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rock rms

Rock RMS and DonorWerx Integration

DonorWerx recognizes Rock RMS as a popular church management solution, particularly for smaller churches working on tight budgets. If you’re a user of it, you’ll

Rock RMS and DonorWerx Integration

rock rms

Rock RMS and DonorWerx Integration

What exactly is Rock RMS, and why has it become so popular with Church Management System administrators and pastors? Read on to learn its benefits and how integration with DonorWerx can help your ministry succeed.

1. Why You May Need Rock RMS

Rock is what is called an open-source RMS (that’s right, it’s free) that focuses on the heart of ministry – its worshippers. With a wide range of functionality, Rock can readily be installed, configured and integrated within your religious community and meet your ministry goals.

A non-profit ministry owns Rock, and its core focus is to unite the needs of the organizations it serves both as practically and simplistically as possible. Open-source software typically implies that there will be a need to hire technical subject matter experts to install and configure the RMS. Fortunately, this might not be the case with Rock RMS. It has various intuitive tools that reduce the need to hire expensive technical resources.

So how does DonorWerx ‘fit in’ or assimilate with Rock RMS? Despite having its own collection and payment functionality, Rock has the ability to ‘plug-in’ to other systems. This allows its users to quickly configure a new RMS (such as Rock) to their existing collection process system. Fortunately, this is done both efficiently and seamlessly. And this is where DonorWerx comes in. Their donation software options — coupled with their Dx Framework — can ensure that the integration from DonorWerx to Rock RMS is simple.

2.     Overview of the Tool

The key to understanding Rock RMS is to understand the data it requires, and specifically the important information that Rock needs to manage successfully. Quite simply, this data refers to the people who directly comprise the church and its congregation.

People data directly correlates to how DonorWerx Donation software works – if you can identify the donor, how they donate to the church and the behavioral habits of those donations. Therefore, the integrity of donor data is paramount to the success of the integration between DonorWerx Donor Development and Rock MS. It’s necessary to correctly define the ‘people’ data. Donor Software must capture and correctly configure it. This is how integration with Rock takes place. We’ll briefly explain this in the next section.

How the integration works between DonorWerx and Rock RMS:

The DonorWerx/ Rock integration works in ‘real-time’ to achieve a seamless integration experience. Once the integration has successfully configured, Rock will periodically import donor payments recorded from the DonorWerx donation software. It then automatically creates all of the necessary contribution records associated with your donor account.

When the donation transactions have been imported via the integration process, Rock will initiate a ‘matching’ algorithm program. This cross-checks and matches the data in RMS with the data from the DonorWerx Donation payment system. This matching process relies on a combination of both name and email address for the person record. Rock RMS might not successfully match the imported and integrated donor based on these two criteria. If this occurs, it’s time to create a new donor.

3.     Why is the integration capability between The Rock and DonorWerx so important, and what are the benefits?

Is your organization already using Rock as your Church Management Software solution? If so, this integration is ideal for your ministry. The integration takes place with just a few simple clicks. The software synchronization process will deliver consistent donation and donor information across both systems. This is the case for any donations submitted through your DonorWerx Online Giving, App Giving, Text Giving and Kiosk Giving applications.

The DonorWerx Approach to successfully integrate Donor Software with Rock RMS

DonorWerx values their deep industry knowledge so they can help you find the right solution to your donation needs. The process commences by understanding your donor database so you can acquire new donors, retain your major donors, and transform the mid-level donors via a change management process using integrity and thoughtfulness.

Once you understand this deep-rooted knowledge, the Donor Centric Framework comes into play. This will help you understand the relationship your members have with giving. You’ll also learn how to strengthen their connection moving forward. You’ll also find that messaging campaigns combined with guidance and coaching are invaluable. That’s how we augment typical church giving solutions.

4.     How can DonorWerx and Rock RMS work for you?

DonorWerx will help you successfully leverage the people capabilities of your RMS with their donation software. The team at DonorWerx will lift your donation ability that will translate your worshippers into consistent and thoughtful donators.

DonorWerx works with its clients to produce positive outcomes. The cornerstone of their consulting is to understand your congregation’s donation habits. Therefore, they advise their clients on both the high-level and low-level strategies that achieve those outcomes.

Let us help you take your donation game to the next level. By integrating DonorWerx donation software with Rock RMS, you can do just that. Contact DonorWerx today to learn how.


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