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15 Donation Page Examples To Increase Donations

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15 Donation Page Examples To Increase Donations

To Increase Donations Religion remains America’s single largest recipient of charitable giving.

Although charitable giving has declined since the late 1980s, the church giving landscape is rapidly evolving. New opportunities are fueling donations, particularly among those that develop a strong digital presence — members seek a positive online donor experience.

While some churches remain reluctant to welcome technology into their church, 60% of congregants are willing to give digitally.

To gain inspiration, here are 15 donation page examples that have created a donor-giving experience that converts!

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1. Higher Vision Church

Higher Vision Church has a unique approach as they proudly show the impact that their members’ donations have based on local and global missions. Donors have the option to give easily and securely online, either as single gifts or recurring giving schedules. Those donations can then be managed via an online account.

2. Rock Church

Rock Church has a robust online presence. Investing heavily in video, their members can view a series of inspiring messages. This has allowed them to develop a loyal following online. They now have nearly 75,000 followers on Facebook. For those who wish to give, the donation page offers several options as well as giving testimonies. Videos provide an inside look into member’s personal stories and circumstances around giving to Rock Church.

3. Mercy City Church

Giving to Mercy City Church is as simple as clicking on “give” — which opens a secure pop-up form. The donor then enters the amount and their card details. They also have the option to set up automated giving. Again, they have invested heavily in their digital presence, focusing on social media and a YouTube channel.

4. Fearless Follower

Fearless Follower church created a comprehensive giving page describing the three different funds that benefit from donations. With seven ways to give, including text-to-give, online debit and credit, and electronic giving, the donation process is seamless. Year-end reports are provided for donors to see what was given to date, the expenses to date, and budgeted year’s expenses.

5. Freedom Church

With the Freedom Church giving page, you don’t even need to scroll down. Everything you need to know is right there as soon as you click on the page. Either click “give now” to donate a single gift or schedule ongoing donations — or text “give” to the number provided.

6. Canvas Church

Canvas Church encourages its member to give online, as it is fast, safe, and reliable. The church lists the causes it gives to, including Church Planting, Community Outreach, Herald of Faith, and The page concludes with an invitation to welcome them on Sunday at 10 am. With over 135,000 followers on Facebook, Canvas Church has been highly successful in implementing a digital strategy.

7. Overflowing Church

Overflowing Church offers a visually appealing giving page that makes it easy for members to donate. Simply choose what you’d like to donate, the payment type, and how often. Powered by iDonate, donors have many options on what they can donate outside of monetary gifts. This page also showcases the church’s latest news, helping members connect with current events.

8. Twin Oaks Baptist Church

Twin Oaks Baptist Church is fairly small with limited staff. However, they have developed an efficient, successful digital donation campaign. Their giving page offers in-depth information on ways to give, how those donations are being used, and some of the most frequently asked questions. Pastor Terry also posted a thank you video showing his gratitude for the community’s generosity.

9. Anchor Church

As they say at Anchor Church, “see what God can do through your generosity.” Simply click “give now” to access a safe and secure pop-up form. This church also developed an app available for both iPhone and Android. Anchor Church is also active across all major social media platforms, helping them spread the word and gain followers.

10. Trinity Grace Church

Trinity Grace Church offers several ways to give on their donation page, starting with the method of online payment. For those that want to leverage the latest technology to give, there are even mobile options. Donors can send a text to give. From there, they can download an award-winning church app that makes the giving and managing of donations easier than ever before.

11. C3 Los Angeles

On the C3 Los Angeles giving page, a large “give today” button makes the giving process straightforward. They also share an annual statement, showing where donations went. This makes donors feel more confident in their willingness to give.

12. Green Valley Church

Giving at Green Valley Church is as easy as 1,2, 3. Either click the “give online” button to donate a one-time or recurring payment, donate your car, or donate stocks. For over 15 years, 10% of all donations have gone to global efforts, helping orphans in Guatemala, the poor in Cambodia, as well as rural youth and those suffering from AIDs in Africa.

13. Refuge Church

Short and sweet, Refuge Church’s giving page explains the power of giving and then ways to give. Although donors can give physically at the church, the other three options are all digital — using an online form, texting, or downloading an app.

14. Union Church 

Partner with Union Church by giving online or via text. The process is simple and secure. On their giving page, they also welcome members to join them for their “Financial Peace” group classes at the church. Their goal is to help people get out of debt and become less stressed so they can enter a life of saving and giving.

15. Grace Christian Church

Grace Christian Church offers its “vision campaign” for the year, showing its members what it plans to spend its donations on. They let people know the difference they make by giving. The large “give now” button at the top of the page makes the process straightforward.

Learn more about how the giving process works so that you know more, grow more, and reach more!

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