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Type 4: The Decisive Donor

the decisive donor

Type 4: The Decisive Donor

In our Donor Personality Quiz, we presented the Type Four personality, representing a Decisive Donor. In this article, we dig deeper and learn more about this type of donor.

The Decisive Donor, as the name implies, likes being in charge through decision-making. They highly value informed and educated decisions and give based on the answers to the many questions they may have about the church. Don’t be put off by their inquisitiveness and curiosity. It is better to have donors and supporters who understand your work better and can get behind your vision.

The Following Terms Describe a Decisive Donor Best

  • Romantic
  • Creative
  • Self-conscious
  • Influential
  • Clear-sighted
  • Firm
  • Critical
  • Moody
  • Passionate
  • Curious
  • Information-hungry
  • Decision-makers
  • Leaders
  • Strong
  • Decisive


What to Watch Out for When Managing the Decisive Donor

Executive pastors and church leaders can share the inspiration and joy of these donors. Their excitement about a project or mission is contagious, and that is a real blessing!

However, be mindful that they can be quite expressive and dramatic, otherwise self-absorbed and temperamental.

If you ever noticed certain donors who tend to withdraw or lessen their donations and gifts during a difficult time, these might be the decisive type. Their problems at work or in their professional lives may be reflected in the commitment they give to the church. This is not a reason to get discouraged about their lack of giving, but instead an opportunity for pastors and nonprofit directors to reach out to the donors and be a spiritual strength.

During their downtimes, you can make a difference as their church leader by being there for them and uplifting them through encouragement and prayer. Now is not the time to ask for large gifts or even make them feel obliged to attend church.

If ever your Decisive Donor is experiencing a troublesome time, give them space while letting them know you are there if they need you. Give them the option to attend online services or stay in touch through your digital platforms if they find it hard to show up in person.

Remember that their usual positive energy can be an asset to the church. The Decisive Donors often look for churches or nonprofits whose missions resonate with their creative and self-conscious personalities.

What Motivates the Decisive Donor?

The Decisive Donors gravitate toward the churches or nonprofits whose missions resonate with their creative and self-conscious personality. As their spiritual partners or leaders, you can help them practically by encouraging them to focus on reaching their philanthropic goals.

For example, many Decisive Donors are passionate about the arts and culture. As a church leader, look for ways to create opportunities through emotional avenues, such as campaigns that create social change.


How Can You Engage the Decisive Donor?

Decisive people are often successful because of their ability to make quick decisions and stick to them. It doesn’t take that much inspiration or convincing if this donor feels strongly about giving. This explains why the Decisive Donor will take time to decide, but once they are convinced of a good mission, they act quickly.

You job as a pastor is to guide them during their decision-making time, and then to help them further their goals. You can do this by ensuring they are updated with current outreach activities. Keep in touch with them via social media. Write them a personal thank-you note after an unexpected gift. Anything you can do to make them feel valued will be appreciated.

Practical Ways to Encourage Decisive Donors:

Decisive Donors are conscious learners. They want to grow their knowledge so that they can make quicker, more educated decisions. That’s why you must encourage them by building up their self-confidence. Some ideas for you:

  • Give them the option to take courses or skill-building activities in the church.
  • Encourage questions.
  • Do all you can to teach and mentor the Decisive Donor, as they value your wise judgment.
  • Find out about courses online that might interest them, such as the Art of Negotiation or Entrepreneurship.
  • If they are in the decision-making stage, ensure they have all the information necessary to make a proper decision.

Best Ways to Thank a Decisive Donor

There are many ways to show your gratitude to a Decisive Donor. The following are practical ideas that your managing teams may like to implement.

  • Speak to their natural ability to decide if your nonprofit or church mission is worth supporting.
  • Let them know you appreciate their understanding nature, as deciding which church to support is not always easy.
  • Thank them when they ask deeper questions about your church and nonprofit. This is not them being cynical but simply wanting to make informed decisions when giving.
  • Feature them in interviews, such as educational podcasts and online meetings with the church. Ask their opinions, as they value giving knowledge as much as receiving it.

Pastors and church managers who lead the Decisive Donor types must be aware that each is on their personal giving journey. So, take it one day at a time, one donation at a time. Help them on their giving journey by teaching a deeper understanding of topics such as tithing and giving.

Many churches have donors who only give because it “feels right” or is the trendy thing to do. Not so with the Decisive Donor. This donor type takes giving seriously and wants to make an informed difference in the world.

This type of donor can be slow to bring on board in the beginning. They warm up to you through their inquiries, their research, and multiple visits to your church services before committing financially.

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