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How to Build a Church Giving Kiosk

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How to Build a Church Giving Kiosk

Tithing to the church has taken a serious hit in recent years. Even before the pandemic struck, ministry donations were on the decline. Many congregations have reversed this trend by utilizing digital giving, but some have not yet begun using kiosks. In many instances, this is simply because they don’t know how to build a church giving kiosk. 

After all, it’s not exactly aesthetically pleasing to lay an iPad on the back table and expect folks to use it. If you think this looks a bit tacky, just imagine what your congregants are thinking. It’s important to keep up with tech and trends, but presentation is everything. Here’s what you need to know to build an awesome church giving kiosk. 

And if you have questions about making your kiosk investment pay off, reach out to us at DonorWerx today. 

Finding the Right Church Giving Kiosk Software

Before delving into the best kiosk stands and building them, it’s important to start with the right software. With a tablet computer and stand, you have almost everything you need. A digital giving platform with a built-in processing system, however, is also a necessary component. This will allow congregants to easily give without the need for cash or checks. 

The simple fact is that people aren’t using paper payment methods as much as they used to. That’s why digital giving software is so important, and choosing a platform that offers multiple ways of giving is paramount. If you can find online giving, kiosk software, text-to-give and other tools in one resource, that’s the direction you should go. 

That’s exactly what we offer at DonorWerx. Our donor software can increase recurring gifts by nearly 40 percent. Even better, we can provide the essential platform that’s necessary once you’ve finished building your church giving kiosk. Visit our Donor Software page today to learn how our giving platform can help. 

Choosing a Pre-Made Kiosk


A beautiful church giving kiosk will show congregants that you care about your ministry. Building your own is certainly a noble approach, and the video below will help you easily do this. Of course, we can’t overlook the fact that do-it-yourself injuries are a leading cause of at-home accidents. If you’d rather not take the chance, there are plenty of pre-made kiosks available. 

Here are just a few of the options you might consider: 

  • Countertop mounted stands
  • Floor mounted stands
  • Enclosure kiosk stands 
  • Floor stands with foam boards (great for branding) 
  • Floor stands with locking enclosure for signs 
  • Adjustable floor-to-desk stands
  • Tamper-proof kiosk stands

The high-end versions of these stands can sell for hundreds of dollars. If you want to show congregants you’re cautious with their money — especially since 98% of ministry funding comes from church giving — you can also find several options for under $50. You know your congregation better than anyone, so choose the stand that works for you.

Are you more interested in building a church giving kiosk? Keep reading. 

Building a Church Giving Kiosk from Scratch


Maybe pre-made items aren’t your cup of tea. Perhaps building a church giving kiosk is more in your wheelhouse. If that’s the case, there are a variety of options available to you. If you have a carpenter or handyman in your congregation, consider asking them to build one that can hold the tablet you’re using. 

If you don’t have someone that can get the job done, though, you can actually accomplish this on your own. The following video shows how to build a church kiosk stand with just a few simple steps.

It doesn’t get much easier than that. Keep in mind that this isn’t something to take the cheap route on. The materials needed are already quite affordable, and opting for low-quality items can negatively affect the visual appearance of your church giving kiosk. 

Congregants want to feel like they’re supporting a ministry that handles its money wisely. They’ll get the exact opposite impression if it looks like your church kiosk was built as an elementary school project. 

How DonorWerx Can Help

Tithing has certainly decreased over the years, and some of this is due to reduced attendance. Unfortunately, some of the blame rests on ministries as well. If they’re not keeping up with current technology and trends, they’re hurting their entire congregation. This is where DonorWerx can help. 

On top of our church giving kiosk technology, our framework can also help you improve donor engagement. The combination of outreach and tech is exactly what’s needed to increase tithes and donations to your ministry. Click here to learn more and to Get started. Because building a church kiosk can only take you so far. 

DonorWerx can help with the rest. 

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