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OneChurch and Donorwerx Integration

With this integration, you'll be able to easily connect DonorWerx to OneChurch, allowing you to keep your databases accurate and up-to-date through seamless automated housekeeping

OneChurch and Donorwerx Integration


OneChurch and Donorwerx Integration

The software from OneChurch helps power countless churches, and that’s why DonorWerx is excited to announce a new integration with them. Read on to learn more about what OneChurch does and why this integration is great news for churches like yours.

What Is OneChurch?

Like most church management software, OneChurch tries to address the needs of the whole church through a variety of tools packed into a single software. Of course, there are a few unique offerings that make OneChurch stand out from its competitors, including access to a completely free mobile app that most competitors would surely choose to charge for.

Here’s a closer look at what OneChurch has in store:

  • Member Portal: Allow your church’s members to get hands-on with OneChurch’s member portal that allows members to manage their information and contact preferences, sign up for events, and review their giving history with ease.
  • Volunteer Management: Make the most of every volunteer available to your church with OneChurch’s scheduling tools. Assign volunteers to all of your upcoming events and automatically send an alert to confirm their availability.
  • Small Group Management: Tracking the attendance of your small groups is just the tip of the iceberg. With OneChurch, you can track member information and boost engagement with direct communication between leaders and members. Consequently, you’ll gain more invaluable data.
  • Event Management: Never get behind on the planning for any of your events again. With OneChurch, event management is made simple through organized calendars that you can easily display on your church’s website. You can even collect registration fees upon sign up. Plus, with OneChurch’s form designer, you can rest assured that the user interface will be branded and intuitive.

Going Beyond Management

  • Check-In: Provide peace of mind while easily tracking all of the kids who check-in to your church. The secure system allows you to check in kids quickly. It also gives volunteers and staff easy access to all the important info they need about each child. There’s also a simple option for contacting the parents if they’re needed.
  • Service Planning: Make sure every worship service is perfect by utilizing the powerful service planning tools of OneChurch. From managing your song catalog to the order of events, every Sunday will prove to be special and memorable.
  • Sermon Archive: Better track your past sermons with OneChurch’s Sermon Archive, which allows you to organize video and audio teachings into an easy interface so everyone can access them for reference at a later date.
  • Relationship Building: Make stronger connections with those in your congregation with OneChurch’s people management tools. See how people and families connect to your church and broaden your reach through customized and personalized communication strategies. These include email, phone, and text.

And don’t forget security controls, multi-campus support (including rooms and resources), background checks, and even automated workflows. With all this, you’ll gain a deeper understanding as to why OneChurch continues to outshine competitors. Above all, its integration with DonorWerx makes it more powerful than ever.

Why You Should Use This Integration

As a modern church, accurate and detailed data and reports should be at the center of your focus. After all, data remains one of the most powerful assets any organization can hold. That’s exactly why integrations like this one are so exciting.

With this integration, you’ll be able to easily connect DonorWerx to OneChurch. As a result, you can keep your databases accurate and up-to-date through seamless automated housekeeping processes. That means no manually matching or updating information. With this integration, we handle the time-consuming administrative work for you.

This integration also means that you can explore all third-party options without fear of stress. This is important if you previously avoided using two separate platforms. This is common due to fears of administrative strain on  churches.

Interested in learning more about this integration and how it can improve productivity at your church? View our easy tutorial or reach out to our team for answers to all of your questions.

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