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Video Streaming Trends That Will Shape Churches in 2021

video streaming trends

Video Streaming Trends That Will Shape Churches in 2021

“The only constant thing is change.” Since the beginning of Christianity, believers have been called to expect and hope with faith. We rely on things unseen. So, this year of unpredictability should not take us by surprise—not if we have the proper digital resources to help us.

When you expect that unprecedented growth in technological advances, one thing you can be sure of is enhanced online giving, online viewership, and faith-based broadcasting in 2021. Houses of worship are using video streaming to reach out to congregations and grow donors.

This article will alert you of video streaming trends, available platforms, and how you can easily use video streaming for getting your message out to potential church members and donors.

Constant Livestreaming, especially for younger audiences

With millennials being the generation to start and carry trends forward, this is a market to target with your church outreach programs. Nowadays, most audiences prefer to watch live video and are accustomed to streaming ad sharing it immediately with their friends.

If you want to engage a younger audience and draw attention to your cause, look for platforms to offer to stream your live services.


“Webinar” stands for “Seminar on the web,” and is another trend we are seeing. Especially common after the pandemic changed the way folks communicate. If your church can no longer do in-person services, webinars provide something even better: a way for your community to meet online, and even watch replays of the webinars at later dates.

Webinars are also an ideal way to present your church and your outreach programs to potential donors. Make your webinar educational, something they can learn from and rely on as a constant spiritual source of inspiration.

Church VideoConferencing

You can still hold video conferences on an app like Zoom or Google Hangouts. Due to Covid-19, many churches have begun offering web services to their congregants. Video conferencing provides a different kind of appeal.

People can log in from anywhere in the world, share, and invite others to watch your church’s conference. Another option is to do conferences for special programs: leadership growth, pastor seminars, any other gathering that is not the ordinary church service. This encourages people to check out your various offerings and look to you for guidance on a number of topics.

Church Management Onboarding

recent Gartner HR Survey showed that, as a result of the pandemic, 86% of organizations are conducting virtual interviews to onboard new team members. This can also work well for interviewing potential candidates for your church volunteers, pastors, or any position which requires deeper insights.

Use video options to conduct your interviews and find out whether that potential candidate will make a good church leader in the future.

Educational Video Platforms

There has been a steady rise in eLearning platforms since many of us realized that staying home could be more productive than ever before. Any kind of educational programs you were executing in-person now has the opportunity to be continued via video streaming.

Teachers in your church can still have close communication with students and members if they invest in simple video tools such as a camera, microphone, and tripod for recording.

Binge Watching on Video Streaming Giants

Churches who look at the trends in binge-watching will alr3eady know that many adults are staying up at night to watch their favorite shows. With everyone staying home these days, seeking entertainment, your church can look into film and documentary options for a better connection.

For example, during your weekly Sunday service, your pastors might suggest a relevant movie your members can watch over the weekend, or an inspiring film on Netflix for families to enjoy together. Other platforms such as TED are great resources for “Edutainment.” (See our recent blog post on the best TED Talks for pastors.)

We hope this article encourages you to continue using the digital tools at your disposal for growing your church and finding new donors. This transition to a new era of giving is doable when we remember the promise we are given in Scripture: Philippians 4:13–“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.”

For more helpful resources, digital tools, and guides for growing donors, contact us at DonorWerx today.

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