(Type 6)

The Principled Donor


As an experienced church leader, you have likely seen a wide variety of donor personalities in your congregation. Knowing what makes each tick and how to approach them when it comes to giving is crucial. In this article, we look at the Sixth Personality Type: the Principled Donor.

Although people change with time and circumstances, it is still helpful to know the basics of this type of personality. That way, you can tailor your giving strategy to accommodate their needs and desires, too. Seeing your donors as unique individuals will help you know how to help them spiritually.

Type Six personalities are a special kind of donor. They can be engaging and responsible, yet are also known for their tendencies to feel anxious and suspicious. Here are some tips that we have found helpful for leading this type of donor.


The Following Terms Describe a Principled Donor Best

  • Hard-working
  • Very responsible
  • A family-oriented person
  • Never disappointing anyone
  • Loyal yet skeptical
  • True to their word
  • Has realistic expectations
  • Never goes back
    on their word
  • Reliable
  • Best to call in emergencies
  • Always have your back

What Motivates the Principled Donor?

As their personality type suggests, it is solid principles that motivate this donor. If they have been attracted to your church, it is likely because of your message and your mission. The words they hear, and the deeper truths they have come to understand from God’s word — these are not the type of people to be easily attracted by frills or a “lifestyle promise.”

These Principled Donors are very realistic, so they are inspired and motivated by church leaders who serve by example. When these types of donors see the work that you are doing in the church, and the lives you are changing for the better, they will want to back your cause. So, make sure you are walking the talk, not just preaching it.

What Are Principled Donors Most Passionate About?

Long-term missions appeal to their giving nature. They want to support churches that have a good history of managing donations and building long-term work. If you are fundraising for a short-term project (a feeding, a one-day event, etc.), they may not be as compelled to help.

However, if you ask for donations toward community projects that will be sustainable, the Principled Donor may be a big asset. They are passionate about family and depend on a community. You might notice heavy emotional connections to their giving, and the same when it comes to tithing and donating to the church.


How Can You Engage the Principled Donor?

The Principled Donor loves serving by finding that one worthy cause they can support. You may ask them to consider tithing regularly or becoming a board member of the church, for example. They take duty and responsibility seriously, so make sure to offer them work and a cause where they can actually help create positive change.

These are the kind of donors who know the value of working behind the scenes to make a difference in the world. They don’t feel that it is always necessary to be seen or heard, but the truth is that your mission work would not be possible without them.


Best Ways to Thank a Principled Donor

These are the donors you want to show deep appreciation for in a way that will also have a lasting effect on others who are considering supporting the church. If you organize annual events for appreciating and acknowledging your donors, they should be on this list.

You can also thank them by showing appreciation on your giving website . You may have a page for updating sponsors and detailing the missions they helped. This is where you can elaborate on the exact ways that their donation made a difference. The key here is showing the sustainable effects of their gifts.

Pastors and church managers should cultivate professional relationships with Principled Donors. They can also be instrumental in giving the church counsel and wisdom, as they are often well-respected individuals in your community.

Character Example of a Driven Donor

A power couple who set the example for Type Six Donors are George and Amal Clooney. She is the president of the Clooney Foundation for Justice, founded in late 2016 to advance justice in courtrooms, communities, and classrooms worldwide. The Simon Wiesenthal Center recently honored Amal and George Clooney with its Humanitarian Award at its 2020 virtual gala.

At the 17th Annual Texas Conference for Women at the Austin Convention Center, Amal said:


“As women, there is a bond we all share. It’s not a bond of geography or culture, but of shared experience. There are struggles that only women face. The worst thing we can do as women is not stand up for each other. [But] if we are united, if we keep up the fight for each other’s rights, there is no limit to what we can do.”



The Principled Donor type will become one of your most loyal and faithful givers. That is, if your church continues to practice what it preaches. When they see the results of your hard work, the missions you carry out, and the communities you better, they will want to share and learn those principles, too.

For more tips and helpful suggestions for growing donors, read our blog posts on Donorwerx or refer to the entire study on the Nine Donor Personality Types.

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