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How To Lead & Build A Church That Lasts

build a church

Take The Necessary Steps

At the heart of every church is the desire to fulfill the mission they were built for. But in today’s era of technology, change, and forward-thinking in churches, leaders can’t just wing it anymore.

Here are 15 steps you can take today to build greater success for a lasting, thriving church.

Discover New Ways to Lead

Find out the ways that new donor behaviors affect your church giving. If your church leaders have not been focusing as much on donors as they should learn about our donor personality test here.

Leave Traditional Thinking Behind and Embrace the New

We are not saying to do away with your foundational church message. We are simply encouraging new ways of donor development to grow your church, such as Journey Mapping.

Understand the DC-7 Framework

With the DonorWerx Framework, we have mapped out guides for you to follow, so that you don’t get lost on this journey.

Analyze Your Donors

When you work on targeting audiences and learning more about what makes them tick or give, you can then create content tailored to their needs.

Structure with Leadership

Your Goals and Systems must be carried out by leaders who are attuned to the structure of the church. Train your pastors and leaders to delegate, and ensure that management at all levels has space to grow.

Cut Through the Noise

People everywhere are bombarded with so much information online. If you are considering transitioning to online resources, you need to cut through the noise. Use Emotionally Relevant Messaging in your church services, speeches, and online newsletters.

Streamline Technology

Software Automation is one of the best ways to ensure that your donors are getting the right kind of content. It should be tailored to their needs and even personality.

Design Appeals

Learn from our DonorWerx resources how you can design church content that works. Whether you use visual, audio, or traditional ways to reach your donors, make content attractive and appealing.


Once you have members coming to your church, how do you turn them into donors? This takes a coherent plan and giving them content that helps them understand how their giving supports the church in specific ways. As you move forward in the right direction and with the proper tools, keep on track with follow-up methods and sessions.

congregation growth


Use Impact Reports to itemize and understand your success. Your team should know all the small ways that the church is progressing. Spread the spirit of positivity in everything you do.


Identify the current fundraising program across all 7 components listed above. Call us for a free consultation so we can help you get started on your initial goals.


Develop a sure plan and roadmap that represents what your church needs to improve in order to achieve its goals and outreach. Seeing it laid out visually will help you understand the next steps to take.


Be clear on how you want to implement the strategic plan across the organization. Use updated technology and wisdom gained from your donor experience to move forward with building up your church.


Are you doing all you can to be the best church you can be? Do you have the right teams in place or the digital tools you need to manage and take care of your donors? What about the right tools for communication? Are you aware of what is available nowadays for churches? Benchmarks and KPIs determine the continuous refinement of donor communication. Find out more about how you can optimize your donor experience with our donor personality quiz.

Remember: Having repeatable and successful execution is not complicated, it’s just not quite so easy to do overnight. At DonorWerx, we are prepared to help churches like yours with a systematic way to monitor the optimization on every level.

How DonorWerx Can Help

Having a vision and goal is one thing; getting there is another. Increase donor satisfaction and improve ministry performance when you partner with our platform.

Take advantage of our purposeful donor communication and powerful giving software so that you can align your ministry on a progressive track. Finally, it is possible to create a donor experience that increases donor engagement and revenue.

DonorWerx Online Courses for You

Based on our many years of experience growing churches, we have created tools to help you grow your donors and their giving.

The DonorWerx online courses teach the basic communication skills that every church leader needs to know to attract new donors and retain existing donors. Call us today for a free consultation and be the leader that succeeds. We look forward to helping you Get started today! building a better, stronger, and more effective church.

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