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Church Community Builder and DonorWerx Integration

It's widely recognized that Church Community Builder is a powerful and versatile church management software.

Church Community Builder and DonorWerx Integration

church community

Church Community Builder and DonorWerx Integration

There’s wide recognition that Church Community Builder stands out as a powerful and versatile church management software. That’s why DonorWerx is excited to offer an integration between CCB and our own giving software known as SecureGive. Read on to learn more about what this announcement could mean for your ministry.

What Is Church Community Builder?

If you feel overwhelmed trying to grow your congregation, it’s time you shifted your perspective from management to engagement — and that’s exactly what CCB will help you do. This feature-rich church software touches on the most important aspects of church engagement, including:

  • People: Manage small groups, attendance, gifts, and volunteerism with multiple tools to track your congregation’s involvement and interests. Meanwhile, enrich your databases so you can remember more about each individual, in turn helping you engage them more effectively.
  • Groups: Beyond tracking who attends your small groups, the groups-focused tools of CCB helps you track members’ info, get in touch with them, and ensure they keep coming back, all from the Lead App you can install on your phone.
  • Check-In: Use any device, including a phone or tablet, to check people in as they enter your church. Once you have a child in your care, your volunteers can easily use the system to text their parents if they need anything.
  • Schedules: From song libraries and serving rotations to plans for your next service and even your church’s overall schedule, CCB makes planning and staying on schedule a breeze.
  • Processes: Automating follow-up is, by far, one of the most productivity-enhancing things your church can decide to do. CCB makes it simple, allowing automatic follow-up with first-time and returning visitors, on anniversaries, and for any other special occasion.

As you can see, Church Community Builder has a variety of tools to help you get a better grip on your church’s congregation, all while improving engagement and giving you the attendance and involvement numbers you need to know what’s working and what isn’t.

Added Bonus!

In addition to the above, CCB also offers giving software. However, if you already utilize SecureGive or have interest in adding SecureGive’s customization and features alongside your suite of other CCB tools, our integration enables you to do just that.

Why Integrate CCB and DonorWerx?

With this new API integration, your church can use both Church Community Builder and SecureGive side-by-side. It allows for seamless church management. It does this while allowing you to reap the many management features of CCB and the powerful giving software that is SecureGive. That means more features without breaking up important metrics and data across multiple platforms.

Using SecureGive’s API, you’ll be able to send your SecureGive reports directly into your Church Community Builder dashboard without lifting a finger. That means having all of your data in one place, with it automatically uploading each and every day.

Moreover, when a church member uses your SecureGive kiosk or digital giving options, the system searches both your SecureGive and CCB database. It seeks out member information and any missing data between the two platforms. This means donors won’t have to manually input their personal information. When making gifts in the future, they’ll have a quicker and simpler experience. This is beneficial for everyone.

Get Started With Church Community Builder and Donorwerx

We have written an easy-to-follow tutorial for any churches interested in activating the integration API. You’ll need to start by activating this API from CCB and then from SecureGive. Get started by following the steps outlined in this short tutorial.

Have questions about how a SecureGive integration could improve your reporting and efficiency of CCB? Reach out to us today to discuss your options and get help with the integration.

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