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Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing: What It Is & How It Works

What Is Credit Card Processing? Credit card processing refers to the system by which credit card payments are made. Many of the same processes are used whether someone is paying with a credit card or a debit card that draws on their bank account. This is because banking cards are typically Visa or MasterCard and…

how to lead a church

How To Lead & Build A Church That Lasts

Take The Necessary Steps At the heart of every church is the desire to fulfill the mission they were built for. But in today’s era of technology, change, and forward-thinking in churches, leaders can’t just wing it anymore. Here are 15 steps you can take today to build greater success for a lasting, thriving church. Discover New Ways…

improve your church's outreach

5 Ways To Improve Your Church’s Outreach

How Do You Improve Your Church’s Outreach? The Bible tells us that “faith without works is dead.” (James Chapter 2). Are you praying and praying for church growth but missing out on active engagement? We know from experience with churches that there are certain action steps you must take as a pastor to improve church growth. Sure, you can…

The Best Credit Card Processing Companies To Use

The Best Credit Card Processing Companies To Use

Which Company To Choose? When looking for the best credit card processing companies for receiving church donations, it helps to compare a few. If there are outreach relief programs, for example, you need the quickest way to get the donations in. At DonorWerx, we have lots of experience with other financial partners and can give you a rundown on…

How To Build A Successful Team

How To Build A Successful Team

Build The Right Foundation What are the key characteristics of a successful team, and how can you as a pastor or church leader build your own for success? Let’s look at some of the standout ones all leading teams should have. What are the Characteristics of a Successful Team? How do you gauge whether your team…

successfully delegate

8 Ways Leaders Successfully Delegate

Discover The Right Methods Leaders are naturally born to “do” things. But as they grow with wisdom and experience, they also learn to let go of whatever holds them back — including taking on too many tasks at a time. They are the ones who are constantly in action, thinking about ways to make the world a…

delegating leadership style

What Is A Delegating Leadership Style?

Learn About Delegating Leadership Styles Are some leadership styles better than others? The answer to this question depends on the situation. Leadership styles vary according to the need of the group or congregation. As your church grows and your ministry widens, you will have to expand your reach as a leader. You may need to take on more responsibility while letting go…

woman giving

What Is A Fundraising Campaign?

Learn About Fundraising Is your church planning team looking for ways to create more revenue, increase giving, raise funds, and meet your mission goals? These are things that don’t happen overnight. A great strategy is to run a fundraising campaign. This is an event that should happen over a period of time. How short or long your campaign runs depends on your…

6 Tips On Effectively Delegating Leadership Style

6 Tips On Effectively Delegating Leadership Style

Try These Tips Out Many church leaders today are overwhelmed with all the job responsibilities they have. Not only are they spiritual leaders, but they often have a lot of administration work to handle as well. How and when should you adopt a delegating leadership style? And what is a good balance when trying to achieve one? Let’s try…

10 Secrets To Building A Church Outreach Program For Youth

10 Secrets To Building A Church Outreach Program For Youth

Help Your Community’s Youth Do you want to find out ways to help your ministry thrive and reach more young people? A key when planning your outreach events is to think about what is appealing to today’s youth. The old ways of attracting young people to the church may not be relevant anymore. To succeed as a church, you…

10 Surprising Ways Church Management Software Can Help Improve a Church Ministry

10 Surprising Ways Church Management Software Can Help Improve a Church Ministry

Technology has permeated every facet of society, helping institutions meet their clients’ needs seamlessly and efficiently. In the technological race to the top, the church has not been left behind. Churches have transformed from docile places of worship to become tech-savvy in a bid to achieve the goals of the congregation and the ministry at large.…

Volunteers and Slack communication

Why Your Ministry Needs a Church Directory Maker

People usually only attend church once a week. And thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is likely that some of your members and online donors dropped out of the usual attendance at increasing rates. This is when having the right tools and resources to stay connected to your members and donors becomes critical. A church…

Best Online Giving Platforms for Churches

Best Online Giving Platforms for Churches

Donations are the backbone of any church, but if you’re still relying on cash in the offering plate, you’re missing out on major potential. While many churches still manage to get a few dollars in the offering plate during each session, it’s a simple fact that most Americans just don’t carry cash anymore. That makes in-person…

giving letter

What Is an Annual Giving Letter?

An annual giving letter is a communication sent out via mail or email to encourage donations from members and friends of a congregation. These funds typically cover operational costs, and most nonprofits choose to send their letters around the same time each year. As most church leaders know, annual giving letters are the crux of securing…

How To Talk About Making The Switch To Online Giving

How To Talk About Making The Switch To Online Giving

These days, only about 16% of people regularly carry cash. Most of us can’t remember that last time we wrote a check, unless it was to pay rent the old school way or make a major purchase. The fact is, most of your supporters would be far more comfortable donating if they were able to…

Online Donations: The Secret You Need to Know

Online Donations: The Secret You Need to Know

Back in 1999, the first “Donate Now” button was added to a website. Donating money online was rather radical in those days. Today, non-profit organizations rely on a steady stream of online donations as it accounts for nearly 10% of their annual revenue. Supporters are increasingly willing to give digitally and are also comfortable doing…


Make Life Easier With These 7 Church Giving Apps

With fewer Americans carrying cash and checks — down to about 16% — the simplicity, security, and convenience of online giving are likely to be a welcome change for your congregants. Of course, figuring out which giving app you should use can be a tough decision. Not all platforms are created equal and, if you want to…

4 Must-Have Online Giving Solutions for Small Churches

The world grows a little more digital with each passing year. And if your church is going to maximize its future donations, it must embrace this brave new world now. Fortunately, there are some flexible and accessible electronic giving solutions available — and they’re all very easy to integrate into your current strategies. If you’re looking for…

church administration tools

Church administration tools: A Complete Guide

In today’s digital world, church pastors and leaders must think in a multi-dimensional vision. The recent events have caused more people to be remotely connected, while still starving for spiritual guidance and a personal touch. We at DonorWerx understand that it’s overwhelming to think about moving your church to a fresh way of operations. Administrators…

evaluating online presence

6 Questions for Evaluating E-Giving Solutions

Many churches are turning to online giving solutions. As the world moves to a more digital culture, the churches who thrive are those who adapt with the times. They are the ones who keep their donors’ needs in mind, never straying from the mission and vision. You might be now in the middle of evaluating the…

donate button

Online Donation Button

2020 has been one of the most difficult years in recent history, plunging millions into poverty and killing approximately 300,000 Americans and 1.61 million people worldwide. Although giving was off in the first quarter of 2020, donations rebounded in the second quarter, leading to an actual increase of 7.5%. Since many churches have suspended in-person services, you must depend on…

annual giving letter

How to Create an Annual Giving Letter

If writing your annual giving letter feels like a chore, imagine being forced to read it. Just getting your audience of potential donors to open your letter is a victory, but it will be a short-lived one if your copy is bland and predictable. After receiving scores of these letters every year, donors won’t bother…

social media

How To Create A Church Social Media Strategy

Trying to come up with a social media strategy that gets you the engagement you’re after? To be successful, your church can’t post at random. Churches with the most engagement rely upon a solid strategy guided by goals and informed by facts about their audience. In this guide, we’ll walk you step-by-step through the process…

What Your Church Should Know About Text-to-Give Software

What Your Church Should Know About Text-to-Give Software

Houses of worship have witnessed drastic declines in giving over the past few years. This has led many ministry leaders to consider using technology such as text-to-give software. Such advanced tithing and donation tools make it possible to raise funds even when attendance is down. In many ways, though, such a resource does much more.…

keys to successful capital campaigns for churches

8 Keys to Successful Capital Campaigns for Churches

So many churches rely on consultants to handle their capital campaigns, which limits the amount of information and experience church leaders have to share with one another. While it’s incredibly useful to bring an experienced consultant on board, church leaders should be educated about the fundamental elements of a successful campaign. The more teams understand these…

avenues of giving

Does Your Church Offer These 5 Avenues of Giving?

Are your pastors and church managers aware of the many avenues available for folks to give? Long gone are the days when you had to wait for the once-a-week Sunday service to pass the basket. Digital options now make online giving easy, and a prime choice for recurring givers. Let’s go over some of the best avenues…

social media

Social Media for Churches: 7 Deadly Sins That Kill Engagement

Nearly 70% of nonprofits consider social media to be one of their most effective communication channels. Of course, establishing a social media presence — or even maintaining one — can seem like a daunting task. In most circles, social media has the reputation of being finicky, especially with the rise of “cancel culture.” Some churches choose to…


Church Departments: Everything You Need to Know

Running a modern, progressive church is a huge undertaking. Several church administration tools are needed to ensure all departments run smoothly. But what does it take to keep a large, diverse congregation happy? How does a church serve a large community? To meet the challenge, more and more churches are being operated like businesses. Every…


5 Reasons Why Your Church Needs a Story Team

Each church has a story to tell. It has at least as many stories as there are people in your congregation, and usually many more. Few stories are quite as compelling or important as those that tell of the decision to follow Jesus. These are stories of transformation, love, and discipleship. Today’s churches have many more…

How Text-to-Give Works

How Text-to-Give Works

Many church leaders looking to increase revenue have no doubt wondered how text-to-give software works. Statistics show that this technology can increase donor retention and overall contributions, but a bit of hesitancy is understandable when you don’t know why these results occur. This is why we’ve created the following in-depth guide to help you understand…

7 Difficult Truths About Church Giving You Need to Accept

7 Difficult Truths About Church Giving You Need to Accept

The Bible tells us that joyous church giving is a central aspect of living a righteous life. Looking at this fact from an outside perspective, one might assume that ministries have no problem collecting tithes and donations. As a leader within your church, though, you likely understand that this isn’t the case. And you probably noticed…

Text-to-Give vs Text-to-Donate: The Complete Guide

Text-to-Give vs Text-to-Donate: The Complete Guide

The rise of mobile donations has had a major effect on houses of worship. Many ministry leaders who adopted the technology, though, still have confusion over text-to-give vs. text-to-donate. These terms often get used interchangeably, and there are several similarities between the two. Understanding the differences, though, is imperative for a successful giving strategy. Please…

7 Mistakes Churches Make When They Talk About Giving

Giving is an integral part of the practical functions of most churches. Congregations may need to give just to keep the lights on and the pastor paid, and donations can also fund outreach and mission projects. It’s a Biblical practice—even in this modern age when online giving is an option. But despite the clear support for…


2021 List of Emerging Churches

With help from Outreach 100′s list of fastest-growing churches, which brings attention to the largest, fastest-growing, and highest-reproducing churches in the United States, Donorwerx is happy to present this list of Emerging Churches for 2021. These churches vary in size, but each one is charging head-first into the year with plans for growth and sustainability that…


7 Things You Should Know When Choosing a Payment Processor for Your Online Church Platform

Your church’s payment processor will enable you to seamlessly handle credit and debit card payments with minimal fees. At least, that’s what they should be doing for you. Not all payment processors are created equal so, when making your comparisons, be sure you keep these seven things in mind. #1 There’s More Than One Way…


Pastor Lessons From the Pandemic

When managing your church during a pandemic, there is no such thing as overcommunication. We have learned in our work with churches that staying connected with donors and members is crucial for survival. Here are some lessons to keep in mind when facing the remaining pandemic days, such as leading your congregation behind closed doors and keeping faith strong.…


How to Build an Effective Financial Team for Churches

What makes effective financial teams, especially for churches that have an immense spiritual responsibility to their members and donors? Church managers must focus on building high-impact teams that can communicate the church’s needs to potential donors and current members. Let’s look at some helpful pointers for putting together more effective financial teams. Hire People Who “Get” Your Giving…


10 Powerful Women in the Bible That Every Christian Should Honor

Throughout Scripture, readers can easily see the powerful part women play in God’s story. Here’s a look at 10 of the most prominent Biblical women that every Christian should know. 1. Mary of Nazareth By far, the most significant woman in the Bible is Mary, the mother of Jesus. She gave birth to the world’s…


5 Technologies That Are Changing the Church (For the Better)

Every time you decide to move your church forward, there will be voices holding you back. Every time you attempt to try a new thing, engage with your audience in a fresh way, try a creative fundraising activity, you may face challenges. We need to look at the modern world and technology from a positive standpoint. Let’s…


Why You Need to Automate Giving

Automated giving is paving the way for churches to receive donations anytime from anywhere. Some churches have yet to make the leap from simple online giving to automated giving. Others have it set up, but they don’t encourage their congregation to use electronic giving avenues often enough. This means many churches are halfway to their goal…


What Church Security Team Equipment Should You Invest In?

The importance of security for places of worship cannot be overstated. Whether you operate a small church in a small town or a mega-church in a big city, security must be part of your strategy every time you welcome people to gather on church grounds. While the size of your security team can range from…


Best Church Management Software 2021

As your church grows and your congregation changes, one of the smartest investments you can make is a powerful church management software. If you’re not yet familiar with these solutions, the right software will empower your church to align its goals, maximize its efforts, and put it on the path to increased donations, higher attendance,…


3 Reasons Millennials Attend Your Church

Synopsis: Christian Millennials are committed to and active in the church, many churches across the globe struggle with getting more attendance. This article will guide church pastors and leaders in coaching young people and deepening their faith. +++ Millennials who grow up in a church community are familiar with their parents’ faith and are some of the…

Are Pastors the Next EntreLeadership?

Are Pastors the Next EntreLeadership?

God calls pastors to be the leaders of their ministries, but in the modern world, they must do more than just guide their flock. Congregations around the country are shutting their doors, and church leaders must add a sense of entrepreneurship to their current role. This process has become known as EntreLeadership, and for pastors, it’s…

How Can Pastors Communicate Effectively in their Workplace?

How Can Pastors Communicate Effectively in their Workplace?

When God calls upon someone to serve in his name, that individual has a duty to spread the gospel. In the modern world, however, that’s not their only responsibility. Effective pastor communication in the workplace is another important concern. After all, being a great preacher doesn’t negate the need for positive and fruitful staff relationships.…

Should my church market on LinkedIn?

Should my church market on LinkedIn?

Gone are the days when houses of worship succeeded just because their parishioners lived nearby. People are driving further to get to their favorite ministries, so congregation leaders have to focus on having a digital footprint. Pastors may end up asking whether they should do church marketing on LinkedIn to help in this endeavor, and…


How to Choose The Right Church Giving Kiosk

Now more than ever, it’s important to pursue new and innovative ways to promote and accept donations. The rate of social change throughout the world has rarely been greater. And as more and more of our daily lives transfer to the online world, we must all learn to adapt. Installing giving kiosks for churches is just one way to…

Is Church Outreach Dead?

Is Church Outreach Dead?

While pandemics and lockdown orders greatly impact the attendance of your services, they’re not completely at fault for the current state of the ministry. Average membership at houses of worship has consistently decreased in recent years, and ineffective or nonexistent church outreach might just be the culprit. Some religious leaders view outreach as an outdated concept,…

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