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10 Ways to Start a Church Online Donation Kiosk

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10 Ways to Start a Church Online Donation Kiosk

Gone are the days when passing an offering plate around the church was sufficient for gathering donations. People are giving in new ways and if you’re not keeping up, your ministry will fall behind. Starting a church online donation kiosk can help you in this endeavor, but it’s not as simple as just buying a tablet computer. 

Fortunately, the process isn’t a difficult one, either. 

1. Get the Word Out

If you want your church’s online donation kiosk to be successful, it starts with getting the word out. Let people know about your new approach to giving. This can take place from behind the pulpit, in your church outreach program or even by sending out trusted members to spread the word among the congregation. 

2. Choose the Right Software

The most important thing you can do when starting a church giving kiosk is choosing the right software. The ability to easily process payments — even from cards that often experience processing problems — is absolutely essential. You should also choose a platform that offers other methods of giving. 

For instance, the SecureGive software utilized by DonorWerx offers online donations, text-to-give, kiosk giving and more. Check out our digital giving software to see what your ministry can gain from our approach to giving. 

3. Have a Framework in Place

Technology is imperative when starting a church online giving kiosk. Of course, it’s not the only important aspect. You need a framework in place that focuses on donor engagement. This is another benefit of the DonorWerx system. Because if you’re not engaging your donors, the best technology in the world isn’t going to help. 

4. Build a Church Donation Kiosk Stand

Great online giving software and a tablet computer can take you a long way when building a church donation kiosk. Of course, it may come off as tacky if you simply place the tablet on a table in the back. Take time to build a kiosk stand or purchase a pre-made option — which are available in options that feature slots where tithing envelopes can be inserted. 

That last part is important since over one-quarter of purchases still involve cash. 

5. Place the Kiosk in an Obvious Area

Even if you’ve started a church online giving kiosk, your job is far from done. You must take concrete steps to ensure it helps your ministry. Start by putting the kiosk in an obvious area. Placing it facing the entrance or exit — or alternating depending on the time of the day — will ensure everyone can see your new kiosk. 

6. Consider Using Multiple Kiosks if Appropriate

If you have a large congregation and sanctuary, a single church online giving kiosk may not be enough. While these donations will process over the internet, people still physically have to stand at the kiosk. You don’t want long lines building up, so if you have a larger church, consider taking on the added investment. 

7. Bring the Kiosk Up During Service

It can be difficult to talk about money in church. Unfortunately for those who despise this activity, it’s essential for increasing giving. Just be straightforward with your congregation about why giving is important and how it can help. Don’t be afraid to point out your new donation kiosk, either. Talking about money from the pulpit isn’t tacky — it’s necessary for a thriving ministry. 

8. Offer Alternative Giving Options

Not everyone will want to use your new church online giving kiosk. Fortunately, they won’t have to if you choose the right digital giving platform. Text-to-give, online donation pages and even passing the offering plate are all still important. By offering multiple ways to give, you’ll increase the number of donors who contribute. 

9. Make Sure to Follow Up

We already mentioned that starting a church online donation kiosk doesn’t mean your job is finished. In fact, there’s still more to do even after someone donates. It’s imperative that you follow up with a “thank you” and let congregants know how their donations are helping. This will show members that they’re appreciated and open the door to recurring gifts. 

Just a quick note on why recurring givers are so important: they give more. In fact, they give about 42 percent more on average. Schedule a Discovery Call with a DonorWerx professional today and we’ll help you understand how digital giving tools can make recurring gifts a tremendous source of ministry revenue. 

10. Use the Data You Collect 

Even if a congregant signs up for recurring gifts, you can still get more from them. In fact, you’ve already gained a tremendous amount from their data. Information regarding age, gender, income or any other trait can help you build a better donor engagement strategy. When you choose an online giving platform, make sure it has resources for gathering this essential data. 

How DonorWerx Can Help

Starting a church online donation kiosk is just one step in helping your ministry excel. You also need a framework for building donor engagement and gathering important data is paramount to making such a framework successful. We offer this and much more at DonorWerx. Click here Get started and learn how we can increase giving in your ministry today. 

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