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PayPal vs Donorwerx

PayPal vs Donorwerx PayPal is one of the biggest payment processors in the world with more than 286 million active users. Thanks to its ease…

PayPal vs Donorwerx

PayPal vs Donorwerx

PayPal is one of the biggest payment processors in the world with more than 286 million active users. Thanks to its ease of use, nearly 88% of online buyers use the platform. Those numbers are all very impressive, but it isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution.

While PayPal is great for simply collecting payments on occasion, if you’re a nonprofit organization trying to collect online donations at full-scale, you need a software that caters to your specific needs while offering your donors a more immersive experience. Here’s a look at Paypal and how it compares to DonorWerx, one of the most popular donor softwares on the market.

What Is PayPal?


Without a doubt, PayPal is a major player in the payment processing sector and they’ve launched a myriad of products to try and encourage users from across industries to utilize their services. One such product you might be considering is PayPal’s online donation and fundraising platform.

PayPal Features

If you’re trying to use the platform for your nonprofit, the first thing you should look into is its fundraising and donation features. You’ll get to select from three tiers:

  1. Donate Button: Small organizations can add a PayPal “Donate” button to their website and begin accepting online donations using credit/debit cards and PayPal. You can preset suggested donation amounts or allow users to input their own number. The downside? It’s all PayPal branded, even though you can add your logo, too.
  2. PayPal Checkout: If you want to offer more payment options to your donors, you’ll need to setup PayPal Checkout, which allows you to accept Venmo in addition to credit/debit cards. This options also allows users to donate without leaving your website, which is ideal to increase conversions.
  3. PayPal Payments Pro: Want a step up from PayPal Checkout? If you want a fully-branded donation page, you’ll need to upgrade to PayPal Payments Pro. It accepts the same payment methods as PayPal Checkout, but gives you the customizability to fully integrate the donation form into your site without any PayPal branding.

Is PayPal a Good Fit for NonProfits?

As you can see, PayPal gives organizations a few options for accepting donations using their platform, but you need to compare them carefully as each comes with its own fee structure.

The cost of using PayPal is very low if you choose a simple solution like simply putting a “Donate” button on your side, which would lead donors to PayPal where they can complete their transaction. The downside of that is how much control you lose over the donor’s experience, and how many donors you may lose as a result.

If you’re looking for a versatile and long-term solution, you need to first find an on-site solution (PayPal Checkout or PayPal Payments Pro) and then take things a step further. Countless studies have proven that properly branding your donation pages can lead to 38% larger gifts, which is why PayPal Payments Pro should be your first choice. Your next consideration should be pricing.

PayPal Pricing

When it comes to PayPal’s pricing, you’ll get the best side-by-side comparison of PayPal next to other donation softwares if you focus in on PayPal Payments Pro, which is the most feature-rich tier, offering multi-currency acceptance and the most payment methods along with fully-branded, on-site donation forms.

If you subscribe to PayPal Payments Pro, you’ll pay a monthly fee in addition to the base merchant rate for every transaction.

  • Every member pays a flat fee of $30/month.
  • Charitable organizations inside the U.S. pay 2.2% of every transaction + a fixed fee
  • The fixed fee per transaction is based on currency, with the fee for USD being $0.30/transaction

Ultimately, even with PayPal Payments Pro, the platform remains a relatively cheap option. The downside is that, if you use it, your organization will miss out on some of the best donation tools other software are offering, like text-to-give.

What Is DonorWerx?

Unlike PayPal, DonorWerx is a full-fledged donation platform that bundles software and coaching into one low monthly fee. In addition to the fully-branded donation pages you’d be able to build with PayPal Payments Pro, DonorWerx also offers much-needed features, like a giving kiosk and tex-to-give software, so that you can collect donations anyway your donors want to send them.

Online Giving

Replace your PayPal integration with the easy setup of DonorWerx’s software. When properly implemented, online giving can increase the number of recurring donations you collect by 39%. What’s more, when you brand your online giving pages, we’ve found users are 249% more likely to commit to recurring gifts.

DonorWerx offers completely branded and embedded donation pages so that you don’t lose potential donors when redirecting them to a payment processor like PayPal. Plus, with our donor nurturing resources, we’ll give you the tools you need to improve the donor experience at every turn.


Did you know that 99% of texts are read within five minutes? People always have their smartphones handy, which is one thing that makes text-to-give such an effective donation collection technique. This donation method can also result in larger gifts, with the average text donation amounting to $107.

At DonorWerx, we take the power fo text-to-give a step further by allowing you to setup keywords. When donors text the keyword to a specific number, they’ll instantly be able to give a pre-determined amount directly to the cause they want to support.

Additional Features

As a complete donation software, DonorWerx also offers you:

  • App Giving: Create a frictionless mobile donation experience with a fully-integrated app.
  • Giving Kiosks: Provide a unique experience that enables recurring donations and unlocks new, non-cash payment methods for your in-person donors.
  • Coaching: Stop making the same mistakes. We’ll coach you over every hurdle.

Finding The Best Solution

Ultimately, PayPal might be a quick “bandaid” solution if you’re trying to accept donations online on short notice. Unfortunately, it’s not a sustainable long-term option. You need to realize the importance of fully branded and integrated donation pages. When these combine with the power of text giving and other features, the benefits are undeniable. If you do this, you’ll rush to make the switch.

Ready to see how DonorWerx can help you meet your goals? Reach out to us today and schedule a free Discovery Call. Give us a chance! We’ll tell you how you can increase your donations by 10% in the next six months. Best part? This call is free of charge! Click here to get started.

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