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Type 3: The Driven Donor

the driven donor

The Driven Donor

Training church leaders to grow your donors will guarantee better fundraising campaigns. Part of this training must always get to know the various types of donor personalities.

When you encourage more giving and donating, know the Donor Journey and follow the map as a guide. This is because everyone is on their individual journey. Your present donors and future donors will have different reasons why they give, whom they give to, and how often.

At DonorWerx, one of our resources available for churches is the Donor Personality Test. This is a simple test that helps to identify which type of donors you may deal with in the church. 

The Donor Personality Test

To grow donors in the congregation, there is no one “right” way to ask for donations. You must appeal to them in different ways. The wise leader trains himself or herself to appeal to the personality and heart of the donor. They study their giving history and their giving personality.

The Donor Personality Test explains the concept of the Nine Known Types of Donor Personalities. It is based on the popular Enneagram test, commonly used in the corporate world.

Pastors use the DonorWerx Donor Personality test in their training courses, to create better fundraising campaigns, and to reach the donors on a personal level.

Wise executive pastors and leaders often do church assessments and surveys, so they can incorporate this test into your annual giving plan.

What Makes a Driven Donor Different from the Others?

The Driven Donor is adaptable and flexible, driven to excel. Let’s find out more about this personality type, and how to best appeal to them.

Driven Donors are high achievers, always on top of their game. People remember them for their energy, stamina, and powerful presence.

The Following Terms Describe a Driven Donor Best

  • High achiever
  • On top of their game
  • Powerful speaker
  • Great stage presence
  • Workaholic
  • Naturally charming
  • An influencer

What Motivates the Driven Donor?

The Driven Donor gravitates to other high achievers. Pastors who influence others positively can also be mentors and guides for the Driven Donor. They may be drawn to your church meeting or service if their high-achieving friends are also attending. They like to be inspired by other driven people.

What Are Driven Donors Most Passionate About?

Driven Donors are all about mindset. You must cater to their intelligence and meet them on this level professionally. They understand that regardless of their education, experience, upbringing, or career, it’s their mindset that matters.

How Can You Engage the Driven Donor?

These types of donors, usually successful in their fields, are focused and determined. You engage them by outlining the exact goals of your mission and giving them concrete ways to help.


Here are more practical ways to appeal to the Driven Donor:

Protect Their Privacy

The Driven Donor respects the church missions they align with. But it is best to use discretion and even keep financial matters private. They may be small or big supporters of the church, and as they grow in fellowship, their gifts may increase as well. Remember to respect their privacy and don’t post any financial numbers in your online newsletters without their permission.

Show Statistics in Your Mission Appeals

If your church can show great statistics in your missions and prove that you are using donated funds wisely, you will attract many Driven Donors to your cause. In your online communications, be sure to list interesting outreach facts, such as how many needy people were helped across how many continents or countries.

Thank Them, Always

Driven Donors appreciate when their example of giving inspires others. Inspire their generosity by giving them a special mention as a “consistent contributor” in your monthly newsletters.

Appeal to Their Value System

Emphasize the fact that their donations helped to achieve a greater goal. Show them how their values and the church’s mission can align to serve others.

Activate Their Hero Desires

Plan the small seeds of faith and through Bible studies on topics such as “A Purpose-Driven Life,” or reading texts that will inspire them to be a part of your church missions and make a lasting difference.

Be Direct

Don’t be afraid to be direct when asking the Driven Donor for donations. These type of Donors need to know what outcome you expect, so that they can also remain focused on helping you get there. For example, don’t just say, “We appreciate any help you can give,” but make it more certain: “We are aiming to raise $10,000 for our next project and need commitments to reach this goal.”

Align Your Mission with Their Goals

Think about how your mission can align with their goals. Motivating them means providing ways they can take action. When asking for X amount of funds, outline your mission core values, re-emphasizing your greater goals.

Show Them How Their Contributions Create Lasting Change

Leaders and pastors of Driven Donors should help them give to causes that are interesting, meaningful, or developmental. They might be happy to give when it is a fund for education, for example. Show the Driven Donor how their gifts also encourage others to contribute to the world in a deeper way.

Respect Their Time

Driven Donors invest a lot in creating a positive, powerful image. They love to drive change forward, or even influence others outside the church to give and serve. So, it’s possible that they have a lot on their agenda and are busy people. Always show respect for their time and schedules by not assuming they will show up at your fundraiser, especially if invited last minute. Plan for the fundraising campaigns early and let them know in advance.

Make Giving Easy and a Joy to Do

Driven Donor types like to think of helping humanity as a joyful part of service. When you make it too complicated for them to give (no digital banking options, no easy recurring donation formats, etc.), it may discourage them from giving. So make it as easy as you can to donate. For example, guiding them to participate in fundraisers through one-click solutions and text-to-give links.

Character Example

Who can we think of as a Driven Donor type? The first name that comes to mind is Oprah Winfrey, the woman who is known for using her platform and resources to drive change and serve others. She tops the list of the 50 most generous Americans, and besides being the only black woman on the list, her list of achievements is endless. What drives her is an honest interest in people and humanity.

These types are supporters you can count on for the long term, and that is why investing in a wise giving strategy will never be a waste of time. When you have these types of Driven Donors championing your cause, they will show unwavering support. Most importantly, they’ll be there when the need arises, ready to help you achieve your goals and missions.

Would you like technical support as you move into the new era of giving? At DonorWerx, we can help you with donor development through online platforms and more efficient communication tools. Call us today to schedule a discovery call and find out more!

The Engaging Donor and the The Driven Donor Personality Types

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