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shelby systems

Shelby Systems and DonorWerx Integration

More than 3,000 churches proudly use Shelby Systems to run their church.

Shelby Systems and DonorWerx Integration

shelby systems

Shelby Systems and DonorWerx Integration

It’s no secret that the world of church technology can be simply overwhelming, which is why Shelby Systems has met the problem with a focused, innovative approach. With the goal of offering an all-in-one solution, Shelby helps church leaders save time on monotonous administrative tasks and get back to focusing on what matters most: engaging your congregation.

For these reasons, DonorWerx is proud to announce an integration with Shelby Systems. This will help users like you achieve a truly seamless backend. You’ll have data and reports synced automatically — allowing you to take advantage of the best of both worlds when it comes to leading church software.

Why Use Shelby Systems?

More than 3,000 churches proudly use Shelby Systems to run their church. With multiple products designed specifically for organizations like yours, users are able to customize a plan to fit their needs. Just take a closer look at what they offer and you’ll see how.

For Pastors

  • Member management
  • Automated workflows
  • Follow-up & outreach
  • Custom mobile app

Explore member management tools that help you shape the experience of every visitor through outreach and follow-up. With automated workflows and interactions, Shelby allows you to take the hassle out of emails and follow-up tasks that will ultimately keep your congregants engaged.

Shelby also offers MinistryOne, which is their newest system for launching mobile apps customized to churches. Meanwhile, their other pastor tools help reduce paperwork, speed up processes, and reduce overall workload — all while helping your church run more effectively.

For Administrators

  • Cross-platform support
  • Custom church website
  • Event management
  • Group management

Shelby helps to empower the administrative team at your church by offering a cross-platform solution that enables seamless access to your databases, schedules, and information. Save time when it comes to managing your small groups, tracking attendance, and communicating with members.

Through built-in voice, text, and email messaging, you can reach out to church members and volunteers from anywhere, whether you’re using the website or your iOS/Android device. The cross-platform capabilities mean Shelby fuels interactions around-the-clock.

For Finance

  • Payroll management
  • Financial reports
  • Invoice management

Your church operates on a limited budget, which is why Shelby’s financial tools are designed to make financial management insightful and easy. With leading, cloud-based software, Shelby knows the exact financial metrics you want and need to track. Generating reports on-the-fly is easy, so you can always meet the reporting needs of your church and headquarters.

Your ministry’s accounting is made easy with a FASB 117 and GAAP compliant system. This system gives you all the tools you need to manage financials. Whether it’s approving/denying purchase orders, time-off requests, or invoices from your partners and vendors — you’re covered.

Get More Out of Shelby Systems

With all of Shelby’s powerful features, it’s easy to see why thousands of churches choose Shelby over its competitors. Still, there’s one element that Shelby alone may not be able to fulfill for you, and that’s donation collection and payment processing.

If you are looking to utilize the feature-rich donation system offered by DonorWerx through SecureGive, don’t fear. With our new API, you can integrate Shelby and DonorWerx with ease so that all of your data automatically syncs between the two platforms. That means your reports will always be complete, accurate, and up-to-date, and you won’t have to lift a finger!

To learn more about this exciting integration, you can read our simple tutorial. Better yet, reach out to us directly for answers to all of your questions. We’re happy to tell you more about DonorWerx and the solutions we offer. And if you need help syncing Shelby and DonorWerx, we provide the help you need.

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