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What is SecureGive?


What is SecureGive?

SecureGive is more than donation software. This platform offers a bundle of tools designed to help you engage your congregation and build a culture of generosity in your community.

If you’ve been looking for a giving app and system that can help your non-profit increase attendance, make events more exciting, get more people to volunteer, and boost donations, SecureGive may be what you’re looking for.

Here at DonorWERX, our team of donation experts helped create the SecureGive platform, and we think you’ll love all of its advanced features. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can support your church’s growth, schedule a consultation today.

What is SecureGive?

SecureGive is a platform that bundles software, strategy, and churchgoer apps, all designed to spark interactions and inspire your congregation to be more involved and more generous. Here’s what functionality you get as a SecureGive user:

  • Software: SecureGive offers six different donation platforms, including an online portal, text-to-give solution, giving kiosk, mobile app, fundraising campaign designer, and check scanning tool. You can even manage recurring tithes.
  • Strategy: Instead of figuring things out on your own, SecureGive provides a ministry partner who will help your church develop a donation strategy to drive growth and support your goals.
  • Stewardship: Getting donations isn’t enough, your church needs a way to build long-last generosity. With SecureGive’s coaching and resources, it’s possible to do just that.
  • Church Apps: Your congregation should be engaged every day of the week, not just on Sunday morning. SecureGive’s church apps for iOS and Android make it possible to turn your congregation into a lively, inspired community.

Now that you know what makes up the SecureGive software, let’s explore how you can use it to grow your church.

Using SecureGive to Grow Your Church

Once you speak with your ministry partner, tap into the resources, and set up the donation software for your church, you can’t just sit around and wait. With a plan in front of you, you’ll get to work using the church apps to realize the growth you’re after while the giver management system helps you avoid complications.

The church apps are completely customizable, allowing you to change their appearance and presentation so they feel perfectly suited to your church. There’s also an extensive library that allows you to add and remove features as you see fit, so it always meets your needs, even as they change. Best of all, there’s no upcharge for using the church apps.

When using SecureGive’s church apps, you can:

  • Brand it to suit your church’s logo, colors, and style. Your congregation will never know that you started with SecureGive’s powerful foundation to create your app.
  • Work without a developer. Thanks to the intuitive user interface that’s highly visual, you won’t need to code anything. Even non-tech users will find that it’s easy to set up the app and get going.
  • Manage without full-time staff. You don’t need to devote a ton of resources to app maintenance. SecureGive maintains the infrastructure for you, all you need to do is moderate and engage the community.
  • Alert your users to get their attention. Send location-based alerts and push notifications to bring announcements and big news front-and-center. Your community will feel more involved than ever.
  • Stream media and sermons so everyone can listen, even if they can’t make it to church. Whether it’s Sunday morning or any day of the week, your app is now a tool to help people stay connected with your church, even when life gets busy.
  • Collect donations using the in-app giving tools. Create a seamless experience by connecting the church app to SecureGive’s donation software, reducing friction for your users.

If you need help along the way, your ministry partner is always standing by to help. Plus, that same partner is there to help your church as it meets goals and checks things off its list. Whenever you overcome a hurdle or run into a new one, you’ll find that SecureGive is that trusted partner who’s there to offer encouragement, praise, and reassurance.

At DonorWERX, we believe coaching is crucial no matter what software you invest in. If you want to find out how our coaches can help you strategize and thrive, schedule a consultation today.

SecureGive Pricing

How much would you pay for a tool that’s able to transform interactions with your congregation, build a lively community around your church, and foster long-lasting generosity? Whatever that number is, you’ll be amazed to know that SecureGive starts at just $99/month. If you would like to add the church apps, you can do so for $200/month with any digital giving plan.

Basic Plan

The basic plan for $99/month includes up to 2,000 transactions per month with the lowest transaction fees in the industry at an average rate of 2% + 30¢. With this plan, you can choose between online giving or kiosk giving, depending on what’s best for your congregation.

This plan also includes a Spanish interface, stewardship resources, a SecureGive success strategy, and giving analytics. Custom branding, expert support, recurring gifts, and enterprise-grade security come standard with every plan.

Enhanced Plan

The Enhanced plan costs $149/month and unlocks the full giving system and includes everything in basic in addition to a combination of online, mobile, text, and kiosk giving. Plus, you can use the check scanning tool for easy all-in-one-place tracking, integrate into ChMS, and enroll in stewardship coaching.

It’s important to note that kiosk giving comes with a hardware fee for any of the plans, but it’s lower for this plan at $25/each versus $50/each for the basic plan. Also, check to scan has a monthly fee of $25 on all plans, but it’s completely optional.

Premium Plan

If you operate a large and/or multi-site church, the premium plan allows you to operate multiple. Separately branded campuses from one SecureGive account. This plan starts at $199/month, which unlocks campaign giving and allows you to have up to five church campuses.

This plan also comes with a Dedicated Success Manager. Who will oversee your church and its operations to help you get the most out of this advanced giving platform? In the event that you need even more room, consider the enterprise plan. Which has custom pricing based on your needs.

Is SecureGive Right for Your Church?

As you read through all of the features that SecureGive has to offer it’s easy to see why many people choose it. At DonorWERX we’re proud to say that we created. The SecureGive platform is feature-rich effective and engaging and we love seeing churches make the most of it every day.

Are you ready to take the next step in growing your church and congregation? Get started today with a free consultation and learn how we can help.

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