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Giving Stories & Statistics to Inspire You

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Pass Along The Light

We’ve all heard how important it is to teach donors about the Scriptural principles of giving: why it is encouraged, and how they will be blessed in return for their charitable efforts.

To bring these concepts even closer to home, it helps to show statistics. Share with your donors and congregation how philanthropy can and does still exist during troubled, tumultuous times.

Inspiring Giving Statistics

The current global pandemic is challenging all of us. But here’s some good news: According to reports by Giving USA, charitable giving reached over $470 billion when the pandemic rocked the nation in 2020. Check out these other encouraging statistics from Giving USA 2021: The Annual Report on Philanthropy:

  • Giving to public-society benefit organizations rose 7%, with a total $48 billion increase. The charitable organizations included national donor-advised funds and civil rights organizations.
  • Giving to international affairs was $25.89 billion in 2020, an increase of 1% over the previous year.
  • Giving to environmental and animal organizations saw an increase of 6% to $16.14 billion.

These inspiring giving statistics show that many charitable people around the world were still inspired to give in major ways during the pandemic. At the heart of individuals who give is the desire to make lasting change, even if for just one person. Churches must learn how to encourage small acts of charity, using the tools of traditional and modern media.

Unsung Hero: Sister Banda

One unsung hero we can remember is Sister Banda in Zambia, a nun and social worker. She found a way to do good and give through her voice, reaching one and a half million people.

A passionate public health advocate, Sister Banda saw the need to help translate the local public health bulletins. These were meant to educate people on COVID-19 distancing and hygiene measures but were all printed in English. She knew that critical news and updates on the coronavirus should be accessible to all in the country, and especially to those in remote villages who did not speak English.

Sister Banda realized that she could make a difference by translating the information, then sharing the info on broadcasts at Yatsani Community Radio. So, she approached the radio station with this idea.

sister banda

Her popular and very important talk show now airs several times a week. She features special guests and takes caller questions, all aiming to inform her listeners about public health issues.

Using a traditional media method—her radio program—to communicate modern health issues and solutions, Sister Banda has created a huge community of over 1.5 million people. They all now feel that they have helped in getting through the pandemic together.

“The whole pandemic has brought humanity together,” she says. “We realize that our life is actually short and we need to spend most of it building on what is important. And these are relationships. Getting in touch with one another, being there for each other.”

There are many more instances of individuals reaching out in small ways and making a huge impact during the pandemic. In the next few blog posts, we will share with you their inspiring testimonials. We hope the stories encourage you and your congregation.

How DonorWerx Can Help

When donors know that their gifts are being used wisely and that they had a hand in making a positive impact, they are more likely to give for the long term.

Make it a focus of your nonprofit to highlight stories in your community on how their donations are being used effectively. If, for example, they are supporting outreach projects in foreign countries, you can start a blog about that place or feature an individual (such as Sister Banda).

We understand that during a pandemic or financial crisis, you may be reluctant to ask potential donors for help supporting your church or nonprofit. Remember that you can encourage folks to give in small ways—giving their time, sharing resources, or helping in the community. Financial gifts will grow as you focus on strengthening your managing teams and giving your donors more value.

To know more about what you can do to grow your donors, visit our resources page. At DonorWerx, it’s our mission to educate church leaders on the technical and digital tools available at their disposal for growing their church. Call us today to schedule an initial chat to know more about how we can help you grow your giving.

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