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5 Church Online Giving Statistics No One Can Ignore

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Prior to delving into the query of “what’s the optimal church online giving strategy,” many decision-makers within religious institutions ponder its viability. If your ministry hasn’t previously embraced online donations, gauging their effectiveness might be uncertain. Yet, consult any church leader who has ventured down this path, and they’ll enthusiastically vouch for its efficacy.

A glance at the statistics alone can provide a glimpse of the immense potential.

1. Willingness to Give Online

A significant statistic in the realm of online donations is the striking willingness of 60 percent of congregants to contribute digitally. This substantial figure takes into account the convenience facilitated by a church donation management program. However, a mere 16 percent of churchgoers presently opt for electronic giving.

Why does this gap exist? The reality is that numerous churches don’t provide online donation avenues. While congregants express a desire to donate digitally, a considerable number are deprived of the opportunity. By omitting this option, churches inadvertently overlook substantial sources of potential giving.

2. Donations Made Via Card

Employing a church giving app for tithing and donations used to be inconceivable, given that “apps” themselves are a relatively new development. Presently, however, a significant 49 percent of all church giving transactions are conducted via credit or debit cards.

While it’s not definite that you’ll forfeit these contributions by not embracing card payments, it’s a reasonable inference that you’re overlooking potential gains. While it remains within your prerogative to solely accept traditional funding, adopting the finest online giving alternatives for your church will guarantee outreach to the substantial portion of contributors who utilize cards.

3. Preferences of Your Most Engaged Members

We’re all familiar with the “CEO” attendees at church—those who show up only for “Christmas and Easter Only”. Conversely, there’s a multitude of congregants who frequent every open-door opportunity, participating in weekly events. It’s this latter group that’s more inclined to contribute.

Now, what’s their preference? Research underlines that 80 percent of individuals engaging in at least two church activities or groups weekly prefer electronic giving. While there’s no doubt that many of these committed participants would still contribute even without the option, why leave it to chance when we can readily accommodate their preferences?

4. Tithing Is Declining

It’s intriguing how historical records have diligently tracked tithing trends. In fact, we possess precise data on congregational contributions dating back to the Great Depression era. Presently, a mere 3.4 percent of church attendees adhere to the 10 percent tithe stipulated in the Bible. Strikingly, during the Great Depression, this figure was 21 percent higher.

What insight does this offer? Firstly, it underscores that economic conditions aren’t the decisive factor. Even amidst the depths of the Depression, our predecessors were proportionally more committed to tithing than today’s standards reveal. Furthermore, how does this connect to determining the finest online giving approach for your church?

This transition guides us directly to our concluding statistical observation.

5. Increases Thanks to Church Online Giving

Now, how can we address the dwindling adherence to the biblical tithing standard? The answer lies in digital giving. Data reveals a remarkable 32 percent surge in donations for churches that embraced online contributions.

The magnitude of this statistic cannot be overstated. Consider this: an average church collecting $1,000 in weekly donations could witness an elevation to $1,320. This increase holds the potential to significantly amplify your ministry’s capabilities, regardless of its scale and weekly giving sums.

Excel With Online Giving for Your Church

If there’s something almost as indisputable as the teachings of the Good Book, it’s the undeniable truth found within the numbers. Repeatedly, surveys, studies, and statistics affirm that incorporating online donations is the ideal route to elevate tithing.

If you’re prepared to discover the optimal online giving solution for your church, don’t hesitate to contact us today. This way, you can direct your energies toward your mission without concern about funding it. Schedule a Discovery Call now to get started.

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