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Make Life Easier With These 7 Church Giving Apps

life easier with these

Make Life Easier With These 7 Church Giving Apps

With fewer Americans carrying cash and checks — down to about 16% — the simplicity, security, and convenience of online giving are likely to be a welcome change for your congregants. Of course, figuring out which giving app you should use can be a tough decision. Not all platforms are created equal and, if you want to prevent costly fees from eating away at your church’s profits, consider these options.


Easily one of the most well-known church giving apps on the market, gives donors a variety of ways to donate, including text-based giving. The service also features some administrative tools that your team can use to analyze donations and track your financial health.

When it comes to the app, you can customize it to meet your church’s brand and, therefore, boost engagement and donations. The customizable premium version costs $59/month, but you can use the free version of the app, too, which will cost you 2.9% and $0.30 of every transaction. vs Donorwerx

#2 Givelify

Givelify isn’t unique to churches, but the platform can certainly be used by faith-based organizations to enable online tithing. With this service, your church can accept donations online or from donors’ mobile devices. You won’t pay any monthly fees, either. The fees are charged on a per-transaction basis, at the standard rate of 2.9% and $0.30.

One thing you’ll love about Givelify is the minimal wait time between a donor giving money and your church actually receiving it. With this platform, you can get donations into your account as soon as the next day after they’re gifted. For donors, the process is easy because it only takes about three taps to send a donation to your church.

#3 Qgiv

Very similar to Givelify, Qgiv allows your church to collect donations on a regular basis. You can also collect donations from special events, helping you to maximize your church’s collections. The platform can be accessed both online and through an app, making it very flexible. It only takes about a minute to set up, too.

The downside? Qgiv costs a lot. Although it’s similar to Givelify, those who choose Qgiv will pay 3.95% + $0.30 per transaction, which is among the highest fees of any option around. If you opt for the premium version, monthly fees start at $49/month and you’ll still pay transaction fees. With that said, most churches will do fine with the free version as long as they can swallow the high cost per-transaction.

#4 e360 Giving

e360 Giving provides one of the most accommodating church giving apps around. Allowing donors to tithe using the app, with a text, or with your giving kiosk, e360 Giving provides multiple donation options to help you enable as many of your congregants as possible to give to the church. The platform also gives you access to powerful reports, allowing you to keep a tab on your donations.

The downside is that e360 Giving does not offer a free version, but every plan allows for customized branding to fit your church. Pricing starts at around $10 month and you’ll also see slightly lower transaction fees than most other platforms, at 2.5% + $0.30 per transaction.

The Top 5 Church Online Giving Platforms

#5 Donately

Donately is another solution that isn’t exclusive to the church community, but it’s still one of the best solutions around thanks to its features and pricing. This is a company that understands how nonprofits are working on tight budgets, so they use a transparent and simple model. For your first $100,000 collected, you’ll pay 3%. After that, the percentage fee goes down.

However, Donately doesn’t offer an actual mobile app. Instead, they offer mobile-friendly pages, which may be better. The reason why you may want to consider Donately is because it gives your donors an option to donate from their mobile device without having to download another app. Plus, Donately has a neat feature that allows donors to download statements for tax purposes.

#6 PushPay

If you spend any amount of time looking for church giving apps, PushPay is sure to come up. It’s one of the most popular giving apps around, offering full customization so that you can create an app your donors want to use. Not only does PushPay help you create an app to collect donations, but they help you create a full-fledged app for your church to drive engagement and help people connect better with your church all-around.

However, PushPay is unfortunately out of the budget for most churches. They don’t publish pricing information, but user reviews describe fees starting at $150/month and up. With that in mind, you shouldn’t be discouraged or feel like you need to front a lot of money to get a great online giving platform.

Donorwerx vs. PushPay: What’s the Difference?

#7 Donorwerx

If you think that PushPay meets all of your church’s needs, but you’re afraid it doesn’t fit your budget, Donorwerx is the ideal alternative. In fact, Donorwerx offers a solution that was built for churches like yours, and it comes complete with a donor communications strategy and all the tools you need to create a donor experience that keeps your supporters coming back.

Everything is built upon a donor-centric framework, helping you to create meaningful messaging campaigns and invest in efforts that will actually get you results. With personalized follow-up, hands-on coaching, and endless resources, Donorwerx helps churches get a grip on their financial wellness and fix the “leaky bucket” that’s costing your church money.

Interested in learning more? Give us 30 minutes of your time and we’ll share with you three strategies to increase your church’s donations by at least 10% in the next six months. Schedule your discovery call today.

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