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5 Best Aspects of SecureGive and How They Increase Giving

5 best aspects of securegive

5 Best Aspects of SecureGive and How They Increase Giving

Running a successful ministry in the modern world requires more than preaching the Word and passing a collection plate. Fewer people now occupy the pews, and many who do don’t tithe asthey should. Fortunately, church giving software options can help in this endeavor. Choosing one may seem like a daunting task — until you consider the best aspects of SecureGive.

SecureGive started in 2004 when a pastor realized a new way of giving was needed. This leads us to one of the main reasons DonorWERX utilizes the platform: it’s the only giving platform created by pastors, for pastors. Of course, you’ll want to know more about any resource before using it in your ministry. That’s why we’ve compiled the best aspects of SecureGive in one place.

1. Offers a Variety of Giving Options

When SecureGive started in 2004, it offered the world’s first giving kiosk. While this was certainly a revolution in how people donated to churches and nonprofit organizations, a lot has changed since that time. Since that time, the number of Americans using the internet grew from 63 percent to 93 percent. This is a huge jump and it’s exactly why online giving is now essential for churches.

This is what makes its wide range of giving options easily one of the best aspects of SecureGive. In addition to kiosks and online contributions, donors can also give with a user-friendly app or via text-to-give. The platform additionally offers check scanning options, so it’s easy to see why it stands out as one of the most popular digital giving software choices out there.

Of course, you might be hesitant if your ministry doesn’t have its own app. After all, why pay for something that won’t provide benefits for your congregation? Fortunately, SecureGive also offers a customized church app to accept donations. You need absolutely no tech knowledge to use it and once you see what it can do, you’ll agree it’s one of the best aspects of SecureGive.

2. Easy Integration With Other Church Software

Whether you’re simply trying to increase donations on Sundays or have a month-long fundraising event, your church management system (ChMS) is a vital tool. If you’re not yet using one, you should take a moment to schedule a Discovery Call with the experts at DonorWERX. Without such a platform, you’re hindering your ministry from becoming a success.

When you do utilize such a platform, though, other tools need to integrate with it. This is another of the best aspects of SecureGive: simple integration. You can seamlessly sync your online giving with your ChMS. SecureGive also offers automated transaction downloads with the most popular management platforms.

Of course, not everyone uses automated ChMS. For those who don’t, easy CSV downloads make importing transactions into your system a quick and easy process. SecureGive also integrates with other powerful tools — including DonorWERX. This means you can start using proven resources to communicate and engage your church while accessing amazing giving capabilities.

3. Transparent and Flat Pricing

While pricing may not be a feature like the others mentioned on this list, it’s one of the best aspects of SecureGive. Rather than encountering hidden costs and other unexpected charges, you’ll pay a single flat monthly cost with low-cost transaction fees. That charge is just two percent + $0.30 of each transaction.

In case you didn’t know, that’s nearly 33 percent lower than PayPal fees — and PayPal doesn’t come close to the giving options of SecureGive. Unfortunately, other church giving platforms charge similarly or even higher rates. This is the case even for services that don’t offer kiosk or text-to-give solutions. This makes it clear why pricing is one of the best aspects of SecureGive.

4. Multifaceted Church App

This guide has already covered the fact that app donations are one of the many impressive SecureGive features. What you may not know is that these customized apps do much more than just accept tithes and gifts.

In addition to being fully customizable — so much so that you can use your ministry’s own custom branding — these apps also offer:

  • Location-based alerts.
  • Live streaming of your services.
  • Storage of past sermons and blogs.
  • Event calendars.
  • Zero downtime if switching from another app.
  • Congregant interaction from anywhere.

You can’t discuss the best aspects of SecureGive without mentioning the customizable church app feature. Even the smallest ministry in the most rural area must keep pace with technology somewhat. Since 85 percent of Americans own smartphones, a mobile app is a great option for this. And, since you don’t need coding or developer experience, anyone can take advantage of this tool.

5. Simple and Easy Reporting

SecureGive and similar tools with impressive functionality can do great things for your church. Unfortunately, even the best resource can suffer without proper reporting. After all, how can you tell if something is working if you don’t have easy-to-understand data and reports to compare? You won’t have a problem with this thanks to one of the best aspects of SecureGive.

The SecureGive platform creates donation reports that you can post directly into your church management software. This means you can easily keep track of donors, donations, giving statements and more. The importance of such a feature is evidenced by the focus given to impact reports and annual giving letters by churches and nonprofits.

After all, both of these documents focus on showing donors what they’ve done and what’s still to come. The data you garner from SecureGive — along with other tools in the DonorWERX framework (e.g., BitDonate) — can help you create improved giving strategies moving forward. This makes reporting tools easily one of the best aspects of SecureGive.

How DonorWerx Can Help

Reduced attendance, fewer self-identified religious individuals and decreased tithing present unique challenges for church leaders. Whether the pews are packed or sparse on Sunday mornings, this is a reality we’ve all had to deal with. Fortunately, none of these issues means that your ministry can’t excel financially. DonorWERX can help in that endeavor.

The best aspects of SecureGive are just a few of the reasons we’ve integrated the platform into the DonorWERX suite of tools. When combined with our resources that cater to donor management, communication, engagement and outreach tasks, you have everything you need to help your ministry succeed. Click here to get started today on improving your church’s tomorrow.

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