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The Complete Guide to Church Apps for Your Ministry

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The Complete Guide to Church Apps for Your Ministry

Using church apps to manage your ministry will guarantee your success in the new era of Christianity. As people across the globe get more accustomed to doing things online, church apps are the new normal. Joining fellowships, studying the Bible and being guided spiritually can all be done from the comfort of one’s home. Therefore, church leaders and managers should “upgrade” to the new way of doing things, and new ways of growing their church.

When considering which app you want to use for your church members, what should you look out for? The following five criteria are essential:

1.      Easy to Use

Some of your leaders and managers will be skilled technically. Many will not. Choose a church app that is the most user friendly.

2.     Platform Support 

Your church members need to access the app on many different mobile devices. Make sure the app offers ongoing technical support.

3.     Setup Process 

It should be as easy to download and set up as it is to use. In other words, apps need to make your life easier; not more complicated.

4.     Budget 

Depending on the size of your church and membership, choose one that offers the most value for the cost.

5.     Features 

Choose church apps with features that will best benefit your church members. For example, you may want something simple. You could also want something a little more complex, but this depends on the immediate and long-term needs of your church.

Let’s examine some of the most popular church apps available today and see if any fit your needs.

1.   The Church App

The Church App was built to target church growth and audience engagement. Its Media features are widely used for hosting, streaming sermons, and listening in to inspirational podcasts. In addition, they run a blog, an in-app giving tool, and messaging options for users. Fees start at $99.99 per month when billed annually The digital giving solution is offered for free, with a processing fee of 1.9–2.9% for transactions.

2.     Ministry One

Ministry One offers users huge value. Its success is in the app’s simplicity and functionality. Its creators understood the need for personalization on digital devices, and a clean, consistent feel. It works with platforms from Shelby Systems, Elexio, easyTithe and Clover, making all transactions seamless. Updated YouTube sermons, audio podcasts and more make it modern and cool for young believers. Above all, it starts at only $39/month, This makes it a no-brainer solution for pastors with a thriving ministry.


Primarily a giving platform, takes the anxiety out of fundraising. Built for a mobile generation, it offers user 5 different ways to give, and in-depth reports for those managing financials. Many churches say their congregation and donors love that it is highly engaging and navigating the app feels very intuitive. There is a free setup cost on offer, then pricing plans for management start at a mere $50.

4.     Unify Church App

A church must believe in empowering its members to succeed. Therefore, it should teach connection, commitment, and engagement on all levels. This is where the Unify Church App provides a wonderful digital platform. Members who might feel lonely in a time of crisis get to connect in real-time. In addition, they can ask for prayer, give and receive donations, and share inspirational messages. Their most recent features include expanded functionality, RSVPing for events, push notifications, and great support. Pricing plans start at $99 for all platforms.

5.     Aware3

Interaction, communication, and giving are the three important focuses of this church app. Best for churches who need to have seamless communication between management, use this church app for two-way communication for your staff, and to manage in-app donations. You can also have live polls and sermons notes available. The Aware3 starter plan starts at $69/month billed annually. If your church has than 150 in attendance, you can avail of the Starter plan.

6.     Subsplash

Subsplash is known for being the very first church app, first made in 2009. Its multiple plans start at $99/month ($1,200 per year), or a one-time $499 setup fee. Their base package includes an all-in-one suite of tools, and even a website builder. You can get 1TB of media storage, integrated Bible audio, and a live-streaming add-on feature. One of their best values is the dedicated Client Success Manager, who offers technical support all seven days a week.

7.     Donorwerx

Of course, we can’t leave without telling you about our special features at Donorwerx, an overview and pricing idea.

We created this digital tool to enable consistent, recurring givers, and free you to focus on taking care of leading your church. In addition, our app increases giving by 39%, and we offer full support on all software.

The four ways we help you develop your donors are:

·      KPIs / Metrics Reviews

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to identify where growth can be encouraged. 

·      Leadership Development

Spiritual and practical guidance for your donors, a way to create digital moral support for them in return.

·      Communication Strategy

We help you plan the upcoming months and years so that you have a greater vision for your church and stay committed to its goals.

·      Achievements Milestones

We are here to help you celebrate the progress and potential of your people. The online platform is a way to stay connected, marking milestones and creating awareness of the good missions that are being accomplished through your church and those who give to it.


After you have had a look at the above options for church apps available online, you’ll know which is best suited to your needs. In addition, please refer to our updated blog posts and programs if you need more resources and tips on taking your church ministry online. We have lots of tips for non-profit accounting and management. Remember, the time spent investing in watering the seeds of your church will, in the end, reap the harvest you seek.

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