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Church leaders must know how to write a sermon.

How to Write a Sermon: A Simple Step-by-Step Guide

Delivering a sermon, especially if you have never done it before, can feel daunting. Of course, speaking in front of a congregation (or any public speaking) scary. However, it can also feel like there is added pressure during a sermon. That’s because you’re being called to deliver words that are relevant, meaningful, profound—but also engaging.…

Create a church security plan today.

Church Security Plan: 10 Easy Ways to Create a Safer Church

Preparation is the Best Church Security Plan In this day and age, we can’t take our church security for granted. Preparation will be our best form of defense against any kind of attacks. Proper management and clear communication is the only way to create the best church security plan. Here are ten steps you can…

Bible Jeopardy

Bible Jeopardy

Bible Jeopardy, the fastest way to get kids competing to remember bible facts. Most pastors and youth leaders have spent years reading Scripture. But sharing those years of wisdom with kids, it turns out, isn’t so easy. Often the references you spit out bounce right off their ears. But here’s a fun way to help…

Fun youth group activities for your church

Youth Group Activities: 10 Super Fun Youth Group Activities

Youth Pastors beware. You’re stepping into a shark pit if you don’t already know. Kids and teenagers? They’re of the wild, and now you get to wrangle them in for a lesson. Veteran youth leaders already know that exhaustion all too well. You experienced folk understand how tough it is to get everyone together to…

Church Outreach Ideas: The Definitive Guide

Church Outreach Ideas: The Definitive Guide

Church outreach ideas come at you fast and often from many directions. Or there’s total silence. Brainstorming outreach ideas is frustrating, it takes time to work out the logistics. All the while, you’re hearing about churches on the other side of town doing some pretty cool things. But you’re not them. You don’t have those…

Small Church Growth | NewFire Giving

Small Church Growth | NewFire Giving

With growth, we need to remember a few things. Everything should be based in prayer. Soak the idea in prayer. Why? Because you’re there for Christ. We want to grow in honor of Christ. Thus, we should consult God. I have to admit, after some prayer, you might still face stress. Let me lay down…

You must foster church engagement.

How to Succeed at Fostering Church Engagement

Having members of your church is just one factor in having a successful, meaningful experience. While attendance is important, the crucial part of any place of worship is engagement. With it, your church will flourish and have loyal members who invite others to join them. Here is how to foster church engagement and have members…

Choose the right church sound system for your ministry.

Church Sound Systems: How to Get Value for Money

If faith comes by hearing, then the church sound system should be the number one priority. Quality and appropriate audio systems in the church is the first step towards delivering sermons that will make an impact on the congregation. Regardless of the church size, the sound system in place should be clear and audible enough…

Host your own church parking lot party.

Church Parking Lot Party – Welcoming Guests Before the Vestibule

Danger lurks in parking lots. Fenders beware. But really, there’s a good reason to have a Church Parking Lot Party. There’s safety in having gatekeepers, traffic help, and warm smiles welcoming all the new guests strolling through the door. But there’s a lot more to it than just that. For now, let’s start with the…

Pastor burnout is a major problem, but you can overcome it.

Pastor Burnout: 8 Tips For Pastors Struggling With Burnout

Into the fire, many-a-pastor will go, and it’s often unknowingly. The burden of holding the congregation in your mind, and up on your shoulders, all while casting your vision is taxing. Yes, pastors rely on Christ for rest. But yes, God made rest necessary. Failure to realize this can quickly lead to pastor burnout. Unfortunately,…

You need to ace any sermon on giving

Sermon On Giving: 12 Essential Sermons on Giving

For spiritual leaders, speaking about giving is often uncomfortable. But then, the Bible commands us to teach people about giving and generosity. One member of our local church asked me after service on giving; “don’t you think the church is asking much of us?” I was unmoved or dumbstruck contrary to what you might think.…

Perfect Examples of Church Connection Cards to Inspire Your Design

Perfect Examples of Church Connection Cards to Inspire Your Design

Church connection cards play an integral role in your ministry. Whether you have returning members or you’re welcoming first-time visitors, connection cards help you engage your congregation and better understand their needs. They enable you to collect valuable data about who is coming to church each service and what you can do to better service…

The best short bible verses to remember

The Best Short Bible Verses to Remember

Sometimes you need words of comfort yet it can be difficult to recall a longer Bible verse. If you want to have the words of God when you need them and be able to remember a whole verse, here are some short Bible verses that are not only relevant but easier to recall. And with…

Find an uplifting bible verse for every situation

Uplifting Bible Verses for Every Situation in Life

Day to day life can be difficult. We all struggle with anxiety, fear and maintaining hope in an oftentimes desperate world. No matter where you are in life there are several uplifting Bible verses that can instantly bring you back up. All verses are from the New International Version (NIV) unless otherwise stated. Anxiety When…

Out-of-the-Ordinary Ideas for Pastor Appreciation Day

Out-of-the-Ordinary Ideas for Pastor Appreciation Day

They feed and lead God’s people often at the expense of their own convenience. And even in the background, they are praying for you and you’re even unaware about it. So how do you say thank you to these generous souls who are serving the church every day without fail? We’ve rounded up unique ways…

Inspirational bible verses can help

20 Inspirational Bible Verses to Help You Persevere

Sometimes all you need is a few inspirational Bible verses to be able to take that next step, wake up to another day and keep on moving on. Just like the first sip of that hot morning coffee, or a hug from a loved one, people sometimes need a jolt of help, comfort, and encouragement…

Text in Church vs DonorWerx

Text In Church: Reviews and Pricing and More

Building a community within your church congregation starts with good communication. Many churches rely on weekly or monthly newsletters, bulletins, and announcements. Research shows that turning to text may be a better way to boost engagement. Gartner reported that 98% of text messages are opened compared to 20% of emails. Response rates for SMS are…

Church Announcements: The Complete Guide to Church Announcements

Church Announcements: The Complete Guide to Church Announcements

Announcements may not be the lifeblood of the church but if you want an informed and engaged congregation, someone has to give it much more thought than just another item on the to-do list. Here’s how to spruce up church announcements and get everyone listening. Set Priority Just because the service allots 10 minutes for…

Welcome to church - how to get it right

Church Visitors: The 6 Things that Say “Welcome!”

There is a multitude of prompts that will inspire a person to grace the doors of your church. Perhaps it is loneliness and the individual feels that a church home is a wise place to make new friends. Then again, maybe an acquaintance keeps inviting the person and they just give in. Other reasons could…

Motivational Bible verses and how they help.

The Best Motivational Bible Verses for Strength

For Millennia, people have turned to the Bible as a source of strength, comfort, and guidance. Motivational Bible verses help whether life feels difficult and challenging or when it’s joyous and worth celebrating. If you are seeking a resource for motivation and guidance in your life, the Bible can be an extremely helpful tool packed…

Bible verses on giving

What Does the Bible Have to Say on the Matter of Giving?

Christians understand that we have the gift of eternal life because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. If we are to honor Him and follow His lead, we too should be sacrificial, generous, and giving. But where does God weigh-in on the matter? Here we look at several Bible verses on giving on giving that…

Discussing divorce in your church

Talking About Divorce in Your Church

You’re talking divorce, whether you realize it or not, to your church every Sunday. Well, kinda. You talk about the #1 issue that causes divorce: Money. No other subject causes more marriage problems than money. Most couples have at least one fight about money each month. As Larry Burkett once said, “Money is either the…

Cash flow problems in the church.

The Solution to Overcoming Cash Flow Problems in Your Church

Many church members look at their pastor as the senior-most leader in their church. And rightly so. Outside of Jesus, you are the one responsible for leading your people to grow in their relationship with God. And with that comes the responsibility to lead your church giving every Sunday and beyond. Unfortunately, almost every church…

Church giving in ancient texts

What a 1500-year-old Poem Says About Church Giving

Did you have to read Beowulf in high school? Did you know it provides lessons on church giving? If not, don’t worry. Most people never realized this. Beowulf is the oldest story in English literature and if you get the right version, it’s a rip-roaring tale. Here’s the short version: A creature named Grendel is…

Church giving and the rich young ruler.

The Rich Young Ruler and Church Giving

There are plenty of lessons regarding church giving in the Bible. Let’s take a look at the parable of the Rich Young Ruler in Mark 10:17-22 for one such example: 17 As He was setting out on a journey, a man ran up to Him and knelt before Him, and asked Him, “Good Teacher, what…

Get your church giving message right.

How to Create Powerful Church Giving Messages

Did you know when you want to create powerful church giving messages, your vision can inspire more giving. One of my favorite books about how to deliver a powerful, compelling message is Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath. Their S.U.C.C.E.S model is one of the best templates I’ve ever seen for evaluating the…

Is tithing relevant anymore? Yes!

Is “Tithing” Still Relevant? Everything You Should Know

Giving to churches nationwide is in decline and has been in decline for several decades. Charitable giving in the United States is at all-time highs. Unfortunately, this giving has moved away from churches and toward non-profits. Does this mean the time of tithing being relevant has passed? This reduction in available charitable funds impacts the…

Alter your playbook for church giving.

Are You Using a Broken Playbook for Church Giving?

Are you using a broken playbook from the 60s to encourage giving in your church? In 1987, Bob Knight could do no wrong. He had just led the Indiana University Basketball team to another national championship (his third) and the Indiana University Basketball program was one of the most desirable programs for any young athlete…

You Have What It Takes To Lead Your Church To Give

You Have What It Takes To Lead Your Church To Give

Many church members look at their pastor as the senior most leader in their church. And with that comes the responsibility to lead your church giving every Sunday and beyond. But the reality is this… Almost every church struggles with money. Cash flow is inconsistent and unpredictable. And the weekly budget requirements are created based…

How To Create An Offering Talk For Your Next Sermon

How To Create An Offering Talk For Your Next Sermon

Each week you get 2-3 minutes for your offering talk, when you can speak directly to your givers. This precious time allows you to cast vision and communicate with those who fund the mission of the church. I’ve heard pastors say everything from “You’re not generous enough” to “Well, why don’t you just give?” As…

How To Talk About Giving In Church This Weekend

How To Talk About Giving In Church This Weekend

When it’s time for the giving talk during service it can be awkward, because the truth is, most people don’t know how to do it well. No one has modeled it for them. They haven’t seen many good examples of it. Maybe their parents were incredibly frugal or burdened by debt. Or maybe they grew…

Do You Struggle To Engage Givers At Your Church?

Do You Struggle To Engage Givers At Your Church?

Most church leaders think giving is a one-time transaction during the weekly offering, they don’t think afterwards about how to engage givers. Maybe there’s a mention of something going on in the church, and then a short prayer. And that’s where it ends. There’s no follow up, engagement or next steps. Nothing. Your church probably…

3 Painful Reasons Church Generosity Isn’t More

3 Painful Reasons Church Generosity Isn’t More

Every church depends on the generosity of its members for financial and volunteer support. Church generosity isn’t always top of mind. And for churches, there are often painful reasons why they aren’t giving more than they receive. There’s an old anecdote about a man who was trying to understand how big God is so he…

Casting Vision In A Church During Tough Circumstances

Casting Vision In A Church During Tough Circumstances

An Interview with Pastor Mark Carter, Torch of Faith Church Casting vision in a church can be difficult. And let’s face it, as a pastor or church leader, you face difficult decisions and conversations almost on a daily basis. It’s part of ministry; it just gets messy sometimes. When circumstances reach their peak and you’re…

Church Branding: Communicating Your Message

Church Branding: Communicating Your Message

An Interview with Cody Bridenbaugh, Founder of Made By Harvest Church branding is somewhat of a new idea. Most people tend to think of branding as a “stuffy, corporate” thing says our guest Cody Bridenbaugh, founder of Made By Harvest. Cody offers a different perspective. While many people may get the wrong idea about what branding is, Cody says that it’s simply helping to bring continuity to your message and how people perceive and understand your church. Cody links a conversation a church member may have with someone about visiting their church, the brochure they may hand out to give them more information and the logos, setting, etc. that person experiences when they get there. If there…

Jesus Loves Arabs: Going Great Lengths for Mission Work

Jesus Loves Arabs: Going Great Lengths for Mission Work

Mission work isn’t for the faint of heart.  And even then, it can be a daunting task if you do it alone. Really, mission work can be a daunting task with a group as well. Marion Clifton knows exactly what it takes to do mission work…as well as how grueling it can be.  His mission…

Staff Giving In Your Church

Staff Giving In Your Church

Staff Giving Should Be Just As Important As Your Congregation Giving… At least that’s what Dr. David McKinley of Warren Baptist Church says. Last time we spoke with Dr. McKinley it was about a pivotal decision he made when his expectations about his church’s capital campaign didn’t quite pan out. We caught back up with…

The Nearly Costly Church Mistake

The Nearly Costly Church Mistake

Starting a church campaign is not something many pastor’s jump up and down to start.  In fact, they do what they can to avoid them until they know it’s the right time to present it to the congregation. In a church it’s a huge undertaking, not only for the staff and pastor but also for…

Church Giving: An Important but Emotional Decision

Church Giving: An Important but Emotional Decision

An interview with Pastor Philip Dunn, Millbrook Baptist Church

Overcoming Common Church Hardships Pastors Face

Overcoming Common Church Hardships Pastors Face

Church hardships will come and go for pastors.  But it’s how you overcome them that can either help you carry on, or deplete you of your energy. “Monday you’re either living off the high off how great the weekend was…or you feel suicidal.” Pastor Wesley Weatherford’s words are blunt, but I’m willing to bet they…

Talk Business In Church: Increase Giving

Talk Business In Church: Increase Giving

An interview with Grant Wiseman – Priest, St. Thaddeus Episcopal Church Every church wants to increase giving.  Who doesn’t?  Many in your church likely work for a business or own one, so wouldn’t it make sense to speak their language? Grant Wiseman of St. Thaddeus Episcopal Church knows the answer to this  He spent years…

The Sunday Giving Sermon That Changed Everything

The Sunday Giving Sermon That Changed Everything

If you’re like most pastors, your favorite sermon isn’t a giving sermon. Far from it. Pastor Jason Mitchem is no different. In fact, he reserved giving sermons for weekday events. This is where the most committed core of his congregants would be. The smaller attendance also meant he had little room for turning newcomers off…

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