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5 Ways to Appeal to the Purposeful Donor

the purposeful donor

 5 Ways to Appeal to the Purposeful Donor:

In our Donor Personality Test, we explained the Nine Known Types of Purposeful Donor Personalities. We covered why it is important for Executive Pastors and church leaders to be aware of the various types of donors.

We base the Donor Personality Test on the popular Enneagram Test. This nine-sided test determines a person’s personality based on nine types of givers.

This test is commonly used in both the corporate world and in many churches. Pastors use this test in their training courses, to help identify potential donors, as well as to train those in charge of fundraising to appeal to donors in a more efficient way.

Here is a refresher on the Purposeful Donor Personality:

Type One: The Purposeful Donor

Type one personalities are principled and purposeful. They are self-controlled and can be perfectionistic. 

Typically, this type is a perfectionist, always looking for reform. They advocate for change, have a lot of experience in supporting churches and non-profits, and are serious about leaving behind a positive legacy.


  • Their mission is to make the world a better place


  • Leaving a positive legacy
  • Showing up
  • Integrity


  • Advocating for change
  • Improving your surroundings


  • Principled
  • Purposeful
  • a true leader
  • humanitarian


Their natural charisma and deep sense of purpose in everything become their Midas Touch!

Note: Check out our done-for-you church campaigns you can also use when appealing to the Purposeful Donor!

Example Character: Think of the Bible character Moses as a Type One. He was a true leader, whether advocating for change in the palace as a Prince of Egypt or leading the children of Israel across the Red Sea. He spent his whole life on his mission and left behind an amazing legacy.

1. Be Direct The Purposeful Donor

Because of their strong sense of purpose, this is a personality type that does not beat around the bush. They appreciate it when those inviting them to a fundraiser don’t either. So asking clearly for an “X amount of money towards X project” will be appreciated. They will see you as also direct and proactive in setting financial goals.

2. Appeal to a Sense of Urgency

The Type One Purposeful Donor will be interested to know why it is important for them to support your cause “now”. If you demonstrate an immediate need with a sense of urgency, this will give them a clearer picture. Stay top of mind with this donor by including recent and timely photos of your projects in your newsletters (never use outdated ones!)

3. Show Adaptation The Purposeful Donor

This Type One Purposeful Donor is experienced, and is likely already a church leader or key member. They will also appreciate if you as executive pastors and church leaders are using updated ways to communicate with your church members. They will be used to donation campaigns on digital giving platforms, and easy fundraising options. If you present them with better, more convenient ways to give, it shows that you care about them as donors, too.

4. Create Space for Feedback

The Type One Purposeful Donor wants to be a part of the conversation, so engage with them. Invite them to send their feedback via email, or make your social network pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) easy to message. That said, stay on top of your online groups with a social network manager who can respond quickly and wisely to any questions or suggestions your donors may have.

5. Encourage their Personal Legacy

These are the type of Donors who might be looking for a way to leave a positive permanent legacy in the world. They will appreciate being given due credit—for example, include them in your sponsor appreciation program, or refer to them as your strongest supporters behind the projects they make possible. Where it is possible to include their name, do so to show your gratitude, such as in your online newsletters and church updates.


At DonorWerx, we help churches with the right tools to appeal to and encourage the Purposeful Donor to give. Remember that giving is a journey: your church leaders, members, and donors will all grow together, with time. So don’t get discouraged if it seems you are not reaching your financial goals.

With the right resources, digital platforms, and a center for managing your members and donors, you will soon be a thriving church with well-supported ministries.

Call us today to schedule a Discovery chat, or find out more about our donor-centric products, including how to increase recurring givers.

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