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The Engaging Donor and the The Driven Donor Personality Types

donor personality types

The Engaging Donor and the The Driven Donor Personality Types (Types 2 and 3)

In this article on donor personalities, let’s dive deeper into the Type Two and Three donor personality types. They are similar in that they are both social and naturally friendly. They like being around others and taking part in church community outreach.

These types are both the kind you will find valuable as donors, because they are generous and love connecting with the world. If your church has a lot of fundraising events that include speaking with people, leading teams, or interacting socially, then these are the types to invite to the program.

In this article, we will refer to Type 2 as the Engaging Donor, and Type 3 as the Driven Donor, based on the Enneagram guide.

For starters, let’s recap some common traits often found in those with Type 2 and 3 personalities.

The Engaging Donor (Type 2)

Engaging Donor personality type is known for being empathetic, sincere, and warm to both acquaintances and strangers. Their friendliness and generosity is sometimes confused with flattering and people-pleasing. Leaders must remember that they are well meaning and some of the most unselfish folks you will find.

Here are some common traits of the Engaging Donors:

  • “Heart of gold.”
  • Emotionally driven.
  • Caring.
  • Has deep feelings.
  • Sentimental.
  • Empathetic.
  • Natural around people.
  • Enjoys hands-on outreach events.
  • Often busy with social events.

The Driven Donor (Type 3)

If you have ever come across an Enneagram Type Three, you will recall their ambitious donor personality type. They are often attractive people, sure of themselves and their passions. On the outside, they look poised and appear diplomatic. But be aware that they can often be workaholics who thrive on competition. They are inspiring folk whom others often look up to. They are typically role models and motivational people. You may find the following traits common to the Driven Donors:

  • On top of their game.
  • Powerful speaker.
  • Impressive stage presence.
  • Workaholic.
  • Naturally charming.
  • An influencer.
  • Gravitates to other high achievers.
  • Mentors others.

What Pastors Should Know About Leading the Engaging Donor and the Driven Donor

Twos and Threes are both sociable but sensitive, so you can feel you are sometimes treading water when working around their feelings.

Teach them to measure success, even with small wins, one day at a time. As a pastor, you understand that so many in your congregation have been facing uncertainty, fear, or even despair.

The best thing you can do for the Engaging Donors and the Driven Donors is to be an example of peace, faith, and trust for a better future. While you do still have to listen to your congregation vent or send prayer requests, let them know that your doors, ears, and hearts are always open. Both of these types need pastors and leaders who are honest with them and can provide feedback while still caring for their feelings and emotions. Try to have casual conversations rather than solemn, serious talks.

Appealing to the Engaging Donor and the Driven Donor

With Bible studies, throw in the opportunity for social activity—Q&A’s with other members, networking, etc. Anything that will help them feel the personal connection with the others in the church and with you as their leader. This will give them the stability and foundation they need for greater faith and peace.

It is important to note that Type Three is sometimes also called The Achiever on the Enneagram, because, when they are healthy, Threes really can and do achieve great things in the world. They strive to constantly develop themselves so that they can share positive contributions and motivate others. They love learning about other cultures and embracing the differences of others. This is something that makes them a valuable part of your church community.

The Engaging Donors are often successful and well-liked because of the way they work to develop their abilities and talents. This literally engages others who want to learn the secrets of their creativity. Their success at various creative ventures inspires others to also invest in their own self-development.

On the other hand, personality Type Two is called The Helper on the Enneagram, because donors of this type like to see themselves as helpful. They are very generous and go out of their way for others. Some things they value include closeness, sharing, family, and friendship.

How DonorWerx Can Help

When you work on understanding your donors, their challenges, and expectations, you can serve them better. To move forward on your donor journey, it helps to have a team you can collaborate with.

At DonorWerx, we facilitate the programs you need for digital transformation. With our experiences in working with churches, nonprofits, and charities all over the world, we help you with the tools you need to succeed in fundraising. Contact us today to schedule a Discovery call or find out more.

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