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How to Appeal to the Cheerful Donor

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How to Appeal to the Cheerful Donor

In our Donor Personality quiz, we taught you to recognize nine specific types of givers. As you plan your church outreach programs, keep in mind that your approach to each donor must consider their needs. 

Asking for donations for the church involves having wisdom in your fundraising. In this article, we look at the ninth personality, also known as the Cheerful Donor.

Type Nine personalities are known for being very receptive as donors. They seem to always want to help others live in abundance. They are not selfish about sharing their blessings and gifts, so as a result, they enjoy generally happy lives. 

How can you influence the Cheerful Donor to give more to the church? Understanding their personality traits is the first step. Next, you must tailor your outreach programs to them and their needs. Keep in mind that the best relationships with the Cheerful Donor type are based on strong respect and trust. When you can reassure them of your loyalty, they in turn may just become your greatest givers. 

The Following Terms Describe a Cheerful Donor Best

For a quick recap of their personality traits, have a look at the following list and see if you might recognize any “Cheerful” Donor personalities in your congregation. Keep in mind, however, that all donors are different, so the Cheerful types may show a few or more of these traits. 

  • A wonderful friend
  • A listening ear
  • Contented
  • Loving
  • Down to earth
  • Modest and trusting
  • Stubborn
  • Social
  • Open-hearted
  • Sympathetic
  • Cheery
  • Places a lot of importance on their social networks
  • Motivated by the needs of loved ones 
  • Active on your church social media pages

Don’t be surprised by the occasional negative moods of a “Cheerful” Donor. They can seem less than optimistic if they feel that their giving is taken for granted. These are the type of folks who want to give long-term, so make a point to build solid trust with them. 

They will value you as a pastor they can depend on if you have their best interests in mind. Focus on their spiritual growth before you expect them to help you with church financial growth. 

5 Ways to Appeal to the Cheerful Donor 

Now let’s dive even further into ways to appeal to the Cheerful Donor, keeping them active as supporters of the church. Here are a few tried and proven tips:

Be Reassuring 

You can further motivate the Cheerful Donor and strengthen their inner stability by constantly assuring them that their voice and presence matter to God. Their gifts to the church benefit others and the world. Help them honor themselves by encouraging them in whatever way they decide to support the church.

Suggest Practical Ways for Them to Serve

Because Cheerful Donors are passionate about making solid relationships and connections, they like to surround themselves with other positive people. Help them bring that positivity to your outreach campaigns. They want to be busy, always looking for practical ways to help and serve.

Teach Them That Balance Is Important

These are personality types who must find the balance between giving and receiving. Because they are such generous givers, they sometimes give to their own hurt. They are known to accommodate others all the time. But this can cause them to forgo their own desires and suffer in silence. As leaders, show them how to pursue their passions and serve the world at the same time. 

Set Them Up with Leadership Workshops 

Teach them to strive for a balanced life, to find happiness even when things are unstable. Train them also to seek out strong connections in their social circles—those who can help them stay grounded spiritually.

Thank Them for Being Instrumental in Your Church Community

Convey to their friends and family how their giving has furthered the church’s missions. The Cheerful Donors go out of their way to help in every situation they feel they can make a difference. As pastors, never take their giving for granted. 

Character Example of a Cheerful Donor: 

Jon Bon Jovi, musician and founder of the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation could be considered a Type Nine. So far, he has supported more than 30 charities globally. 

How DonorWerx Can Help

For more tips on growing donors and caring for them, check out our extensive digital library of church pastor resourcesSchedule a Discovery Call with us at DonorWerx today and improve your church’s ability to grow members and donors. 

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