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8 Tips for Pastors Who Want to Build an Online Platform

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8 Tips for Pastors Who Want to Build an Online Platform

Online ministries are the new mission field. Today Online Platform resources available allow you to reach more people with your message and ministry than ever before.

You might remember the great revivals that many churches had when television broadcasts first showed live sermons filmed in church. The same thing can happen for your ministry, and for an even more targeted audience.

(Tip: Read this blog piece on communication tips for pastors!)

Why an Online Platform for Pastors Is So Important

Pastors need ways to connect with their congregation and nurture members and donors. In times like a pandemic, the digital ministry becomes synonymous with survival.

And with so many ways to have an online presence, which ones should you prioritize?

The first thing would be to have a strong website for your church. If that is the only thing you work on today, it is a significant step toward progress.

Your website then becomes the jumping-off point for everything else. It is the crucial link between you and your audience, or church members and donors.

Use YouTube or Facebook Live for streaming.

The other digital tools can always link back to your website. Think of it as a journey map, and your website is where you constantly guide people if they get lost.

Here are eight things you can work on today to strengthen—and solidify—your online presence.

1. Stream Live Services

Use YouTube or Facebook Live for streaming. This is a great way to speak both personally and to a wider audience. Just be aware that the attention span of most people is shorter when viewing videos online.

Stick to short clips that catch their attention. Keep it down to three minutes, max. If you want to share a longer service, you can always upload it to your website and share a link on the streaming service.

2. Start a Podcast

Use YouTube or Facebook Live for streaming.

Podcasts enable you to reach your listener in a relaxed way. People can choose whether or not to tune in and listen or subscribe. Podcasts can be as long or as short as you like. The important thing is the power of your message.

3. Engage in Social Media

The best social media platforms for you as a pastor depend on where your congregation meets online. If that’s LinkedIn, then get your page up to date.

If you have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even TikTok, you engage the networks of your members, including youth and children. Remember to stay true to your mission, and always be consistent in your social media messages.

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4. Conduct Bible Studies over Zoom

People are used to Zoom now, for meetings, conferences, and even live concerts and events. And use the chance to connect easily with a single link, and schedule prayer meetings, outreach planning sessions, or small Bible studies.

5. Update Your Blog Regularly

A blog acts as your personal space for reflection—but the window goes both ways. And it gives your followers insights into your mission and gives you a chance to share personal insights that your members may find interesting.

For example, photos from a recent nature walk, mission updates, etc.

6. Have a Digital Hub for Members

A digital hub is the one place where everyone who is part of your church can connect and inspire each other. It is also a good central zone to raise funds for current missions, make church announcements, or past newsletters.

Remember that not everyone wants to sign up for emails, so having the updates posted and accessible online is a better option.

7. Enable Online Donations

There are dozens of ways to allow your members to donate online. Use Paypal’s link on your website or a platform like DonorWerx to accept gifts and even cryptocurrency as donations.

Give people as many options for giving as possible and make it easy for them to support you.

8. Get Feedback from Online Surveys

In order to know how to better serve your church, you need to know your members and potential donors’ needs. Online surveys are a great way to gather insights and get feedback.

If you want to improve your services to the church, people can send in their suggestions anonymously. This helps you as a pastor or leader to stay relevant and in touch with your congregation.

Why DonorWerx?

At DonorWerx, we have resources and tools for the top communicators in the church. We focus on faith-based decisions that align with data, clear content, and measurable improvements.

We also teach and train your managers in new ways to incorporate technology. But we emphasize authentic communication to build meaningful relationships with your donors.

Call us today to schedule a free consultation call. Don’t wait to Get started on strengthening your online platform and digital presence.

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