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DonorWerx Infographics Project

DonorWerx Infographics Project DISCOVER – DonorWerx Infographics Projects first stage requires you to be open-minded and leave your options flexible. You don’t want to have a pre-conceived idea of people. However, finding your target audience or donor will ensure that you can provide them with the answers to their problems or the solutions to their…


Everything you need to know to make crypto a part of your congregation

Everything you need to know to make crypto a part of your congregation Make crypto apart a leader, it’s sometimes — okay, maybe more times than we care to count — scary to try reinventing the wheel. congregation tithes in cash or check and sometimes by credit or debit card — and sometimes not at…


The First Stage: DISCOVER

The First Stage: DISCOVER Stage One: DISCOVER The first stage requires you to be open-minded and flexible. In the First Stage this stage, you must identify who your ideal donors are and discover the best places to find them. You don’t want to have a pre-conceived idea of people. However, identifying your target audience or…

take advantage

5 Best Aspects of BitDonate – and How Churches Can Take Advantage

5 Best Aspects of BitDonate – and How Churches Can Take Advantage You’ve no doubt seen stories of cryptocurrency in the media. What some folks once considered “imaginary money” is now an established financial system. In fact, churches and nonprofits have seen an increasing number of people donating these digital coins. BitDonate is one way…

church succeed

What Is BitDonate — And How Can It Help Your Church Succeed?

What Is BitDonate — And How Can It Help Your Church Succeed? If you’ve paid attention to the news, you know that cryptocurrency is all the rage these days. What once seemed like a temporary fad has grown into its own decentralized economy. This has led to significant giving with these digital coins and churches…


SecureGive vs. The Competition

SecureGive vs. The Competition SecureGive is a church giving system that combines donation software with a church app to engage your congregation. It’s a trusted platform in the nonprofit space, and the company’s strategic approach will certainly help you grow. But, with a tiered pricing model, is it the right option for you? Here’s a…


BitDonate vs. the Competition

BitDonate vs. the Competition Over the past few years, crypto donations have been on the rise. With the introduction of NFTs, crypto is getting even more attention as an asset vehicle. As a result, more people are learning about crypto, using crypto, and—as a side effect—donating it to charities. While it’s not yet a “must…

5 best aspects of securegive

5 Best Aspects of SecureGive and How They Increase Giving

5 Best Aspects of SecureGive and How They Increase Giving Running a successful ministry in the modern world requires more than preaching the Word and passing a collection plate. Fewer people now occupy the pews, and many who do don’t tithe asthey should. Fortunately, church giving software options can help in this endeavor. Choosing one…


What is SecureGive?

What is SecureGive? SecureGive is more than donation software. This platform offers a bundle of tools designed to help you engage your congregation and build a culture of generosity in your community. If you’ve been looking for a giving app and system that can help your non-profit increase attendance, make events more exciting, get more…

7 Benefits of BitDonate

7 Benefits of BitDonate and Why You Should Start Using It Now

7 Benefits of BitDonate and Why You Should Start Using It Now Centuries went by without much change in how people donated to churches and nonprofits. It was the introduction of checks that eventually shook things up. People could finally give without needing cash in their wallets. Of course, we’ve come a long way since…

benefits of using securegive

5 Benefits of Using SecureGive, and How It Can Help Your Church

5 Benefits of Using SecureGive, and How It Can Help Your Church Some churches refused to get on the bandwagon when digital giving started to take off. They had done fine for years by simply passing the offering plate, and they saw no reason to make any changes. Unfortunately, the pandemic taught them a tough…


Church Fundraising, Cryptocurrency, & The Future of BitDonate

Church Fundraising, Cryptocurrency,The Future of BitDonate Cryptocurrencies have taken the world by storm in recent years, with Bitcoin being the most commonly used altcoin for online purchases. But this is no longer the only thing crypto users are doing with their funds. In 2018, NY philanthropist Sam Levin and his team of blockchain technology experts…

non-profit organizations

8 Tips for Pastors Who Want to Build an Online Platform

8 Tips for Pastors Who Want to Build an Online Platform Online ministries are the new mission field. Today Online Platform resources available allow you to reach more people with your message and ministry than ever before. You might remember the great revivals that many churches had when television broadcasts first showed live sermons filmed in church. The same…

your church’s platform 0

7 Tips For Making Online Giving a Part of Your Church’s Platform

7 Tips For Making Online Giving a Part of Your Church’s Platform Meta description: Online giving can be a powerful fundraising option for churches. Find out how to make online giving part of your church’s platform. Slug: /7-tips-make-online-giving-church-platform How much cash do you have on you right this moment? It’s not surprising if the answer…

tax implications

Tax Implications of Accepting Cryptocurrency Donations

Tax Implications of Accepting Cryptocurrency Donations Since about 2006, cryptocurrency has been part of the financial market. With more and more people investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, it’s no surprise people are now also making donations in cryptocurrency. But what do cryptocurrency donations mean for your organization? Do you know what the implications of cryptocurrency donations…

church through crypto

Can Your Congregation Donate to Your Church Through Crypto?

Can Your Congregation Donate to Your Church Through Crypto? As you look to grow your donor base and raise funds to make your church’s work possible, it can be extremely helpful to look to forms of donation other than cash. As cryptocurrency becomes a trendy way to invest, your congregation may want to support your…

women’s history

Women’s History Month – Shirley Chisholm, MacKenzie Scott

Women’s History Month – Shirley Chisholm, MacKenzie Scott Shirley Anita Chisholm  Known for her fearless drive and outspoken nature, Shirley Anita Chisholm was a strong advocate for women’s and minorities’ rights. Born in 1924 in Brooklyn, NY, her post-high school years were spent on the debate team at Brooklyn College, where she would graduate cum laude in…

Free Church Technology

Free Church Technology for Small Churches

Free Church Technology for Small Churches God may bless his people with an abundance that comes from simply showing up with loaves and fishes, but for ministry leaders, getting everything done can feel impossible at times. Often, it feels like the devil really does show up in the details to make everything harder than it…

church giving fatigue

Church Giving Fatigue: What Is It, and How Can You Recover?

Don’t Get Tired Bringing up the subject of money to your congregation is tough — especially when your members are feeling the crush of church-giving fatigue. But broaching the money subject is something every church must deal with. You have to perfect the art of talking money while also accepting the not-so-simple reality of church…

the benefits of accepting crypto

The Benefits of Accepting Crypto Donations at Your Church

Most churches have realized online giving is essential, but few recognize the many benefits of accepting crypto donations. It’s time for this to change. Benefits of Accepting Crypto and Bitcoin Donations Technology has led to significant changes in recent years and this is as true in the ministry as anywhere else. One major area of…

talk-about-crypto-min (1)

How To Talk About Crypto To Your Donors

When Speaking About Crypto Technology consistently offers new ways to give, and we’ve come a long way from when cash was king. While online donations may seem like the latest innovation, cryptocurrency for donors has opened up a whole new world of giving. Of course, it’s a complex world. So if your ministry begins accepting crypto…

benefits of donating

Benefits of Donating Cryptocurrency to Charity

Benefits of Donating Cryptocurrency to Charity Cryptocurrency has found its way into many areas of daily life. What was once viewed suspiciously by many has become its own decentralized economy. If you own digital coinage, every day seems to offer something new that crypto can accomplish. Many people have realized this after seeing just a…

5 strategic steps

5 Strategic Steps for Congregation Growth in 2022 and Beyond

Expand Your Flock It’s been a tough few years for organizations of all types. Ministries and faith-based groups, however, have had it particularly hard. At a time when church attendance was already on the decline, a pandemic showed up and kept people at home. You’ve made it this far, though, so is it time for…

be the tech advocate

Be The Tech Advocate In Your Parish

Tech Advocates in Church Are Essential — Why Not Become One? Church attendance has been in decline for some time now. Some ministry leaders believe this is because technology entered the ministry, but this is far from accurate. In fact, churches with tech advocates are better able to attract new congregants, increase overall giving, improve…

how cryptocurrency affects

Giving Tuesday: How Cryptocurrency Affects It

Learn The Impacts Giving Tuesday follows Thanksgiving, falling on either the last Tuesday of November or the first Tuesday of December each year. Giving Tuesday in 2021 set a record at $2.7 billion in donations, representing nine percent in growth from 2020. Even more intriguing is the interplay between Giving Tuesday and cryptocurrency, something nonprofits should prepare…

what are crypto donations

What Are Crypto Donations?

Crypto: Today’s Currency Modern non-profits have had to adapt to a lot of technological advancements. Over the past two decades, most have moved away from cash and checks to adopt online portals where they can take bank transfers and credit cards. Donation software like ours continues to be on the cusp of innovation, like with text giving.…

accepting bitcoin donations

Why More Churches and Nonprofits Are Accepting Bitcoin Donations

Consider The Question Nonprofits accepting Bitcoin is becoming more commonplace and, as cryptocurrency adoption continues to grow, we can only expect that trend to continue. If you’re thinking about adding crypto to the lineup, here’s what you need to know about non-profits and churches accepting Bitcoin. Why Are Nonprofits Accepting Bitcoin? Bitcoin is the largest…

nonprofits and cryptocurrency

Why More Nonprofits Are Accepting Crypto For The Holidays

The Season of Giving The holiday season brings the most charitable donations of any time of the year. With the trio of Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday, and Christmas—along with last-minute donations to tap into tax incentives before the New Year—every organization takes some time out to prepare itself. This year, though, there’s a new topic making…

crypto donations hit record

Crypto Donations Hit Record Seasons of Generosity

Feel The Spirit The holiday season before the 2022 new year signified a record in crypto donations. While charitable giving should occur year-round, this recent season of generosity is inspiring. DonorWERX, a powerful giving software, helps churches and charitable organizations go beyond collection plates and checks to tap into online giving. Offering donors the choice…

what are the benefits

What Are The Benefits of Crypto Donations?

How It Works Just a few years ago, the concept of crypto donations was entirely foreign to most organizations. Now, as cryptocurrency continues to gain more traction, some major non-profits are beginning to accept them. The question is, is it just a gimmick? Here’s a closer look at the benefits of crypto donations and why…

changing church giving for the better

How Cryptocurrency Is Changing Church Giving for the Better

Get Involved While the digital world may seem like a strange place for the ministry, the two are increasingly coming into contact. Some churches have found their way into the virtual “metaverse,” and crypto has also become an acceptable way to give in houses of worship. In fact, cryptocurrency and churches seem poised to become…

10 church tech trends

10 Church Tech Trends To Embrace This Year

Embrace The Times Houses of worship have seen historic levels of disruption in recent years. Many were already reeling from consistent reductions in attendance, and then a pandemic decided to pile on more. Fortunately, congregations are resilient. Of the many recent technological innovations helping ministries survive, these are the major church tech trends you must…

the new way to give

Crypto: The New Way to Give

Get On The Crypto Train Cryptocurrency wasn’t on many people’s radars just a few years back. Thanks to the explosive growth of Bitcoin, however, a day doesn’t go by without major news involving digital currencies. These decentralized monetary systems have now found their way into the charitable world. In a short time, giving cryptocurrency has…

cancer patient saves a church

Stage 4 Cancer Patient Saves a Church, Then a Miracle Happened

Life Finds A Way When Greg Thomas received a stage 4 cancer diagnosis, doctors told his family that it was best to start planning his funeral. Once cancer reaches this stage, there’s rarely a good prognosis. Instead of wallowing in self pity or simply giving up, though, Greg decided to do something with the time…

homeless man

This Homeless Man Donated Hundreds — He’s Not Homeless Anymore

This Homeless Man Donated Hundreds — He’s Not Homeless Anymore Most of us learn early on that good deeds come in many forms. The fact is that you don’t have to donate money to do what’s right. In fact, not many people would expect an impoverished person to give away money in order to do…

plumber returns

Plumber Returns Small Fortune He Found; Doing So Really Paid Off

Plumber Returns Small Fortune He Found; Doing So Really Paid Off Once you’re working in a church, you could say you’re already doing God’s work. That’s regardless of the job you’re doing. When a plumber recently went to work at Houston’s Lakewood Church, though, he didn’t realize just how much good he’d soon do for…

miracle happened

Homeless Man Turns in $40,000 He Found; Then a Miracle Happened

Charity Pays Off In November 2021, we saw a Southern California freeway come to a halt when an armored vehicle crashed. It wasn’t that traffic was obstructed due to the accident. Instead, traffic deadlocked as people got out of their cars to pick up the loose money. The story of Glen James — a homeless…

writing more powerful

She Got Fired for Helping a Homeless Man. Then Her Life Changed

She Got Fired for Helping a Homeless Man. Then Her Life Changed Doing the right thing doesn’t require a specific religion or any type of training. It’s something that everyone understands should simply be done. Not everyone chooses that route, though, so the story of a young lady who got fired for helping the homeless…

student donated

After a Student Donated a Computer, the Blessings Didn’t Stop

Act on Good Intentions If Daisy Hampton was like any other 12-year-old student, she likely enjoyed the idea of staying home instead of going to school. When the pandemic made this a long-term reality, though, she began to worry as many of her classmates started missing virtual classes. When she found out why, she turned…

kindness changed

A Waitress’s Act of Kindness Changed Everything for Her Family

Pass Kindness Along Waiting on tables is often a thankless job — and the paycheck doesn’t typically make up for that. In fact, the average salary for servers in America is right around the federal poverty level for a family of three. Yet, this reality didn’t stop Liz Woodward — a waitress in New Jersey…


Unknown Blood Donors Save a Man, Then He Saves 2.5 Million Babies

Unknown Blood Donors Save a Man, Then He Saves 2.5 Million Babies After turning 14 back in 1950, James Harrison required major chest surgery to save his life. Then He Saves 2.5 Million Babies Doctors had to remove a lung from the young teenager, and during the process, they needed almost two gallons of donor…

karma visits

Parents Donate Their Son’s Organs, 10 Years Later, Karma Visits

Find Hope In This Story In December 2004, Jake MacKinnon received life-saving surgery that gave him a new pancreas. The 19-year-old had dealt with Type I diabetes nearly his entire life, and without that surgery, his prospects were not good. Sadly, such a miracle is often only possible due to tragedy. The tragedy in this…

samaritan helps with a flat tire

Good Samaritan Helps With a Flat Tire — Doing So Saved His Life

Good Samaritan Helps With a Flat Tire — Doing So Saved His Life There was a time when people would not hesitate to help someone on the side of the road with a disabled vehicle. Times are changing, though, and most auto issues end with a call to AAA. When Victor Giesbrecht and his wife…

pediatric horse camp

Cancer and Loss Inspire Pediatric Horse Camp

Our Equine Friends The resulting grief of losing a close friend or family member is unthinkable and it takes an immense amount of support, reflection and kind words to pull through. But, by the grace of God, loss can inspire incredible action. Finding the silver lining is important and that means treating loss as a reminder…

purposeful donor 0

Donor Type 1: The Purposeful Donor

The Purposeful Donor Church members and donors have specific needs. As a church leader, you are aware of the varying personalities that enter your church doors for every service. However, what many leaders overlook is that in order to reach a donor effectively and teach them more about giving, it’s important to understand their personal characteristics. In…

plumber serving

Meet the Plumber Serving the Elderly and Disabled for Free

Enjoy This Message of Hope We’ve all complained about the high cost of a last-minute plumber, but for most of us, it’s just a minor inconvenience that we quickly get past. For those with tight budgets, on the other hand, everyday services can become inaccessible. That’s why one plumber went viral for his kind gesture.…

dogs and recovering

Helping Homeless Dogs and Recovering Veterans Find Hope

Man’s Best Friend Tragically, about one veteran takes their life every hour in the United States. When they return home, our service members often face the challenges of conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and military sexual trauma (MST) — all of which can be unbearable to cope with. Sleeplessness, debilitation, and…

woman is on a mission

This Woman Is on a Mission to Support Transracial Adoptions

Experience This Story The term “transracial adoption” is used to describe a parent of one ethnicity adopting a child of another ethnicity. It’s a beautiful thing — but it comes with several unseen challenges that parents have long struggled to navigate through. Perhaps a seemingly minuscule challenge at first mention is a parent being unfamiliar…

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