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× vs Donorwerx: Online Giving Software Review

software review vs Donorwerx: Online Giving Software Review

Last year represented the sixth consecutive year of growth in charitable giving, with an overall increase of 4.1%. What’s more staggering? Online giving grew by an astonishing 12.1% in the past year alone, and its rapid pace shows no signs of slowing down.

With that in mind, it’s no doubt that more organizations like yours are trying to find the right software to get online and get in front of as many donors as possible. And, if you’re looking for software, two popular options you might be considering are and DonorWerx.

What Is

Their motto, “Online fundraising for the modern nonprofit,” sums up their services nicely.’s main focus is fundraising campaigns with their software enabling charities to create beautiful, branded pages in just a few minutes. However, Classy has also expanded their offerings to try and fulfill the many needs organizations have. Features

Classy has expanded to offer a handful of features for nonprofits, including the following.

  • Website Donations: With the ability to create fully-customized landing pages, Classy lets you collect donations online with a branded interface.
  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: When you mobilize your supporters, you amplify your outreach. P2P fundraising helps you do just that by giving your supporters the tools to fundraise on your behalf.
  • Recurring Giving: Classy gives you the option to setup recurring giving, which allows donors to give regularly on a monthly basis.
  • Donor Management: Classy is one of the few softwares out there to try and fulfill the many complex requirements of donor management. Their easy-to-use software offers transaction and donor management alongside reporting tools. Pricing

Classy’s attempt to meet the many needs of nonprofits isn’t done in vain. They’ve poured a great amount of time and money into building their software, all while trying to keep their features organized in friendly and intuitive user interfaces.

Of course, these features don’t come cheap. Their code-less webpage builders and Stripe-powered payment processing will cost you no less than $499 per month. However, they do have a free version and a free trial available with limited features.

If you’re a paid subscriber, you also get access to Classy’s training, which will get you set up and put you on the road to success with any of the Classy tools you choose to use.

The Downsides of

The things Classy does, it tends to do great. The downside? Aside from the pricing structure, which can make it unobtainable for smaller organizations, also is yet to offer some of the most essential modern-day giving methods.

For instance, doesn’t offer app giving, text-to-donate, or other software at this time. This can leave organizations looking for additional tools even after paying Classy’s fee. That will add costs and time to your donation system. Even worse, it can lead to things becoming disjointed in your back-end and even for donors.

What Is DonorWerx?


DonorWerx is a full-fledged donor management software that considers payment processing just one step in the equation. Unlike competitors, DonorWerx looks to be a complete suite of essential tools to help organizations engage more donors and collect bigger gifts.


The list really has to start with the coaching that DonorWerx provides. In fact, this is probably where you’ll start, too. It all begins with a free 30-minute Discovery Call and you’ll soon be looking forward to regular coaching calls and follow-ups that put your organization on track to sustainable growth.

DonorWerx coaching will help you by identifying KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) while also working on your leadership development, communication strategy, and achievement milestones.

Multiple Collection Methods

With fully-branded online giving pages that never take donors off your site, DonorWerx can help you increase recurring gifts by 249%. What’s more, DonorWerx enables your donors to give in whole new ways that and many other competitors don’t support.

Take app giving, for instance, which allows all your smartphone lovers to give within a fully-integrated mobile app. If you want to make the mobile gifting experience even more seamless, you’ll also enjoy DonorWerx’s text-to-give software, which makes donating easier than ever.

Additionally, DonorWerx enables you to collect gifts in-person in more ways than ever, with Giving Kiosks that enable donors to give via card and setup recurring donations without ever needing to go online. By implementing all of these methods, you’ll create a truly frictionless experience for every segment of your audience.

Intuitive Donor Management Software

Like Classy, DonorWerx recognizes the critical need for donor management software that helps you engage, track, and sustain donors. The difference? DonorWerx is able to give you a view of the full picture since our donor management software is bundled with all the tools you need to get online and begin collecting donations with a truly frictionless interface that donors will love.

When combined with coaching and all the giving methods you could ever need, the donor management software offered by DonorWerx gives you a true 360-degree view into every donor and all their touchpoints. By enabling you to track their interactions through text messages, app usage, website visits, and beyond, DonorWerx’s software is the most complete solution for donor management on the market.

Start Getting The Results You Want

results you want

Have you not yet explored the full potential of online giving and new forms of giving like text-to-donate? Then you’re missing out on potential revenue. The fact is, your donors are more diverse than ever before. This means in-person giving simply won’t cut it in today’s world.

It’s time to open the doors to new ways of donating that go beyond cash and checks. To do this, you need a platform that enables fully-branded and integrated solutions. And these solutions must keep the user experience in mind every step of the way.

Let DonorWerx guide you into this new territory with a free 30-minute Discovery Call. Just give us a bit of your time. If you do this, we’ll share strategies to increase your donations by 10% in the next six months. Click here to schedule a call.

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