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What Does A Church Communications Director Do?

does a church communications director

What Does A Church Communications Director Do?

Synopsis: In this article we look at one strategy for driving donor engagement: a role known as the Church Communications Director. Find out how this person helps drive revenue increase and is crucial for donor engagement. 

Does your church have a Communications Director? This crucial role is very important, especially if your church is striving to upgrade your digital giving culture. Using current technology, cloud-based systems and online resources require that your leaders and Church Communications Director have a set of soft skills as well as IT ones.

However, this role can still be confusing for many. A lot of folks ask us, “What does a Church Communications Director do?” We have put together the following article to inform and inspire. Read on to find out the many skills that this type of manager needs.

Web Communications Expert

Nowadays, more and more churches are communicating through online programs, forced by the pandemic to re-evaluate their communication tools. This means that all Communications Directors must also stay abreast of the latest technology that makes communication more efficient.

Think about investing in the digital tools or skills for your Communications Director. Look for online workshops or coaches who can help them improve their knowledge of online tools. Find out if they are using apps for communication, and if they are aware of the security systems in place for this type of work. As a web communications expert, their task list might include any of the following:

  • Optimizing websites for faster communication
  • Updating the church events online
  • Ensuring that all print and digital information about the church is accurate
  • Strategizing the best social media campaigns for the church
  • Fine tuning the CRM (Customer Relations Management) for visitors to the church
  • Developing any online platforms and products: i.e., video channels, blogs, e-books published by the church, etc.
  • Coming up with new ways to attract members with modern digital tools

The Leader of the Communications Team

If the above list feels overwhelming, take heart. The Church Communications Director does not have to do everything single handedly. He or she must simply instigate and develop programs, then oversee them together with their teams.

For example, if the Communications Director wishes to design an online newsletter, he or she does not need to be a digital designer. They simply have to inspire others who have these skills. They would outline all the information necessary to include in the digital product or platform, and then oversee the project, while the technical designers do the detailed work.

Media Communications Representative

It is more important the Communications Director be geared to solving any communication problems that arise as a result of people finding out about the church online. This could be anything from press releases, to media interviews and podcast enquiries.

They should be well versed in the church mission, vision and core principles, ready to answer all questions from the media and people who are not church members. This is because, when relaying church ideas and concepts to non-church members, a certain kind of discernment is necessary. This is a big responsibility and one that the Church Communications Director must not take for granted.

Communicating With Past, Current and Potential Donors

It is good if your Church Communications Director has a working knowledge of the donors and can access their data from your online platforms. This way, they can send personal thank-you’s for donations, keep track of the gifts that come in o a regular basis, and ensure that they are being used as intended.

This is another reason why your Church Communications Director should have at least a working knowledge of computer and internet skills.

What to Look For in a Church Communications Director

  • A strong marketing background
  • Good verbal communication skills
  • Updated with social media trends
  • Good digital communication skills
  • Helps if they are well-travelled or even bi-lingual, but certainly not mandatory
  • Has handled large gifts and turnovers to the church before
  • Has hands-on experience with church outreach programs
  • Proven leadership experience
  • Attention to detail
  • Understands the basics of good design (has taste)

Hiring someone to effectively leverage your church’s digital communication is no small task. Look for those who have experience with social media, and mobile technology. They should be able to communicate well both online and offline, in-person with your congregation.

Top Reasons Should Hire a Communications Director

Consider the following good reasons to hire a Communications Director if you are still unsure of this role:

  1. To standardize your church’s specific mission and message across all traditional and digital platforms.
  2. To create branding and style guidelines that are specific to your church
  3. To spearhead campaigns to attract more members and donors in the future
  4. To implement the best follow-up systems that work for your church
  5. To consistently update and monitor the church’s website and/or social media accounts.
  6. To keep people updated with digital newsletters and online networks
  7. To help church leaders stay abreast of timely information
  8. To handle media and crisis communications between the church and general public
  9. To be the single point of connection for questions and support teams inquiries
  10. To understand the needs of the church members better and convey this to other church administrators
  11. To localize certain church missions and adapt each to the appropriate culture.

There may be more skills you feel your church directors need to have before hiring them. You can also publish surveys within your church leadership so that each has a say and input in the communication needs of your specific congregation.

Keep in mind that each church is different, just as each team member, whether in leadership position will also have God-given abilities that override any learned “skills”. The goal is to combine talents and abilities, finding the best person suited for this important job.

To learn more about DonorWerx resources and digital tools, contact us today to schedule a Discovery Call, or visit the blog to find out more about accelerating your donor giving journey.

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