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6 of the Best Church Online Giving Platforms

best church online giving platforms

6 of the Best Church Online Giving Platforms

Online giving is an integral part of any modern church’s financial strategy. If you don’t offer online giving, your church is missing out on countless potential donations and the powerful opportunity for setting up automatic recurring donations amongst your loyal supporters.

Why Online Giving?

Most people don’t carry cash anymore. In fact, only 16 percent of Americans say they’re regularly carrying cash since the pandemic started. For churches that rely heavily or solely on in-person gifts, that represents a major missed opportunity. For most congregants to give in person, they have to go out of their way to get cash, which is both inconvenient and easy to forget.

If your church is thinking about adopting online giving, there are countless benefits that you’re surely already familiar with. The tough part is choosing the right online giving platform that fits your church’s needs. Here’s a look at the five best solutions on the market.

What to Look for in Online Giving Software

As you go through this list, remember what’s important in online giving software. Namely:

  • Look for a solution that offers branded giving pages to improve the donor experience.
  • Opt for a platform that brings reporting and donor management under one roof.
  • Seek out a software that enables giving across multiple channels.
  • Always read reviews so that you can understand how other churches are getting along.

Watching video tutorials and reading testimonials will also help you determine which software is right for you, before you ever sign up for one. When it’s available, it’s always worth pursuing any coaching or consulting programs a software offers to help make the transition to your new platform as easy as possible. However, most software solutions will have a full knowledge base available, too, if onboarding isn’t included as part of the setup process.

1. DonorWerx

If you thought collecting online donations was tough, think again. With DonorWerx, setting up your church’s online giving portal couldn’t be easier. DonorWerx even offers coaching and other tools to help make the addition of online giving as seamless as possible for your leaders and congregants.

  • Collect donations online, via an app, through text, and at a kiosk.
  • Add online coaching and consulting as needed to grow donations.
  • Enjoy affordable plans that grow with your church over time.

With branded giving pages that increase the chance of recurring gifts by 249 percent, DonorWerx has the tools you need to help your church thrive.

2. easyTithe

This is one central system to manage every contribution your church receives. While easyTithe doesn’t touch on whole church management, if you’re just looking for a payment processor, this is a simple tool that can get the job done.

  • Collect donations online, via an app, through text, and at a kiosk.
  • Gain insights into your donations and forecast for financial planning.
  • Customize your payment forms to improve donor experience.

With straightforward monthly plans that start at $19/month plus fees, easyTithe is a great starter platform for churches looking to dip their toes in the water and see what online giving is all about. Down the road, though, you should consider moving to a platform that offers giving, donor management, and church management under one umbrella, like DonorWerx.

easyTithe vs Donorwerx

3. SecureGive

Backed by a proven system to help church’s grow and engage their congregation, SecureGive is a well-known name in the industry. Time-saving administrative tools make managing the financial aspects of church management simpler, while a modern giving solution provides a better donor experience.

  • Five ways to give, including online, mobile, and kiosk-based giving.
  • Analytics that you can generate and review at-a-glace to gain insights.
  • A bilingual donation experience for Spanish-speaking congregants.

With enterprise-grade security and flexible plans that can truly fit the needs of any church, SecureGive is high on the list of software to consider.

4. Mogiv

Very similar to easyTithe, Mogiv is a standalone giving option that focuses solely on helping you with the actual process of collecting donations. Therefore, it shares the same benefits — and the same constraints — of offering easy online giving setup, yet skipping over the important concepts of donor and church management as a whole.

  • Collect donations online, via an app, through text, and at a kiosk.
  • Simple gift tracking to help you share the numbers with your church and donors.
  • Embeddable forms so people can give right from your website.

Pricing starts at $19/month plus fees, like easyTithe. However, you’ll want to compare the fees of Mogiv and easyTithe side-by-side as they don’t quite add up the same. Mogiv does offer a 30-day free trial for those interested in trying it out.

5. is a popular giving solution with a whole suite of church tools to help growing ministries get more done.’s marketing is highly effective at framing their tools in a positive light, with messaging focused on their mobile-first, modern approach.

  • Six ways to give, including text, mobile, and online. Scan checks, too!
  • Track online and offline contributions with ease.
  • A church management solution is available, but you’ll need to schedule a demo. is well-known for being feature-rich with a number of products to support churches like yours. However, they aren’t exactly known for being “affordable” and their products, especially their church management solution, are simply out-of-reach for many smaller churches. vs Donorwerx

6. Church Staq

Powered by PushPay in combination with Church Community Builder, Church Staq is a solution that combines the features of PushPay (which advertises across industries) and the church-centric solutions of CCB. The result is a giving platform that fits the needs of most churches.

  • Add digital giving to your church, including a full-fledged donor app.
  • Develop donors through time with a nurturing process.
  • Manage your whole church with the help of Church Community Builder.

By combining PushPay and CCB, Church Staq seeks to be the all-in-one solution that every church searches for. However, while it’s advertised for churches of all sizes, pricing information remains unpublished so you’ll have to seek a demo to understand whether or not this solution is affordable for your church.

Power Your Church’s Financial Strategy

Choosing the right online giving platform for your church is essential. After all, the platform you choose needs to be low in fees, yet plentiful in options, allowing your donors to enjoy the giving experience through a fully branded process. Here at DonorWerx, we check all the boxes that churches care about.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a 30-minute discovery call to see why DonorWerx is the best donation collection and donor management solution on the market.

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