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The Prophecy of Christmas: A Blog Series Based on the Book of Isaiah

Week One: Comfort and Joy: Embracing Isaiah 40:1-5 in Our Advent Preparations As the chill of December whispers the nearing...

Feasts and Fasts: The Role of Celebration and Sacrifice in Anticipation of Christmas

introduction: Embracing Contrasts in Spiritual Practice The Christmas season invites a profound, yet often overlooked, harmony of contrasts—a quiet drawing...

The Gift of Wisdom: Seeking Solomon’s Treasure in the Holiday Rush

introduction: Reflecting on True Riches Amidst the Festivities As the holiday season unfolds, with its bright lights and merry songs,...

Wilderness Wanderings: Preparing Your Heart for Christmas

introduction: Beyond the Glittering Lights As Christmas approaches, we are engulfed by a whirlwind of activities – decorations, gift shopping,...

A Different Kind of King: Leadership Lessons from the Lineage of Christ

introduction: Embracing Ancestry and Leadership When we think of kings and their ancestry, we often imagine a flawless record of...

The Church as a Beacon of Reconciliation and Healing

The Church as a Beacon of Reconciliation and Healing At its core, the gospel message is one of reconciliation—an invitation...

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