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Why Using Text to Give Software Is Crucial for Your Church

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Emerging technology introduces fresh avenues for engaging with your congregation, along with novel channels for charitable contributions. Initiatives like text-to-give campaigns offer your church the means to generate funds for activities such as youth group excursions, important initiatives, and the day-to-day functioning of your ministry.

Acquiring insight into the mechanics of this dynamic software will enable your church to explore uncharted territory, simultaneously offering your members innovative ways to contribute.

How Does Text-to-Give Software Work?

It’s as straightforward as it sounds. When individuals wish to contribute to an organization or campaign, text-to-give software transforms the process into an enjoyable and uncomplicated experience. The donor’s task is simply to text the desired amount to a short phone number. These text-to-give initiatives are remarkably memorable and easily shareable.

For instance, consider setting up a campaign and promoting it in the following manner:

“To make a donation, text your preferred amount to [your church’s number] and show your support for our ministry’s initiatives.”

The ease of establishing text-to-give campaigns allows for their use in various capacities, such as specific functions, programs, and objectives, or even a comprehensive program encompassing your entire church. The entire process remains user-friendly and streamlined.

Once an individual texts an amount to the designated short number, they will promptly receive a secure link in response. By clicking this link, they will be directed to a user-friendly mobile form to input their donor information. In less than a minute, they can contribute to your cause by providing much-needed funds.

Given its swiftness and simplicity, it comes as no surprise that text-to-donate campaigns have gained traction nationwide. Churches and other non-profit organizations consistently employ them to amass funds for diverse purposes, ranging from outreach endeavors to disaster relief efforts.

What Can Text to Give Do For Your Church?

Solely in 2017, the generosity of Americans translated into over $410 billion directed towards non-profit organizations. This encouraging figure denoted a 5 percent advancement from previous assessments. Consistently, religious institutions have maintained the lion’s share in terms of charitable contributions, a trend affirmed by recent data from 2016.

After a 2.9 percent rise in donations, almost a third of the entire charitable sum ($127.37 billion) finds its way to religious entities. Most of these contributions originate from individuals, channeling their support to their local places of worship. If these numbers fail to ignite your motivation, here are the giving statistics that will undoubtedly spark your enthusiasm for initiating a text-to-give campaign for your ministry.

  • Polling individuals open to contributing to their church unveiled that 60 percent are amenable to digital donations.
  • Ministries adopting online tithing experience an average upswing of 32 percent in their overall donation amounts.
  • Among tithing contributors, over 75 percent exhibit a remarkable commitment, contributing well beyond the standard 10 percent of their earnings. They opt to offer 11 to 20 percent of their gross income.

These statistics hold the potential to embolden your church. They underscore the readiness of contemporary worshippers to contribute. However, it would be immensely beneficial if you provided them with a mode of donation that resonates with their way of life.

In the present day, virtually everyone possesses a mobile device at their fingertips. This is precisely why text-to-give campaigns wield such potency. They furnish individuals with the capacity to engage and connect with a campaign, regardless of their location.

Moreover, it offers a donation avenue that is uncomplicated and in line with the sensibilities of today’s generation of church attendees.

You’ll Attract More Millennials

A church that embraces the adoption of text-to-donate software will witness significant upsurges in engagement and overall contributions. Particularly, the millennial demographic displays a greater inclination to donate when presented with digital giving options. Given that millennials constitute more than a quarter of the nation’s population, they represent a vital target audience to connect with.

Back in 2016, nearly half of all millennials channeled their donations through an organization’s website. Furthermore, 40 percent of them participate in regular giving via monthly programs. Their involvement extends to in-person activities as well, with 64 percent actively engaging as local volunteers, and 55 percent taking part in fundraising events.

Within the United States, millennials contribute 11 percent of the total charitable giving. With a staggering 84 percent of them demonstrating a willingness to contribute to causes (each offering an average of $481 annually), it’s crucial that organizations provide them with an uncomplicated means of doing so.

Text to Give Appeals to Gen X Too

Many organizations erroneously assume that only millennials will respond to text-to-donate and digital campaigns. However, Generation X members swiftly dispel this notion.

Born between 1961 and 1981, Generation X individuals favor text messages and voice calls for communication. They are also active on social media and regularly check emails. Notably, around a third of Generation X’s online donations were prompted by emails, as indicated by a survey.

Furthermore, nearly 60 percent of Generation X members have been inspired to donate in response to an image or message on social media. Given the ease of sharing text-to-give campaigns, this statistic further supports their adoption.

The concise call-to-action in a text-to-give campaign can be effortlessly featured on your church’s social media and website. Congregation members can then swiftly spread the message, encouraging friends and family to contribute. This facilitates donations from a broader audience beyond those who visit and donate in person.

Other Generations Are Along for the Ride

Baby boomers are often underestimated in their tech savviness, yet consistent statistics reveal their rapid tech adoption. They embrace voice, text, and email for communication and engage with apps and social media, as evidenced by active online grandparents.

They find joy in using the internet to connect with family, friends, and the community, making them receptive to donating through these channels. Even the Greatest Generation is online, with about one-third of donors aged 75 or older reporting online donations in the past year. Remarkably, this generation gives on average 25 percent more frequently than its younger counterparts.

The takeaway is that digital giving isn’t solely for young church members. It’s a donation method that resonates across all generations in your congregation. This expands your reach to those already engaged in your ministry — and potential new participants.

Text-to-give isn’t intended as a complete transition. Your church need not shift entirely to digital giving. Rather, implementing text-to-give software diversifies donation avenues for your varied congregation. Hence, it’s crucial to offer both in-person and digital donation options to your members.

Implement Text-to-Give Software Now

The data speaks for itself. By adopting DonorWerx’s text-to-give software, you can expect a minimum 10 percent surge in donations within six months. This pledge holds true for every ministry seeking enhanced congregation engagement. A brief 30-minute discovery call is all it takes.

During this session, we’ll delve into your current donation landscape, pinpointing barriers impeding your church’s optimal support. Our evaluation will also gauge how your ministry aligns with modern donor expectations. We stand firmly in the “new era” of giving. Is your church ready?

Schedule a Discovery Call with DonorWerx now. We’ll guide you through three actionable steps that can swiftly elevate your donation figures.

Consider: What impact could a single new donor bring to your church? What about 10 or even 100? If your monthly donations currently stand at $50,000, our efforts could consistently boost that amount by over $5,000, building month after month. These new contributions will rapidly accumulate, empowering your church to touch more lives and make a more substantial community impact.

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