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How to Create a Must-Read Online Church Bulletin

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How to Create a Must-Read Online Church Bulletin

Must-Read Online Church Bulletin While people tune in to your Sunday Service, they may not always read your online church bulletins. That’s understandable—they are busy throughout the week, and they may have other concerns. Or, they may not even know that the online bulletin exists.

Why not encourage them during the service to check out this online offering? Show your congregation how to turn digital time on their phone into an inspiring experience, with content-rich and spiritually uplifting features.

Here is what you should include in your church bulletin to ensure that people read announcements, download, and even use it for contributions and donations. 

1. A table of contents

Think of your online church bulletin as the communication link between you and your congregation, in between Sunday services. Get them excited to read what is inside by showcasing it in a well-presented table of contents. Think about the digital layout, fonts, and inter-links to other parts of the bulletin or church website. The table of contents gives the viewer a capsule version of what they can look forward to inside the bulletin.

2. Must-Read Online Church Bulletin a service schedule

Don’t keep folks guessing how the Sunday service will flow. Bring up discussion points by highlighting themes you will discuss during your church service. Are there special services for young children, teen members of your church, or women’s groups, etc.? Will you be having a special guest speaker? Show all the things they can look forward to during the service.

3. Extra church activities

An online bulletin is a great space for highlighting extra church activities, uploading photo albums from past events, Must-Read Online Church Bulletin encouraging people to join new ones. Remember, people come to church to be inspired for their work and duties. Keep the inspiration level high by talking about these activities, any goals reached, and how people can sign up for the next ones.

4. Visual appeal

You may have great content for your online bulletin, but how do you present it in an appealing way? This is where the services of a digital creator come into play. Think about investing a part of your church, and even usebudget into partnering with graphic or web designers. They have the skills to create something visually inspiring, while keeping all the most important content accessible to your church members, donors, and readers.

5. Must-Read Online Church Bulletin Prayer requests

Pastors, use the online bulletin to ask for prayer requests during the week. People can sign in, fill out a short and easy prayer request form, and be part of a powerful prayer chain. If you are taking requests to be prayed over during the Sunday services, you can also announce that here. Just be aware that if the prayer request is something personal, people should not feel obligated to disclose more details than necessary. They can be able to sign in or sign their names anonymously, as the prayer requests may be read by other members and donors to your church. Use wisdom and caution when handling matters of the heart.

6. Fundraising corner

Here is one of the most important features of your online church bulletin. List the projects you are raiding funds for, show people what has been raised so far, and even use how much more you need to reach your goals. Post photos of the last successful fundraisers. Give folks a wide range of options for donation amounts. Make sure the giving page is simple, easy to read, and a one-click to donate or text-to-donate solution. Have online payment solutions such as Paypal and even use Stripe, besides bank cheques. This way you simplify the giving process for everyone. Check out SecureGive from DonorWerx, one of the best donation software options available for churches.

7. One-click digital accessibility

An ideal online church bulletin should be accessible from a person’s smartphone. When building yours and adding content, make sure it is highly engaging, user-friendly, and even use has options for various screens. The easier you make it for people to access the online bulletin, the more folks will read and benefit from your content.

8. Must-Read Online Church Bulletin User-friendly pages

What are the main features of a user-friendly bulletin? We mentioned easy access, but also consider the following points:

  • Graphics
  • Color scheme
  • Easy-to-read Fonts
  • Brief announcements
  • Simple Animations or illustrations
  • Video clips

Remember, people already spend a lot of time staring at their digital devices. You want to make the time they spend looking at your church bulletin worthwhile and even use. Focus on combining traditional church offerings such as prayer requests, notice boards and service announcements, with a modern way to access them (digital platforms, online tools, better formats).

The depth and detail of your church content will only attract new members and donors if the landing pages and visuals are appealing and easy to digest. Therefore, we recommend you spend some time looking at church bulletin digital options, or research a bit to see what other churches are doing and which strategies are most appealing.

For more guidance in growing your donors and church attendance with digital tools, check out our other blogs on DonorWerx, or call us to schedule a consultation today.

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