efficient? That’s the exact question we set out to answer.

Arena Shelby systems

Arena and DonorWERX Integration

Shelby Systems consistently produces well-designed, thoughtful tools for churches like yours. That’s one reason why they offer professional training services to help get church staff up-to-speed with all of the features, but one thing we love about Arena is how intuitive it is to use.

Best Church Giving App

What is the Best Church Giving App?

Stepping into the digital era can be a taboo and challenging topic for many churches, but it shouldn’t be. Here at DonorWerx, we coach church leaders every day on the importance of having a digital presence in today’s tech-driven era, and we help guide them through the many obstacles they’ll face as they work to bring their…

Sunday Offering

5 Fresh Ideas for Sunday Offering and Tithes Sermons

Giving and tithing are concepts that take time to teach, learn, and comprehend. Donors also need to trust that your mission will accomplish its goals, and that you as a church leader have their best interests in mind. Giving can also be a tricky topic to approach. You must always discuss it humbly, helping your sponsors and…


ACS and DonorWerx Integration

With their position as a leading software provider, DonorWerx is excited to be integrating with the innovative solutions of ACSTechnologies.


7 Fun Ideas for Stay-Home-Missions

You’re not alone in feeling discouraged about canceled mission plans. With borders across the globe closed, more travel restrictions, and uncertainty on the horizon, things can look discouraging, even for the most faithful believer. As a pastor or church leader, you are also not immune to feelings of sadness about the global pandemic. If you have…

anna-earl-seLgmwSCnJg-unsplash (1)

Everything You Should Know About Church Tithing Software

Overall giving has seen its sixth consecutive year of growth, with a rate of 4.1% last year. What’s more, online giving grew by an astonishing 12.1%. What does that mean for your church? To put it simply, while all of its good news, the fact that the growth of online giving is now outpacing overall giving…

Online Giving Page

4 Tips to Increase Conversions on Your Online Giving Page

Digital giving has quickly become a necessity in the world of church tithing and donations. One of the most useful resources in this category is an online giving page, but many ministry leaders aren’t using them effectively. A donation page that’s not optimized for conversions is almost as bad as having no page at all. …

Best Bible Verses on Leadership

Best Bible Verses on Leadership

The Bible says a lot about how leaders should lead their flock into the future, and we can apply this to the new way of doing things. Below are a few essential Scriptures to keep in mind during this difficult yet important time of transition. Below are a few essential Scriptures to keep in mind during this important time…

Wellness Apps

Wellness Apps Pastors Should Utilize This Weekend

As leaders of the church, you are often so busy with a multitude of tasks. Growing donors, living your mission, serving the church. It is important to prioritize rest and self-care. The Lord wants us to be an example of doing things prayerfully, mindfully, and from a state of peace. There is no use in pushing yourself…


7 Best Church Admin Tools

+++ Are you looking for the best church tithing software for online giving? Then you are in the right place and frame of mind. Those who want to lead their churches in a new way will need to upgrade their methods of outreach, and administration. You can be the most spiritually-gifted leader, but if you are…

Church Online Giving Platforms

5 of the Best Church Online Giving Platforms

Church online giving platforms have been multiplying in recent years, leaving many church leaders unsure of what to choose. As fewer people have cash and checks on hand, giving on Sundays can feel old fashioned and bothersome to some congregants. The world is now hardwired for convenience, and digital donations are now possible anytime, from…

10 Tools for LiveStreaming Church Services

10 Tools for LiveStreaming Church Services

The world has changed drastically recently, thanks to the global COViD-19 pandemic, and the fact that people cannot currently gather in large groups safely. The pandemic has not only changed the way that people socialize and spend their free time. It has also had a tremendous impact on their important, regular daily or weekly activities, like going…

Church Livestreaming

Sharpen These Skills If You Want to start Livestreaming

With the internet becoming more accessible, people all over the world are switching from television to digital sources of entertainment. While in the past, Church television was hugely successful, there is another trend taking over: livestreaming. Why Do Churches Use Livestreaming? Many organizations and churches are making use of livestreaming, for many reasons: Some are…

Church Management Software

How to Leverage Powerful Church Management Software

Administration centralizes the very backbone of your church. It allows you to keep up with members, take care of accounting, and learn more about members and potential members. Yet, today we live in a digital world and that means using technology tools to help. From messaging via smartphones to using a computer to keep up…

Church Donation Tracking Software

Why You Should Use Church Donation Tracking Software

As a church, you have a responsibility to your donors to remain accountable and keep them in-the-loop about what you’re doing with their donations. Unfortunately, these days, it’s near impossible to do that without software. By implementing a powerful donation tracking software into your organization, you’ll be empowered to collect, track, and distribute all of…

Live Streaming Services

Surprising Reasons Why Small Groups Trump Live Streaming Services

Churches have continued their work during COVID-19 thanks to their embrace of technology and creative thinking. Many have relied on live streaming to reach their congregants and maintain church functions. Ministers are now conducting services from homemade altars placed in the family room or from empty auditoriums. And while this approach has been relatively successful,…


5 Best Online Giving Companies For Large Churches

Given that online giving grew more than 12% in the past year alone, most large organizations have already jumped onto the digital giving train. However, whether you find yourself needing to catch up with your first digital giving solution or constrained by an existing solution that isn’t offering you the results you want, the research process can…

Church Technology

What is the Future of Church Technology?

The future of church technology is now. If you are wondering what tomorrow holds for your church and congregation, you just have to look around you and see what is happening. Churches everywhere are facing a global pandemic. And unless they adopt the technologies available t them, they won’t survive. Since the beginning of Christianity,…

Church Tithing software

Church Tithing software: Everything you Need to Know

When you move towards digitizing your church and using automated tools for church finances, you don’t want to neglect church tithing software. You may already be utilizing the text-to-give apps, giving kiosks, or church CRMs. There are many options available, but in this guide, we show you the benefits of managing your finances and tithing all on one…

Cheapest Church Giving App

Here’s The Cheapest Church Giving App

The average church spends half of its budget on staffing and administrative costs. Add to the list grounds maintenance and other necessary costs, and it’s easy to see why churches struggle when it comes to justifying the cost of marketing, engagement, and experience initiatives — and that’s exactly why so many cheap and free church software exist.…

Text to Give

Everything You Should Know About Text-To-Donate Fundraising

With over 97% of Americans texting at least once a day, text messaging is an extremely effective way to reach your supporters and collect more donations. Aside from being convenient, text-to-donate campaigns also get a lot of attention since most text messages are opened within 5 minutes of being sent. What’s more, the right text-to-donate…

Rock RMS

Integrating The Rock and DonorWERX

This simple step-by-step article will guide you through integrating your Rock RMS and DonorWerx systems.

Rock RMS

Rock RMS and DonorWerx Integration

DonorWerx recognizes Rock RMS as a popular church management solution, particularly for smaller churches working on tight budgets. If you’re a user of it, you’ll be happy to know that DonorWerx now integrates with Rock. Just follow these instructions to connect.

Church Management Software

Integrating Church Community Builder and DonorWerx

With check-in, contribution management, communication, and more, DonorWerx recognizes the importance of organizing your data.

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