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7 Benefits of Livestreaming Church Services

benefits of live streaming

7 Benefits of Livestreaming Church Services

Livestreaming Church may have a great church mission, but it is only as good as the tools you are using to get there. Would you rather crawl to your finish line, or lead others to the top with inspiration, grace, and strength?

When considering whether you should avail of live streaming services, consider your audience. The following are three groups of people who may benefit from this kind of church service:

a)   Those who are physically challenged

Those who cannot leave the comfort of their home would love to connect with you and hear your message. They may also be key people in your community who either have a wonderful influence on the rest of the church members or are willing donors who want to be a part of your mission.

b)   Anyone who is physically distant

Perhaps they are not able to attend regular church services due to work or school (educational) commitments. These people are still a part of your family, and giving them access to the livestreamed shows your investment in their care and spiritual growth.

c)    Large families or extended relatives

Going to church is often a family affair. It can also be good for deepening family reunions, because many feel a sense of coming home when coming back to the church. However, this might not be possible for busy families with a lot of kids. Perhaps they have academic studies or schedules that make it difficult to attend regular church meetings. Staying connected with you through livestreamed church services will help them feel like part of a greater fellowship, where support and guidance is given.

Now, let’s dig deeper into the many reasons why livestreaming your church services is more effective.

1. Increase your reach and revenue with greater opportunities

Churches that do not utilize the livestreaming tools are missing out on great witnessing and evangelizing opportunities. Streaming live means you can broadcast while the action is happening. The recorded services can be uploaded for re-watching later, or with a subscription. More people will have the chance to share your message instantly, on any corner of the globe. After or during the service, donors can help you with instant online giving.

2. Reaching people where they are already paying attention

Putting yourself in front of a global audience means reaching them where people are already paying attention: on their smartphones and tablets. There are so many online digital distractions, and so many people trying to say something. Wy not actually help people grow spiritually through what your church offers?

3. Ensures that your church leaders are working smarter, not harder

Besides learning how to delegate and teamwork, church managers need to also learn how to switch to modern technology to upgrade their church, and meet the needs of their church members. This is also a great opportunity to train your leaders in more technical knowledge available to the church today.

4. The ability to glorify God through modern-day tools

God has given us these modern-day tools to use for His glory. When you find a way to utilize all of the digital tools available, you open doors that were previously inaccessible. Streaming your services can be more intimate than you ever thought possible. People get to join you from the comfort of their homes and living room couches. This makes worship God together a personal, inspirational activity. Not something that they may feel obligated to attend just for show.

5. Have an instant viral effect

With livestreaming, you can also get instant feedback, instant shares, instant viral effects. Because people are watching you live, they also have a chance to join in on the conversation. This kind of mutual energy is similar to the positive energy musicians on a live concert stage may experience. There is less “performance” and more conversation and communication with the audience. Your audience has the chance to share the word more quickly, and more effectively. The instant you preach, someone on the other side of the world can your message and be moved instantly.

6. Avail of the most efficient services to share the Gospel

Don’t think that because you must now connect virtually, that it loses the personal touch. In fact, you can be even more connected than ever, and reach those who may not attend church otherwise. God has given us these modern inventions for a reason, and it is up to us to make the best use of them when guiding others spiritually.

7. Save time and resources

There are many video streaming services to avail of. Look for the one that saves you the most time and energy some online digital giving services are setup so that they manage all of the livestreaming for you, and people can easily connect through their cellphones or laptops. It is important to find a digital host with great customer service, and also who understands your church outreach and mission.

In closing, remember these Scriptures when preparing your own services for livestreaming:

Jeremiah 1: 7, 8

But the Lord said to me, “Do not say, ‘I am only a youth’; for to all to whom I send you, you shall go, and whatever I command you, you shall speak. Do not be afraid of them, for I am with you to deliver you, declares the Lord.”

If you want to find out how to start streaming your own church services today, please check out our resources page. We at Donorwerx would love to help you Get started on your mission of serving others, and doing so more effectively.

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